How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using YouTube Video [Best Ways in 2023]       

Are you sure you’re using all possible strategies to boost your website traffic? Remember, having an aesthetically pleasing website with informative content is not enough. Somehow it would be best to tell people about it, so they can enjoy what you offer. If you ask experts’ advice most of them will tell you, YouTube is one of the most powerful tools to use for this purpose.

Whether you’re a blogger who wants followers or your small business needs to grow in sales and reputation, YouTube may be more important than you thought. And once you start playing around with a camera, compile doodle videos, or create your first recorded product description you’ll see how much fun it can be.

Let’s get you up to speed on driving traffic to your website via YouTube, so you can start a channel and turn viewers into website visitors. 

Why Should You Use YouTube to Increase Traffic?

Creating YouTube content will take time and effort, so let’s first justify why investing in this project is wise.

Firstly, did you know YouTube is the second most visited website globally? That means many of your target audience members are bound to spend at least some time on this platform. You need to get your content in front of them and get them to click on a link to your website.

Furthermore, using video is a wise marketing strategy because:

  • Many people prefer to watch videos rather than read text.
  • Statistics show that videos often have a better ROI than other mediums.
  • You can share content via YouTube for free, so it’s a way to get the word out even when working on a budget.

Lastly, don’t forget some influencers make a fortune simply by creating YouTube content. If you get enough followers, you can generate income. Remember to find ways to drive viewers’ attention to other platforms like your website or social media pages. You must be able to capture their details on email lists or as Facebook followers to engage with them in more ways than one.

Now, how exactly will you make this platform work to your advantage?

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Best Tips on How to Get Traffic to Your Website Using YouTube

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. The following tips have been tried and tested and prove to be the best ways to draw attention, effectively promote a YouTube channel, engage an audience and direct someone towards your website.

Create Interesting and Useful Video Content for YouTube

Start by planning how to compile the right type of content. Yes, you want a viewer to navigate to your website after seeing your content on YouTube. But more than that, you want them to like and share. And that only happens if you have impressive content, so videos must have these characteristics:

  • Interesting enough so people keep watching instead of clicking away. You want a high number of ‘views’ and the platform only registers a view after someone watched for at least 30 seconds. Cut out boring parts with a video cropper, so viewers don’t lose interest during any part of the content.
  • Useful to the extent that they solve people’s problems, provide answers or help resolve pain points. Many people go online to find solutions, so become a source they trust.
  • Some people—especially the younger generation—will only click on your video if the thumbnail looks exciting, so invest some time making them.
  • Activate features like subtitles and offer a transcript of the video. This is useful for some users, but it also makes your page more discoverable by search engines.

YouTube Keywords Research

Youtube Keyword Research

For your YouTube videos to be found by the average online user, they must be relevant to what they search for. Discover their interests by simply typing words related to your niche into the YouTube Search bar. It will generate suggestions while you type. Any topic you see there has been searched for.

You can use other online keyword research tools such as Google Trends to improve your keyword research further. Find a specific topic you’re knowledgeable about, which many other YouTubers haven’t covered. Getting noticed for this content will be easier than for topics hundreds of others have covered.

Use this for topic ideas as well as the text in video descriptions. This is helpful for SEO.

With more people finding your channel, you have a bigger audience to market your website to.

Optimizing Your Titles, Descriptions, and Page

If you already have a YouTube channel, whether personal or related to your website, there’s a lot you can do by just improving and optimizing certain features. For one thing, use the results of keyword research in titles to make it clear to search engines what your content is about.

Furthermore, improve your channel’s popularity in these ways:

  • Be clear: Never assume someone knows they can subscribe or find out more via your website. Tell them exactly where to subscribe or find a link to your site through text or audio.
  • Rewrite descriptions: View the video’s description box as advertising space to use for free. You can quickly attract some website traffic by adding the link to your page and promising them they’ll find more valuable content there. Also make sure the description clearly states what the video is about, so people know what to expect and won’t navigate away. The longer you have their attention, the more likely they’ll want more of what you have to give. You have about 1,000 characters to use, but stick to a maximum of 200 words because viewers want to avoid reading large blocks of content.

Use YouTube Paid Ads

Wondering how to get traffic to your website quickly? You may need to spend a little money. YouTube paid ads are a wise option to invest in. There are different placement and cost options, so you can tailor it to your available budget. For example, the cost-per-view option allows you to pay only when someone watches at least 30 seconds of your video or clicks on a link. This helps you be more confident that the people watching your video are interested in what you’re offering.

YouTube Videos as Teasers for Website Content

Don’t give them all the secrets at once!

You want visitors to end up on your website, not necessarily stay on YouTube. But online users don’t easily transition to another site, especially if they’re enjoying watching videos. So, there must be a promise of something really impressive waiting on the other side of clicking on your website URL.

One tactic is to make a stunning YouTube trailer and suggest they view the rest of the content on your website. For example, create a catchy video with tips about your industry and then direct them to an information blog or infographic on your website. Nike does this with their Nike Plus Training Club, a series of videos featuring workouts and tips.

Showcase Your Website on Your YouTube Channel

Reconsider each aspect of your YouTube channel and get creative about incorporating your website URL into the design or text. We already mentioned how to upgrade your video description and here are some more examples:

  • In the videos themselves, you can add CTAs. Have yours navigate to your website so viewers don’t even have to scroll down to see your URL.
  • When people reach out via the comments section, always reply. Then add your website details along with an invitation to find out more about that topic on your site. This can also be a way to create backlinks to your website, as part of off-page SEO.
  • YouTube allows a channel art section and it’s up to you whether you want to add your URL to that menu or not.
  • Your ‘About’ section of your channel should state clearly who you are or what the brand is about, so visitors find it easy to trust you as a source. Don’t forget to add that website URL!

Use the CTA Overlay

Here’s another YouTube feature that is sadly under-utilized by many YouTubers. It’s called an overlay and it’s a block that can cover about a third of your video at the bottom. You can decide what information you want to add in this box, so why not add your website URL here?

Final Thoughts

The resources to increase website traffic already exist! There are so many ways to boost your website traffic, without breaking the bank or taking up a lot of your time. And YouTube may be one of the most efficient methods you try this year.

Best of all, having a YouTube channel can be fun and creative. And thanks to modern tools almost anyone can create quality footage for cheap.

Implement some of these tips, get traffic, and don’t forget to share your ideas on making a website more successful. You can talk to us in the comments section.


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