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Is contacting the Support team of Abelohost difficult? Do you face troubles and technical glitches while getting in touch with them? Are you looking for the solutions to these queries? Need not to worry, as this article will sufficiently assist you with your doubts.

Before we start with the detailed navigation to the support team of Abelohost, let’s first have a quick brief about the Abelohost, offshore web hosting sector. 

About AbeloHost

Abelohost is one of the best web hosting companies that provides offshore hosting for its clients. It was established in 2012 with an aim to provide hosting services that are genuine, affordable and highly secure. They provide absolute privacy without surveillance. 

AbeloHost Support
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Though AbeloHost has maximum privacy, it still monitors the activity on its server 24*7.
  • This monitoring is done to avoid any unlawful activity on AbeloHost servers. So, you can be assured of the safety and security of all the data, media, and other files on your website.

What Support Channels Does AbeloHost Offer?

Abelohost offers various channels to approach the support team to get the query resolved. The means 

  • Live chat 
  • Ticket
  • Email 
  • Via voice call

The dial number to talk to one of the experts in Abelohost: +31640885005

All support channels are being discussed further to help users understand how to get access to the options easily.

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How to Contact AbeloHost Support?

Here, we are going to address you the easiest way to connect with the support team of Abelohost via Live Chat, support ticket system, email and voice call. Through the guidance given below you can easily navigate to the following options:

1. Live chat 

Live chat support enables the users to resolve minor issues that require a quick remedy. It is helpful for new users, though they can ask for assistance via ticket system as well yet through live chat, the users can get instant reply to proceed further with their purchase. 

  • Visit the AbeloHost client area and Login to your hosting account. 
  • Your Dashboard will be displayed on the screen as below.
AbeloHost Dashboard
  • Click on the red color chat box option to live chat with the support team. 
  • After clicking the Red chat box option, the user needs to fill in the necessary details like name and email address to initiate the process further by clicking the Start Chat option.
Sales Support
  • After clicking the start chat option, the user can type the issue he wants to get resolved.
AbeloHost Live Chat

Hence by following the above steps, you ll be able to establish a sincere contact with an expert, leaving your query resolved. 

2. Via ticket

The support offered via ticket system is easy to navigate and responsive. Unlike few other web hosting platforms, Abelohost provides support through ticket systems more swiftly than its live chat option.

  • Login the Abelohost client area and login to your hosting account. After pressing the Email address and Password, Click Login.
Abelo Login
  • After clicking the Login button, you will be shown the client’s Dashboard.
AbeloHost Dashboard
  • After logging into your hosting account, click the open ticket option provided at the menu bar.
  • Click the respective department of your issue. 
  • By default there are 4 departments (Sales Support, Technical Support, Billing Support and Abuse Department) provided to file an issue  
  • The user is supposed to click either of these to get his doubt resolved. 
AbeloHost OPen Ticket
  • After clicking the respective department for your issue, fill in the necessary details about your problem.
  • Type the subject and describe the details of your issue in the message option. 
  • Set the priority level(High, Medium and Low) to get instant reply. 
Open Ticket Information
  • You can also back your detailed problem with a screenshot attachment to make your case look more genuine. 
  • After completing the filling process, Click on to the submit option
submit option
  • After clicking the submit option, your ticket will be successfully created.
  • A unique ticket number will be generated in such format (#XYZ-123456). 
  • An email will be even sent to your address with the ticket information as well. 
ticket will be successfully created

So, through these set of instructions given above, getting access to the ticket system will be more user friendly.

3. Via Email 

Abelohost also offers an email option to report a query.The email option is useful for users to file a complaint in case of abuses or to ask assistance regarding some grave issue via client support email address. The email addresses are listed below for your ease. 

Via email
Via email

4. Via Voice Call 

  • The dial number to contact the support team is: +31640885005
  • To establish a verbal contact with the support team, the user is also provided with a calling option enabling him to resolve his doubts in a matter of seconds. 
  • Sometimes, due to international boundary barriers, verbal communication suffers communication glitches, however, the user looking forward to resolving a query can easily get it done via other options available to him. 

Means of contacting the support team other than stated above, one such is provided in the website itself enabling the Abelohost support team to reach the user asking for assistance. 

AbeloHost Contact
  • For that, the user needs to go to the Abelohost website
  • Scroll down to reach the Contact Us option under company info section.
  • After clicking contact us option, the user can fill in the details, to let the support team reach them for resolving the query.

How do I Check My Support Ticket History?

For users’ ease, Abelohost also enables the users to check the support ticket history submitted by them. To begin with, 

  • Go to the client area to login to your Abelohost account.
  • Your dashboard will appear as you login, then Go to the recent support tickets option.
  • Your support tickets with the unique ticket number and the subject matter flashes on the screen with the status mentioned just beside the ticket.
Ticket History
  • So, the user can easily track the status of the support ticket submitted earlier. 

There is another way to get an access to the support ticket history option 

  • Go to the dashboard after login in to the account 
  • Click the support option provided in the Menu Bar.
  • Drag down the support button and Click tickets option.
Ticket Option
  • After clicking the tickets option. You will reach the My Support Ticket(Your Ticket History) section.
My Support Tickets
  • Under this section you will get a brief history about the department, subject matter and the status of your pre submitted tickets. 

Excellent support services that are operational 24/7 enables the users to get their issues swiftly resolved. So, what do the people have to say about the support team of Abelohost? Here are some reviews regarding it.

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Abelohost Customer’s Feedback

Amazing services provided by Abelohost offshore hosting services, ended up with several helpful positive feedback. 

  • The support provided by the Abelohost support team is Awesome
Abelohost Customer’s Feedback
  • Abelohost offers enormous cooperation to help running the site online ensuring a successful business. 
Abelohost Customer’s Feedback

The honest reviews of the clients help the new users to take a rough idea about the friendly services offered by Abelohost. 

Our Experience with the Abelohost Support Team?

In order to check the swiftness and efficiency of the support channels, we made an effort to run a few tests and so we came out with helpful results. 

Via Live Chat

  • The live chat was easily accessible on their website.
  • The support team member was responsive and had a friendly tone while addressing solutions.
  • The guidance provided was knowledgeable and precise(to the point).
  • The user is supposed to address his problem as briefly as possible to get a quick reply.
  • The response time is within a few seconds to a minute depending upon the traffic.

Via Support Ticket

  • The support ticket provided proved to be more helpful than any other means available. 
  • The guidance is crisp and well informed.
  • The reply was harmonious and quick depending upon the priority level set for the issue.
  • The user after submitting the ticket usually gets a reply back in an hour or two.

Via Email

  • The email was a bit delayed but eventually the support team resolved our query.
  • The response was positive and the guidance provided was well informed.
  • The response by the support team took about an hour or so to get the query resolved.

Conclusion – AbeloHost Support

We hope this article was fruitful enough for you to get the answers for your unresolved queries about how to establish contact with the support team in case of a grave emergency.

This article gave you a detailed instruction about how to navigate various channels to reach the Abelohost support team. We highly recommend your beneficial comments in case of any amendment required to be made in the article.

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