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Looking forward to order web hosting for your new website? Surfed the internet for a reliable web hosting company, have you? Look no further as we have for you this fantastic company, to order hosting from 000webhost right away.

We will list all the prices and plans of this company, and along the way, we will tell you the ordering process for free web hostingand “premium web hosting”.

And, end the topic after telling you about the time it will take to get your order activated.

Let’s make you aware about the various plans and the related prices of the hosting services offered by 000webhost

What are the Price and Plans of Web Hosting?

Here, we will tell you about all the plans and the prices this company offers.

Starting with the plans, 000webhost offers 4 different types of plans to its users.

  • Free Web Hosting – $0.00 per month

A TOTALLY!! Free website hosting with hosting capabilities of up to 2 websites for students and learners wanting to host their first website.

  • Single Shared Hosting – $1.99 per month

Shared hosting with one website hosting capabilities for individuals such as simple bloggers and small businessmen looking forward to hosting their website for small yet sufficient traffic. 

  • Premium Web Hosting – $2.99 per month

A competent plan with everything from the capacity to run up to 100 websites with free domains too, for sites with significant traffic to cater to.

  • Business Web Hosting – $3.99 per month

A business plan for all your occupational needs to get your business that exact expected boost.

000webhost hosting plans

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Let’s get on with ordering some of the web hosting for you; we will start with the ordering procedure of 000webhost in the next section. 

How to Order Free Web Hosting in 000webhost?

Getting to order your first hosting can be a thrilling moment. Allow us to cover for you all the steps you would successfully do so:

  • Visit the official page of 000webhost.
  • Scroll down on the page < find the free hosting plan tab and hit the Sign-Up tab.
  • Create an account by entering the email ID and password < click on “SIGN UP” OR you can even use your Google login option too.
  • This will open up the dashboard with the websites tab, click on the Create a new website tab to get started with your free website from 000webhost right away.
000webhost wordpress websites

In the following section, we will cover for you how you will order premium web hosting from this company.

If you have already an account with 000webhost, then you can directly login to 000webhost dashboards.

How to Order Premium Web Hosting in 000webhost?

In this section, we will cover how to order 000webhost’s Premium Web Hosting, let’s get on with the article right away.

  • Visit the 000webhost’s official site.
  • Scroll down on the main page to the web hosting plans section, click on the claim deal on the requested plan.
  • This will direct you to the “Complete your order” page, the following page has been broken down into three sections for better understanding.
  • Choose from the plans, according to your preferred billing cycle.
Premium 000webhost hosting plans
  • Create an account OR sign in using Facebook or Google.
order hosting from 000webhost
  • Choose your payment option, Select from the various payment options such as Credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, AliPay, and Coingate. 
  • Enter the related requested information such as name, phone number, and address plus the company details (if buying for an enterprise) < use coupon code if have any < Hit the “Submit Secure Payment” after verifying the entered details.
  • Complete your payment on the next and wait for the purchase to be activated.

Now we can truly say that you will now be able to independently order web hosting from this company.

Let’s see the 000webhost’s order activation period in the next section.

How much time does 000webhost take to Activate my Order?

After making several purchases from this company, we can absolutely confirm the activation time 000webhost takes to get your order activated. On your free hosting plan, they give you a dashboard right away, and when you enter and register your domain, it will take you around a minute or so on the loading interface to get access to your control panel.

So we can say they are incredibly fast with their service and you should go on a purchase from them right away.

But wait allow us to conclude this article first.

Conclusion / Order Hosting from 000webhost

This article went long into telling you about the plan and prices of web hosting from 000webhost. This article even covered for you the detailed ordering procedure of various plans from this company. We even went further on covering the activation time of the web hosting orders placed from their company.

Did you enjoy what you read? Continue your reading spreet to our other articles, where we have for you more great articles on 000webhost support, are they really reliable? and even on 000webhost nameserver and how to point them to your domain? 

We feel absolutely recharged when we hear your words on our article. Comments down below any recommendations or suggestions you have for us, in the comment box.

As always, Happy Hosting 👍

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