AbeloHost NameServers

Enjoying your hosting services from Abelohost not knowing how to make configuration related to Abelohost nameservers? Or don’t know who to approach when troubles by the problems involved in setting the Abelohost nameservers?

Stop thinking over such issues and scroll down to know how smartly you’ll be able to not only find the Abelohost nameservers but also point the Abelohost nameservers to your existing domain to let your customer access you without any network issue.

We will also be discussing an amazing Whois checker tool provided by none other than GoogieHost, enabling you to verify the updated nameservers for smooth functioning of your website.

So without keeping you on hold, let’s move forward with the creamy information about Abelohost Nameservers.

AbeloHost NamerServers

For users’ comfortability, we have tabled the Abelohost nameservers, to save them from spending time in locating the Abelohost nameservers. The nameservers are as follows.


What are Nameservers and how do they work?

To put it in simple words, Nameservers are the most important part of the DNS(Domain Name System). They translate the Domain names that are written in human friendly language into numeric coded IP addresses that computers use to communicate with each other.

Nameservers play a very crucial role in ensuring that when you enter a domain name, your device can locate the correct IP address associated with that domain. The nameservers facilitate smooth navigation and accessibility of websites, email servers and other internet services by translating user-friendly domain names into machine readable IP addresses.

How to find AbeloHost NameServers?

If you are trying to locate the nameservers of Abelohost, you need to follow the step wise instructions given as under:

  • Visit the official website of Abelohost > Click the Client Area provided in the HomePage.
  • As you click the above option > you will reach the client area > Enter your login details > Press the login button to initiate the AbeloHost login process.
AbeloHost Login
  • On logging in > you will get access to your dashboard > Click the Domains tab provided in the menu bar > Go to My Domains.
AbeloHost Dashboard
  • Choose a domain provided under My Domains > Drag down the arrow icon beside the tool image > Press the Manage Nameserver option.
managed nameserver
  • On pressing the above option > Go to the Nameservers tab provided beside the Manage nameservers pop up.
AbeloHost Nameservers
  • On clicking the Nameserver option > Scroll down the page to see the nameservers of Abelohost.
nameservers of Abelohost

Now if you are a new user and are buying a new domain name with Abelohost, your domain name automatically uses the nameservers of Abelohost by default. 

But if you are already having a domain name registered with a hosting service provider other than Abelohost then you need to point the Abelohost nameservers or Use Custom nameserver to your existing Domain name.

So, after knowing the nameservers of Abelohost, you can point these nameservers to your existing domain that is registered with another Hosting service provider. To point the nameservers to your domain, keep reading the article further. 👍

How do I point to the AbeloHost NameServers in my domain?

Reading the page till here, we got to know the manner to locate the nameserevers of Abelohost. Now let’s see how a user can easily point the Abelohost nameservers to his domain.

  • Follow the above steps(How to locate the nameservers of Abelohost?)
  • Click the default nameservers option / use custom nameservers option.
  • Type the nameservers > Press the save option.

On pressing the save button, the nameservers of your domain get configured accordingly. Now users might be trying hard to find out if the nameservers of their domain got updated. To this we have mentioned an interesting way out as you keep reading the page further.

How do I check and verify my updated NameServers?

Checking and verifying the status of the updated nameservers is very crucial to know before your clients encounter serious navigation troubles while accessing the information in your websites.

So, to this problem comes a fantastic, user-friendly, free of cost GoogieHost, whois checker tool. Using this tool one can easily check and verify the status of the nameservers and other related information as well. The big question now lies in front of us is, How to use it? 

  • Visit the official website of Googiehost > scroll down and choose the Whois tool under the tool tab.
  • Enter your domain name in the URL box > Press the Get Whois data
  • On clicking the above option > a pop up is displayed > scroll down to see your updated nameservers of your domain name.

Sometimes, numerous DNS problems can be caused by incorrect nameserver records. It is possible to check the DNS status of a Domain using web based tools. Further as you scroll, we’ll see potential errors as well as how to fix them.

How to Troubleshoot Nameserver Errors

On the shared servers of Abelohost, 4 nameservers’ records are preconfigured for newly created accounts and newly registered domains. At times, the DNS checker will flag the issue if the nameserver records at the registrar do not include all 4 records.

Now how to fix this issue? 

To correct the error, Simply add the missing nameserver to the registrar record.

What if some grave issue concerning nameservers pops up, What are you supposed to do in such a situation? Read further to get more details about it:

How to contact AbeloHost Support if my NameServers Are not working? 

What if you are unable to locate the nameservers of Abelohost and are troubled by consistent errors while trying to configure the nameservers of Abelohost even after following the instructions provided above from your dashboard, it is a good choice approaching the Abelohost support service directly through:

  • Live Chat (answers promptly)
  • Ticket support (new users can also access it)
  • Voice call
  • KnowledgeBase

On facing difficulties in locating the nameservers in your Abelohost account, we would suggest you approach the incredible Abelohost support services for further customer assistance as per the positive reviews of Abelohost. The support channels of Abelohost will provide you with exact information and specific instructions framed to your account.


Pics and related facts given in this article will definitely be more than enough for you to help you configure Abelohost nameservers related issues. The information stated is user-friendly and we sincerely hope that you not only enjoyed going through the post but also got to have a good idea about the What nameservers are, How they work & procedures to configure nameservers as well.

Approach us by posting valuable comments on our article  in case you want to suggest us to make more tech related navigable posts for you.

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