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With five data centers in three regions, Contabo offers excellent services to the customers who want to create a website and host it. Contabo provides high-performance VPS, virtual dedicated servers, web hosting, Contabo Domain registration, and more.

What Are Contabo Nameservers?

Contabo Nameservers are those nameservers generated when a domain is registered with Contabo. The main use of nameservers is to connect the domain names into IP addresses that are numerical which can be understood by the computer.

Contabo nameservers are,,, etc. These are the default nameservers, but you can also create custom nameservers if required.

What Are The Domain DNS Options?

DNS is the Domain Name System and it helps in connecting to websites by checking and matching human-readable domain names with a distinctive ID of the server in which the website is stored.

The DNS options page will allow the clients to set the length of time the application will wait for the queries from the DNS server.

How Do I Change Nameservers in Contabo?

To change the nameservers in Contabo, you must log in to the client portal of Contabo Nameservers

  • Open the website of Contabo and click on the Control Panel
  • Using your login credentials, access your account
Contabo Nameservers: Login Contabo
  • Go to the Domains Section and select the Domain Name for which you want to change the nameservers
  • Then click on of Manage/Edit button
  • You can now access the nameservers section where you can see the current nameservers you are using for the domain
  • You can now change the nameservers as required and click on Update Nameservers.
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How to Use Your Nameservers in cPanel and Plesk?

To use your nameservers in Contabo cPanel and Plesk, you should add the nameservers in WHM first. For that, you must log in to the WHM account. Check the guidelines below.

  • After logging in to the WHM account, click on the Server Configuration
  • Then select the Basic WebHost Manager Setup
  • Now scroll the page down where you can see the Nameserver section
  • Enter the nameserver you want to use for your domain
  • Select the Configure Address Records
  • After you finish, press the Save Changes button

How To Check The DNS Server And Mail Server?

To check the DNS Server, you can follow the steps given below.

  • Us the WHM username and password to log in  to the WHM account
  • Click on the DNS Function
Contabo Nameservers: DNS Functions
  • Select Edit DNS Zone
Contabo Nameservers: Edit DNS Zone
  • Select the domain name for which you want to find the nameserver
  • Click on the Edit button
Contabo Nameservers
  • You can check the nameservers here

Steps to check Contabo Mail Server

  • Log in to the WHM account first
  • Select the Mail log option. The complete Mail Log details will be shown on the screen
  • Then you will be given information like day traffic summary, message reject details, and several more.

How to Set up Personal Nameservers (VPS and Dedicated Servers)?

To set up personal nameservers for your domain you must first obtain the IP address that needs to be pointed to the private nameservers. You can get that IP address from the welcome email you have received.

Then follow the steps given here.

  • Log in to the WHM account and click on the DNS Functions
  • Then click on the Edit DNS Zone
  • Select the Domain name for which you want to set the personal nameserver from the drop-down list
  • Click on the Edit button
  • Now you need to update the SOA record and the email address
  • Create A records for ns1 and ns2 pointing to the IP address
  • Click on the Save Changes button

Keep in mind that if you want to create new personal nameservers for the domain, then you must use the nameserver on the domain registrar and in the Edit DNS Zone in WHM under the NS records and SOA record.

Moreover, if you want the personal nameservers to be applied automatically for a new cPanel account then you must go to the Basic cPanel & WHM setup menu in WHM.

Then add the personal nameservers in the fields provided. Do not miss to click on the Save Changes button.

Contabo Nameservers: Add an A entry For this Nameserver

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How To Use Default Name Servers VS Hosting Nameservers?

To use the default nameserver for your domain, you can set it through the client portal under the Domain section.

But to use the hosting nameservers, you must log in to the cPanel account and go to the Zone Editor, and set the hosting nameserver for your domain.

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