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How to Order hosting from Rocket.net will become nothing but a piece of cake for you once you go through this article. If you want to order hosting packages from Rocket.net, one of the best web hosting companies providing excellent quality WordPress hosting, and are unaware how to place an order, then you have landed on the right page. 

In this article we’ll be descriptively discussing the method of placing the order and make it further easy for you to understand by helpful navigation. So, without any more delay, let’s dig in.

About Rocket.net

Rocket.net was established in 2020, with an aim to provide, protect and deliver specifically WordPress hosting services to the population all across the globe. Its paramount focus is on security, innovation and customer service.

About Rocket.net 1

Rocket.net is one of the best web hosting companies offering excellent quality services with lightning fast performance. Their data servers are swift, authentic and worldly distributed.

The packages and plans offered by Rocket.net are also budget friendly with durable services. The prices are as under.

What are the Price and Plans of WordPress Hosting?

The price and plans of WordPress Hosting are affordable starting from $30 per month which includes 10 GB storage, 50 GB bandwidth and guaranteed 99.99% uptime. The user can select from hosting options available according to his suitability. 

Managed(WordPress) Hosting

Rocket.net WordPress Hosting Plans

The Reseller hosting is offered by Rocket.net. Its initial plan starts from $100 per month which comprises 50 GB storage, 200 GB bandwidth with 99.99% guaranteed uptime.

The company offers various reseller hosting plans with wide payment options enabling the user to choose a suitable billing cycle. 

Agency(Reseller) Hosting

Rocket.net WordPress Hosting Plans

Lastly, it also gives opportunity to its users to acquire Enterprise hosting plans to enable them meet their increased requirements such as 1TB NVMe storage, unlimited bandwidth, multiple addons and 99.99% guaranteed uptime all possible @ $649 per month payment only.

Enterprise Hosting

Enterprise Hosting

Thus, with tremendous features and unbeatable prices provided by Rocket.net to its users, it is for sure that people will like to purchase the plans to build their online presence. So now, Let’s see how a user can order web hosting plans from Rocket.net without any hindrance. 

How to Order Enterprise Hosting from Rocket.net?

To answer this, we have discussed a detailed navigation to enable the users to easily locate enterprise services and place an order. Therefore, to initiate the process of purchase, one needs to follow the following instructions.

  • Firstly, go to the Rocket.net homepage, Click the Pricing option mentioned at the top menu bar.
  • After clicking the pricing option, Press the Enterprise Hosting tab. As soon as you do that, click the Let’s talk option provided underneath the Enterprise hosting plans.
Enterprise Hosting
  • On clicking the Let’s talk option, the live chat window appears, where you need to fill in your name and email address to initiate chatting with a support executive. Here, we have a detail of the discussion that we had with the support team regarding the Enterprise plan.

Note – The conclusion of the conversation was that the sales team would process the order of the enterprise hosting plan but due to the time issue, it wasn’t resolved.

  • Go to the Rocket.net home page, where the Singup and login options are available to register into the Rocket.net
  • Go to the top menu bar and click the sign up option. Fill in the relevant details including your billing option.
billing option
  • After filling the details, click the sign up option to initiate the process of registration.
  • Click the hosting package you require to buy for your website hosting. Then click the let’s talk option.
  • As soon as you do so, an invoice is generated in your account. Then click the payment method you’ll be using to pay the amount for the services
  • Fill in the necessary payment details and proceed with the purchase by making the payment. The moment you make the payment, the order gets placed and soon gets activated.

As of now you ve only known about the ways of purchasing Enterprise hosting plans from rocket.net. Now, if a blogger or a small scale business wants to get their website established what service should they go for? They should probably order Managed hosting plans which will become easy by the process stated under.

How to Order Managed Hosting in Rocket.net?

To order managed hosting service, the user needs to adopt the given instructions to proceed with the purchase of managed hosting.

  • Go to the Rocket.net home page, press the pricing tab provided at the menu bar above and then after clicking managed hosting, choose the plan you would like to purchase according to the specifications you require in your
Rocket.net WordPress Hosting Plans
  • As you click the Get Started option you will reach the login page where you’ll be required to log in to your account.
  • Don’t you have a login account yet? then in that case you need to create a new account with Rocket.net by clicking on the Create account button
  • Fill in your email address and generate a password, easy for you to memorize. Then press the continue button.
Rocket.net Login Details
  • On pressing the continue option, you’ll be required to fill in the payment details.after doing so, press the sign up option at last. Then you’ll have your account with rocket.net
billing option
  • After logging in or signing up, the invoice will appear in your account under the View invoice option giving you all the necessary details about your order.
  • Make the clearance by selecting the suitable payment option. There are two payment methods provided by Rocket.net 
  • Checkout by PayPal or checkout by Debit or Credit Card.
  • The moment the payment is made the order gets activated sooner.

Now as you know about how to order managed hosting for your small scale business, sometimes the need arises to upgrade your websites performance due to increased traffic and configuration. Therefore it is necessary to know how to place an order to avail the advantages provided by Reseller Hosting.

How to Order Rocket.net Reseller Hosting?

So in order to order a reseller hosting package from Rocket.net, the following steps need to be adopted which are as follows.

  • Go to the Rocket.net home page, click on the pricing option provided at the menu bar. Then choose the appropriate options available among all the reseller hosting plans by clicking the Get started option.
Agency Hosting
  • Go to the Rocket.net home page, click on the pricing option provided at the menu bar. Then choose the appropriate options available among all the reseller hosting plans by clicking the Get started option.
  • As soon as you click the get started option, the login page appears where you need to login to your account. If you are a new user then you need to create an account with rocket.net. We have already discussed the signing up procedure a few steps above.
  • After login, the invoice of the preferred plan is displayed on the page along with necessary details.
  • Make the payment for the plan by choosing the appropriate payment method from between PayPal and Credit Card.
  • As the payment gets successful, the plan gets activated sooner.

Now after knowing how to order all the hosting packages, you will be keen enough to know how soon the plan gets activated after purchase.

How Much Time Does Rocket.net Take to Activate My Order?

To find a solution for this query, we had an opportunity to have a conversation with the live chat expert agent.

According to the Rocket.net support team, the order gets activated as soon as the payment is successful. 

How Much Time Does Rocket.net Take to Activate My Order

Conclusion – Order Hosting From Rocket.net

Through this article, we ve been clearly able to guide the user to order the hosting services from Rocket.net, making the process easy and trouble-free. If you have anything to add from your intelligence and expertise, we are all ears to your comments.

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