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iPage is being used by a large number of people around the world to build their website and host it to create more traffic. Any business owner can benefit a lot by using the services of iPage Nameservers to enhance their business.

Their web hosting plan includes various features like disk space, bandwidth, email addresses, and more. The services and products of iPage are suitable for any type of business with varied nature.

What Are iPage Nameservers DNS?

iPage generally uses two main nameservers, ns1 and ns2 that are fixed to all their servers. When you buy a domain, you will receive a welcome mail in which the information regarding your domain and the nameservers will be included.

These are the default nameservers given by the registrar.

How Do I Find My Nameservers?

You will receive a welcome mail from iPage when you buy a domain. You can also find the nameservers from your client portal by going to the domain section and selecting the DNS and nameservers option that can be found under the manage section. If Also you want to know about the Your DNS, Add or Modify LiquidWeb Nameservers

How Do I Add a TXT Record to DNS iPage?

DNS records are of different types- A record, CNAME, TXT, MX records, etc. Below you can find the steps to add TXT records to a domain name server that are used to verify domain ownership. TXT records can implement email security measures to decrease spam and domain spoofing.

  • After logging in to your client portal of iPage, you must select the Domain tab
  • Click on the Manage button which you can see in the Card View
iPage Nameservers
  • Then click on the clog icon which can be seen against the domain name
iPage Nameservers
  • Click on DNS and Nameservers option which can be seen on the left-hand side
iPage Nameservers
  • Then select the DNS records on the new page
iPage Nameservers
  • Click on the blue + button to add the TXT records or just scroll to the bottom to add the records and click on the 3 dots
iPage Nameservers
  • When you finish adding the TXT records, click on Update DNS.
iPage Nameservers

How To Find Your Default Nameservers?

To find and see the nameservers in iPage, you need to follow the guidelines given here.

  • Visit the website of iPage and log in to your client portal
  • Click on the Domains tab
iPage Nameservers
  • Now you can find a tile icon at the top right corner which is used to launch hosting tools, click on that
iPage Nameservers
  • Under the system settings in the right panel, you can find the default nameservers
iPage Nameservers

How To Update The Domain Nameservers in iPage Nameservers?

Learn how to update the domain nameservers in iPage Nameservers by reading the following step-by-step guide.

  • Open the website of iPage and click on the login button
  • By providing your credential, log in to your iPage Control Panel
  • Then click on the Domain tab
  • Select the Manage option in the Card View
  • Then you must click on the cog icon
  • From the given options, select DNS and Nameservers
  • Click on three dots to make the changes to your nameservers as needed
  • Click on Submit your changes button in blue
  • If you need to add two nameservers, then you must click on Add nameservers after updating the first.

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How To Configure DNS For Your Domain Name On iPage?

  • Visit the iPage login section and log in to your account
  • Click on the Domain tab
  • Select the DNS management/ Edit DNS option
  • All the information concerning your DNS records, like A record, iPage CNAME, MX records, etc will be given on the page
  • Click on the record name you want to add or change
  • Make sure to enter all the details that are asked when you click on the record name like the hostname, IP addresses, etc.
  • Click on Update when you finishing editing and configuring them.

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iPage Nameservers is one of the best domain and web hosting service providers that offer affordable hosting plans and packages. From the iPage website, you can pick a hosting plan that meets your requirements and finance.

They offer great support to their client 24/7 and also provide 99.9% uptime. So start making your creative website with the help of iPage.

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