000webhost NameServers

Looking for instructions on how to locate these 000webhost Nameservers and point them back to your domain over the internet? 

If so, then you are at the right post as we’ve brought you a detailed guide that will help you find 000webhost Nameservers and point them back to your domain. We also have a surprise right after, where we have an amazing tool for you, WHOIS Checker by GOOGIEHOST that will help you check and verify if your updated nameservers are successfully updated or not.

We’ve even covered for you the support channels that 000webhost offers, if you have any problem regarding 000webhost nameservers.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s begin the article. 👍

000webhost NamerServers

As per the official website of 000webhost, the following are the new and updated 000webhost NameServers.


Now, Let’s learn how a newbie can find the 000webhost nameservers by yourself. 

How to find 000webhost NameServers?

Trying to Locate the nameservers by yourself? Read along as we have for you a complete guide on where to find the 000webhost nameservers. There are 3 methods by which we can get to know the nameservers

  • Method 1: You can find these nameservers being sent to you over the mail when you complete your purchase with them.
  • Method 2: Contact the support team, which will be covered by us in the next step.
  • Method 3: Nameservers can be found by initiating Sign in process in 000webhost login account < Go to the member’s area < enter your control panel, search and find for “set web address” <  find “Park Domain – show example”.

Now having found the 000Webhost NameServers, allow us to cover in the next section how users already having a domain registered with another hosting provider can point the 000Webhost nameservers to their Domain after purchasing hosting services from 000webhost.

How do I point to the 000webhost NameServers in my domain?

Here, in this section, we have covered the steps for pointing the 000webhost nameservers to your domain. Let’s proceed by going through the guide provided below:

There are two ways by which the 000webhost nameservers can be pointed to the Domain.

  1. Domain Parking – if you want to use 000webhost’s email forwarder.
  2. CNAME pointing – if you want to have more control over your DNS zone

The login process will remain the same for both of the pointing processes.

  • Enter the 000webhost official page right after < complete your login in the control panel by navigating yourself to the “sign in” button. 
000webhost NameServers
  • On the control panel, under the website tab < navigate to the three dots right beside your domain and click on “set web address”.
000webhost website
  • After clicking this will locate you to a new page, find the “Connect a domain” option.
000webhost connect a domain
  • Here, you can park or point your domain depending on your case. 
000webhost connect new domain

Note – For CNAME pointing, go to your domain registrar, navigate yourself to their DNS zone management and create 2 CNAME records first.

  • @  → your website address ( if @ unsupported, use your naked domain and expect a wait for 30 minutes) 
  • www  → your website address

Have you correctly updated your nameservers? Now, in the next section let’s cover how to verify these updated nameservers.

How do I check and verify my updated NameServers?

Are you someone who has recently updated their 000webhost NameServers and the wait time is enough tension already? Allow us to relieve your tension a little bit and tell you about how to verify if the changed nameservers are successfully updated or not. Plus, we bring this amazing tool for you named, WHOIS checker by googiehost that can help to do so in an instant.

  • Visit the official website of GoogieHost”.
  • Find yourself on the main googiehost page < scroll down to find the WHOIS Checker tool in the “free tools” section.
  • Click on the WHOIS checker tool < find yourself on the main page.
  • Enter your domain in the search box < and hit the “Get WHOIS Data” button.
  • This will open up for you all the requested data of your site < scroll down to find the nameservers option, check if you’re successful in updating your 000webhost NameServers.

What if you are not able to sort out the nameserver related issues? Who are you going to approach for Redemption? It is the Support team of 000webhost that one should approach. 

So let’s discuss how one can approach the 000webhost support staff to solve the 000webhost nameservers related issues.

How to contact 000webhost Support if my NameServers Are not working? 

Are you seeking any further help regarding 000webhost Nameservers and need help connecting with 000webhost support? Don’t be worried and allow us to cover for you all the support channels this company offers for problems similar to yours.

The Contact helpline 

You can email them with your problems at [email protected].

Discussion Forum

A discussion forum where you can connect to like-minded individuals who can help you regarding ANY problem. You can continue your discussions by scrolling down on the 000webhost main page, find Contact us < under the “get in touch with us” heading you will find forums.

Live chat support 

A live chat support agent, present for 24/7/365. Complete your login on the dashboard < on the dashboard, you will find the chat option at the bottom right of the page.

000webhost live chat

Discord channel

A discord channel where you can connect to like-minded people over a chat. To find this option, complete your login < find the help tab, located on the top left of the screen < clicking on it will lead you to the invitation channel.

000webhost discord channel

In the end, we told you everything we had about the 000webhost nameservers.


In the end, we told you everything we had on 000webhost NameServers. Everything on finding these nameservers and pointing them back to your domain. Even told you about how to check and verify the updated nameservers through this excellent tool known as WHOIS checker by GoogieHost. Finally, covered the support channel this company has for you if you need help with these NameServers.

Have we told you about this other article, where we covered a detailed in-depth analysis of the web hosting services provided by 000webhost, Try going through 000webhost Reviews to get an idea about the Speed, uptime and quality of the services provided by 000webhost support staff?

We hope you had a great read. Comment down below your doubts on the article and we’ll be happy to solve them. As always, Happy Hosting. 👍

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