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Have you seen a company so reliable and with such efficient customer support; yes, we are talking about FastHosts Support. Though this company has a good record of customer reviews but allow us to show you how incredible the support actually is and the ways of contacting them eventually.

We will even share how you could check your support ticket history for all the tickets you’ve sent out to them.

We will finally conclude the topic on pre-existing customer reviews and our real experience with FastHosts.

So, without any further ado, let’s start learning a little more about FastHosts, lets goo 😀

About FastHosts 

Started in 1998 as a small hosting provider company, FastHosts has made its name all across the United Kingdom, ranked amongst the second fastest IT there. Known for their sustainable development motto, FastHosts uses renewable green energy to run its various state of the art datacenter located all over the UK.

FastHosts offers its users three types of hosting Shared, VPS and their popular reseller hosting plans.

Done reading all of the FastHosts praises ? Let’s discover the support channels this company offers to all of its users.

What Support Channels Does FastHosts Offer?

Customer support in the Web hosting business is the most influential and integral part as such. So if this is so important why not educate you a little on the Support Channels FastHosts Offer ?  


 FastHosts offers a total of 6 support channels to its users. Allow us to tell you about each support channel; let’s go 👍

  • Check for known issues

Check the details of any support-related issues you would be facing and see for the system-generated log ticket and their resolution time, if the company is already working on a pre-existing issue.

  • Fasthosts Resellers

This is a knowledge base specially created for those customers who are buying Hosting specifically for the purpose of reselling.

  • Explore help articles and guides

This right here is a “knowledge base” filled with all the juicy and important information from ‘how to purchaseto ‘how to set up’ to everything. We found this knowledge sufficiently detailed and easy to understand.

  • Live chat 

This option is provided to the users to chat and ask away doubts or query they might have. Whether it may be ‘technical’ or ‘sales’ , ask for your answers right away. 👍

  • Submit and track support tickets

A basic yet reliable way to talk to customer support. Submit your query through tickets, wait for some time but not so long and get answered in clear and detailed steps.

  • Call us

A telephone line present for pre-existing users, 24/7 for users that prefer vocal communication rather than a textual support ticket on their various queries.


We have now successfully discussed with you all the support channels FastHosts offers and allow us to cover for you the steps you would to to connect to these channels.

How to Contact FastHosts Support

Learned all about FastHosts support channels have we? Allow us to discuss further on the steps you will need to do to actually connect to FastHosts support channels.

  • Check for known issues.
  • Visit  < Go to “GET SUPPORT” located on the top right side of the page.
  • This will open up a new page < select “Check System Status” tab.
Fasthost supports
  • A new page will pop up < refer this page for information related to every specific thing you would like to know about your control panel. Also, this page is educational on various company-generated logs for customers to know from.

Fasthosts Resellers

  • Go to the site from here < Search for “Get support” available on the upper right of the screen.
  • On the new page < scroll down and find “Fasthosts Resellers”.
  • Click on “visit reseller support site” < this will direct you to their knowledge base filled with articles related to RESELLING.

Explore help articles and guides

  • Do the same steps as above, visit the site from here < search and click for “get support” on the top right of the screen.
  • On the next page,scroll down to find Explore help articles and guides < tap on “search our knowledge base”.
  • This would direct them to their knowledge base, search from the vast array of topics you would like to explore upon and choose the relevant article to learn more.

Live chat 

Fasthosts login page
  • You would be connected to a live chat support agent in a flash and you can access the live chat expert agent to resolve each and every doubt of yours right away.

Submit and track support tickets

  • Do the same initial steps again, Go to FastHosts < search around for get support and click on it.
  • Scroll and find the submit and track support tickets option < click “Visit Support Hub” 
  • This will redirect you to your login page < complete login.
  • Your control panel will open up, with the My Ticket option already opened < click “Create a New Ticket”.
  • This will open a new page of “Submit a Question” < type in your query with a relevant subject, question, product category, and attachment if have any < click Submit Your Question button.
  • A new popup will open providing you with sufficient articles from their knowledge base < choose from these articles if they solve your problem or click “Finish Submitting Question”.
Fasthost ticket supports
  • After clicking, wait a minute, and you’ll be presented with a message like this, there you go; creating a ticket could never have been much easier.

Call us

  • Finally, Pay a visit to FastHosts < browse over to Get Support.
  • Scroll and find the “Call us” option < click on the “Generate Support Code” button.
  • This will redirect to you login < enter details and sign in.
  • Your dashboard has opened up; on the right side, you will see a page of get support < a telephone number will also be visible for you, call them < enter your support code as mentioned below the telephone number provided.

Wow! It took us a while to cover all the support channels for you, along with the steps that you would take to access them eventually. 

Hope we are informative in every section. Haven’t you submitted a ticket with them, allow us to tell us the steps to check your support ticket history.

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How do I Check My Support Ticket History?

Facing an issue with checking your support ticket history and searching for step-to-step tutorials for doing so? We are here for you to tell you these steps, ride along with us :

  • Open the FastHosts < scroll to the top of the page over the right side, click “Log in”.
Fasthost login
  • Click on “Control Panel login” < Complete your login on the next page with complete and accurate credentials.
  • Your dashboard will open up < Go and click onto “Get Support”.
  • A new page will open up in your dashboard < Click on Go To Support Site.
  • This will redirect you to a new page < click over to “Raise A Ticket”.
Ticket support
  • This will even revert you to a new page ,”My Support” < Scroll down and see all your previously submitted tickets and now you’ve successfully learned about How to Check Support Ticket history.

We’ve taught you enough on FastHosts now and you also know about checking the support ticket history. Let’s keep it more interesting now and tell you about what previous customer have to say about FastHosts.

Other FastHosts Customer Feedback

An excellent and responsive customer base is really necessary for any company and in the case of hosting company it becomes a tiny bit more important as you could be stuck with the same hosting company for a very long time.

  • “Support team response was quick and relevant.”
fasthost positive feedback
  • “Support team response was quick, clear and helpful.”
  • “Excellent technical support”

Allow us to cover our experience too in the next section, so stick around.

Our Experience with the FastHosts Support 

Our experience with this company has been a delightful experience and we will be penning down what we experienced with FastHosts Support.

  • Explore help articles and guides
  • Their blog articles were detailed.
  • We had no problem searching for blogs in their website.
  • The blogs were sufficient in dealing with every query of ours.
  • Live chat 
  • The response was fast and accurate and was provided in a few seconds or so.
  • The technical support provided by them was user friendly and informative.
  • Although, one can expect a wait due to the availability of chat in only during the business hours of Monday – Friday: 09.00 AM – 08.00 PM BST.
  • Submit and track support ticket
  • The ticket support is available 24/7.
  • The most amazing part of their tickets system is their response time, we faced a response time of only 3 min as provided in the screenshot down 👇 below.
Fsthost message

Now we know everything about this company and everything we could cover for FastHosts support is here.


Came a long way learning about FastHosts support, haven’t we ? We finally have delivered on our promise of proving to you that the customer service this company provides is better than most of the web hosting companies we’ve seen. 

Should we cover an in depth analysis of other companies too, comments down below and your suggestions are highly appreciated and also motivate us to do better.

Thank you for sticking around, as always happy hosting. 

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