How To Get Your Website Indexed On Google

Get your website indexed by Google
Expert Contributor Rajesh Chauhan

Search traffic is important for all websites. But before ranking on search results, a website needs to be first indexed by search engines.

GoogieHost offers fully fledged free web hosting services, you will not have any problem in getting your website indexed by major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Normally, search engines take a lot of time (in many cases, even more than a month) to know about your website on their own. Luckily there are ways to speed up this process. The best way to tell search engines that your website exists is by submitting a sitemap.

If you want to learn how to create sitemap of your website then checkout this tutorial.

At the moment, only Google and Bing allow the webmasters to submit sitemap. For this tutorial I will focus on Google as it is a major player, which will be responsible for more than 90 percent of search traffic coming to your website.

Submitting A Sitemap To Google

Following steps can be followed to submit the sitemap of your GoogieHost hosted website to Google’s Search Console.

  1. Login to Google Search Console using your Google Account details.
  2. Add your GoogieHost host website to the Search Console.
    Note: You will have to verify the ownership of your website. This can be done by uploading a Google provided verification file on the root of your website.
  3. Go to the Search Console panel of your newly verified website. From the left menu expand Crawl section and click on Sitemaps.Open Sitemap Section
  4. Now click on the Add/Test Sitemap button which is located on the top right side. In the text box that pops up fill the URL of your sitemap and click on Submit Sitemap button.Submit Sitemap

Fetching Your Content From Search Console

Google’s Search Console also offers a Fetch as Google functionality that can be used to tell Google’s search bot to crawl your newly created or updated content right away.

  1. Login to the Search Console panel of your website.
  2. On the left side expand Crawl section and click on Fetch as Google.Open Fetch As Google
  3. Now fill in the URL to your newly created/updated content and click on Fetch button. After fetching you can also submit your content for indexing.Submit Content

Creating social media profiles on Google Plus, Facebook and Pinterest also helps in exposing a website to search engines.


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