How I boosted 0 to 30 clients per month using Google NAP

We are running a Web Hosting and Design company in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India. And yes, we are having a very high competition in our business. I am damn sure most of you are struggling with the same situation… Isn’t it?

Well, honestly speaking before trying this method I wasn’t getting any genuine leads from Google at all, but we keep on trying new strategies and mixing our own formulas with other’s every month. After my Dubai trip in Jan 2017, I started playing a new strategy called NAP (Name, Address, Phone) with Google My Business page. This might be new to you so let explain What NAP actually is.

What is NAP and how it works?

Most of us own Google My Business page for our business right? But unfortunately only 1% of the page owners show proper activity on Google Plus pages and 90% of really don’t care about their page after creating it. This is the main reason that you are not getting your business ranking in Google.

NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone numbers; every business has their unique details and if these details are being used in various places on the web with relevant keywords then your Google Business Page will rank automatically after few weeks or months. Depending on how you got NAP citations for your business. However, we do not recommend you to get this citation from any Fiverr Gig or any other illegitimate way.

FAQ about NAP:

  • Is NAP works for Global Ranking?

Unfortunately not that much but it does matters.

  • Is Directory submissions are good to get NAP citations?

Only directory submissions are not the best options to get ranking, you have to work on other available options like Social Profiles, Guest Posting, Forums etc also.

  • In how many days we can see the results?

To be frank, don’t expect an overnight miracle at all because for me it took about 3-4 months to rank on 5-6 keywords in local search results but even this ranking giving us good results and giving potential clients.

  • How did I rank for competitive keywords?

Well, Here I am going to share my AtoZ tricks and guidelines about Google ranking which providing us very positive results for Website Design, Web Hosting, and Search Engine Optimisation services.

Google Ranking with Business Listing


  1. Beginning and Branding:

After completing 2 successful years as one of the most preferred free web hosting service providers, we established our business as a brand and did everything suggested by big SEO giants blogs like SEOBook, Moz including source wave etc but nothing helped me to get even a single customer from Google Search. Yes, that’s true!

YouSable had everything like Social Pages, Good Website Design, Authority Links and many other things but there was something I wasn’t doing correctly.

  1. What actually worked for me:

After a couple of months, I ended up with nothing and it was really hard to survive in business without customers because our team was not that good to convert local customers.

I called up Google support team to seek help about the ranking factors and find out what we are missing out. The lady on call said you are doing nothing to rank your business and asked me in what terms I am expecting better results, I explained everything that I was doing.

She asked me few minutes to analyze my Google my business listing then she came back with surprising words “ Sir, these things wouldn’t help you at all, like purchasing books wouldn’t help you to pass your exams until you really read them”.

She told me that there was no activity and no sign about “What we do? Who are we? and where we based in?” according to her guidance we started publishing posts regularly on our Google Plus page and used Relevant images, Hashtags, Mentions as well Page reviews too which gave a huge boost to our page.

Apart from that, we got some links and mentions from Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr too which helped a lot and gave a huge boost to our business page ranking. And don’t forget that your website contents are still the key factor for better rankings and conversion later.

That’s it! I hope you have got the idea about Google NAP as well how to increase your Google Page ranking to increase the number of clients gradually. Now, it’s all up to you how you implement the same knowledge and how soon you get the positive results.


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