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Let’s say that even though you desire to buy a product, if the ordering process ends up being complex, then you tend to get irritated or change your mind about that product. Right? 

Absolutely yes, knowing the simplest procedure to order hosting from Hostens, is important to enjoy the utilities provided by it.

By virtue of this post, we have tried to bring the easiest way out to place your order for hosting services from Hostens. After reading this post, you won’t be required to hop from one page to another to know more about the ordering process as we will make sure to gather all the information needed in this article itself. 

The steps explained are even accompanied by fruitful screenshots with necessary labeling done on it to make new users understand every step in detail. So before beginning with the stepwise instruction for ordering hosting services, let us first see the plans and their prices to choose before we plan to place an order.

Let’s get started đź‘Ť

What are the Price and Plans of Hostens Web Hosting?

The various plans offered by Hostens are not only affordable but also are known for High quality hosting services ensuring their clients to run websites with minimal latency and robust bandwidth. Their user friendly service quality, affordability and 24/7 customer care services is reflected well in the positive reviews of Hostens by their potential clients.

Let’s read further to know all the various hosting plans (namely- Shared Web Hosting, VPS hosting, and Reseller hosting services) offered by Hostens along with their price. 

  • So, first we have SHARED WEB HOSTING PLANS starting at a minimum rate of  $4 per month. You can adjust the billing period as per your suitability and your need.
Hostens VPS Hosting Plans
  • For users looking forward to running business online but not knowing from where to start, WEBSITE BUILDER is the best service provider as it removes the technical requirement by providing a user-friendly interface to create his own website.
Hostens Website Builder

The website builder starting service is absolutely available for free, with zero cost incurred. You will be only required to pay for the registration of your new domain name, rest for the existing user who already has a domain name, the website building starting service offered is for Free.

  • And lastly, Hostens also offers RESELLER HOSTING SERVICES for those users who want to set up web hosting companies of their own. $8 is the minimum cost of the basic Reseller hosting service provided by Hostens.  
Hostens Reseller Hosting Plans

Attractive prices and appealing plans might have created a desire to purchase the services from Hostens, Right? The answer is a simple,Yes. 

Any user who is interested in purchasing web hosting services to run his website successfully will definitely want to know about how to place an order, especially when it is available at a reasonable price.

How to Order VPS Hosting in Hostens?

So let’s first begin with the know-how of placement of order for VPS hosting services from Hostens. Below are the stepwise procedures explained with the help of necessary screenshots, making it more navigable for the new users to help them understand. The instructions are as follows:

  • Go to Hostens HomePage > drag down the Hosting option provided at the top of the display to click the VPS Hosting option.
Go to Hosten HomePage
  • On clicking the VPS hosting option >

    1) Adjust the billing period as per your suitability
    2) Then Press Order Plan to move further with the buying process
On clicking the VPS hosting option [Order Hosting From Hostens]
  • After pressing Order now Option >

    1) You will get a comprehensive information about all the specifics you’ll be getting on buying the services
    2) Select the billing cycle according to your preference and tap the components you’ll be wanting to add to your hosting plan
    3) Tap the relevant addons
    4) Press the continue button.
After pressing Order now Option
  • On pressing continue button >

    1) Tap your appropriate Payment option from among the ones provided
    2) Fill in the client information in the boxes provided if you don’t have account with Hostens and for those having an account with Hostens can simply tap Already Registered button and
    3) After tapping the checkbox to accept the Terms of Service press the checkout option.
Oder Summery
  • After clicking the Checkout option >

    1) Press the submit Payment option to proceed with the payment process. 
    2) You’ll receive an order id to help you track the status of your order by contacting the support team of Hostens
Order Confirmation

As soon as the payment is processed, the order is placed. And soon after the placement of order the order gets activated. For the activation period we have established contact with the support team to get to know the exact duration, about which we have discussed later in this article.

Having the Process to order VPS hosting been discussed, what if a user wants to build a website then how can he place the order for it. Let’s read further to know about it.

How to Order Website Builder in Hostens?

To place an order for Website Builder from Hostens you need to follow the steps provided as under:

  • Go to Hostens HomePage and drag down the Hosting option to click the Website builder option.
  • Choose one from among the plans provided and press the Order Now option.
  • Since website Builder requires your domain, so if you already have a domain, then tap I want to transfer my existing domain > if you are new and want to create a new website to run an online business you need to enter a new domain name that you  desire to keep.
  • On entering the domain name, press Check/Continue to get your new domain registered > then click Order now! Option.
Order Now option
  • On pressing Order Now button >

    1) Claim your offer that you get on your domain for the first year
    2) Point the nameservers to your domain name and finally
    3) Click the continue option after tapping the checkbox.
Domain configuration
  • On pressing continue >

    1) Review your order summary
    2) Choose your appropriate payment method from among the payment options provided.
Order Summary
  • 1) Fill in the clients information and
    2) If you happen to have an account in Hostens then you can simply tap the Already Registered key to simply enter your Hostens login credentials
    3) Lastly pressing the checkout option after tapping the checkbox to agree with the terms and services.
Client Information
  • On finally pressing the checkout option >

    1) Order id is received which can be used to track the status of order if in  case the order delays activation, the answer to which has been discussed later in this page
    2) Make the payment for your newly registered domain name by clicking the Submit Payment option. 
VPS Order Confirmation

Lastly, if you plan to Buy Reseller hosting service from Hostens,  to provide hosting services to your clients, we need to view the steps mentioned below to find out how we can place an order for reseller hosting services.

How to Order Hostens Reseller Hosting?

The instructions that a user, choosing to purchase reseller hosting services adopts are as stated as under:

  • Go to Hostens HomePage and click the reseller hosting button from the hosting tab provided at the top corner of the menu bar.
  • Adjust the billing period and press the order now option after selecting from among the reseller hosting plans given.
Order Now Option
  • Register your domain name if you don’t have one or tap to transfer your domain option to move further with the order > by pressing Check/Continue.
  • If you register your new domain then you need to purchase it by placing an order for it along with your hosting plan.
Domain Oder Now
  • After pressing order now >

    1) Review the features you’ll be receiving for your hosting services on placing the order
    2) Adjust the billing cycle as per your suitability
    3) Choose the desired location for your server
    4) Tap the necessary addons that you would like to make your website secure and accessible to your clients and finally
    5) Press the continue option to proceed.
Press the continue
  • After pressing continue >

    1) Enter your client information if you are new to Hostens and if you already have an account, tap the Already Registered button
    2) Press the checkout button to move to make payment thereby finally placing the order for your Reseller hosting services.

Now with 90% of your work done, you are only 10% away from enjoying using your hosting services. It is the activation of your order after which you can login to the cPanel or make necessary changes related to Hostens nameservers as well. 

So in order to know about the activation process, we tried contacting the support team, the result for which we will know on further reading the article.

How much time does Hostens take to Activate my Order?

Activation of order should necessarily be within a minute after the payment is processed. It is after activation of your order that you can start making use of your Web hosting plan. In the case of Hostens though, we established contact with the support team of Hostens to confirm about the activation period.

How much time does Hostens take to Activate my Order?

After knowing about the activation order, you are now completely ready to place an order and use your hosting plan soon after the purchase.

Conclusion – Order Hosting From Hostens

Didn’t you fetch enough information about how you can place an order for the web hosting services of Hostens? With stepwise process and relevant screenshots attached to each step, the ordering process has been explained to you in an extremely navigable manner, enabling you to understand all instructions easily.

If you happen to run into doubts and want to do away with it, feel free to reach our team by mailing us at: [email protected]

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