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5 Cases When You Should Consider Development Team Extension With Offshore Developers

The development team includes professionals with different roles who work to obtain the best solution that meets the goals and requirements of the client.

In this article, we will talk about the key professional roles required for a development project, as well as when there is a need for development team extension with offshore developers.

What Members Development Team Consists Of?

Each of the members of the software development team is an expert in a particular field and has its share of professional authority.

Responsibility for the result is distributed between specialists and this allows you to quickly implement products without compromising their final quality.

5 Cases When You Should Consider Development Team Extension With Offshore Developers

A dedicated development team consists of the following specialists:

Project manager. S/he is responsible for the start, maintenance, and delivery of design work, bears full responsibility for the result, bears partial responsibility for financial risks.

Work on a project begins with the Project Manager, who sets tasks and controls quality and efficiency.

Tech Leader. S/he is responsible for a competent reasoned choice of technical solutions, is partially responsible for the result, but is not responsible for financial risks.

Methodology choice for project development has a strong impact on the advancement of a software development project.

Among the competencies of the tech leader should be the ability to choose and apply appropriate software development methodology, whether it is Agile, Scrum, or DevOps.

Tech Leader deals with the following aspects of teamwork:

  1. Responsible choice of third-party software for the project
  2. Recommendation on the choice of a specific algorithm or architectural solution in the production of software
  3. Determination of technical features in production processes.

QA engineer. S/he is involved in the verification of the result is not responsible for the application of the result and financial risks. The systematic approach of a QA specialist allows testing both the program code and the thoughtfulness of the user experience maps.

Also, a very important aspect of the work of a QA specialist is planning, that is, the ability to draw up a test plan, follow it, prepare reports according to the prepared plan.

Developer. S/he is engaged in the production of software algorithms.
This role is often segmented by a division of responsibility:

Back-end developer – software and hardware developer of complex software;
• Front-end developer – developer of the client-side of the user interface to the software and hardware.

User Experience Designer (UX). S/he is engaged in the production of user experience maps, is responsible for the application of the result. This role examines and evaluates how users feel about the software being developed.

They identify the ease of use of the software, the perceived value of the software, the usefulness of the software, the effectiveness of the software. Think over and evaluate the processes and scenarios for using the software.

User Interface Designer (UI). He is engaged in the production of the graphical component of interfaces.

This role develops the visual part of the user interface. The main goals of a UI designer are intuitive perception, simplicity, usability, and aesthetics of the software interface.

5 Cases When You Should Consider an Extension of the Team Overseas

A complete team is a clear advantage for the customer of the product, but it is also in their best interest to be ready to expand the team if necessary. 

Outsourcing software development differs from freelance as a client works with a company on a legal basis.

Such companies do their best to help the client with achieving their goals in the shortest time and with the appropriate result. Here are a few cases when it is worth resorting to the services of offshore developers:

Development Team
Development Team

#1 Lack of local developers for specific technologies

Each task requires an individual approach and often specific skills. In case there is no suitable candidate on the team, then you can hire an offshore developer who has certain skills to complete the necessary task of the project.

If there is a need for specific technology but the budget is limited for hiring another qualified developer, outsourcing company services can come in handy in this case.

#2 High local rates for web development

Hiring a software developer compares favorably with a lower cost. In Ukraine, IT resources are available at a salary that is less than half of the European or American IT specialists. 

The education level in computer science is on the same level as in other prosperous European countries. Thus, there is a possibility to access many talented programmers for your needs.

#3 Inability to find developers fast

Offshore developers with the necessary skills for your project can be hired at any time.

If necessary, a specialist is added to the team who performs the customer’s task at convenient hours. It also helps to reduce the risk of problems in communication and understanding of project objectives.

#4 Presence of rigid local laws requiring long-term cooperation

When having a deal with remote software development and remote development team,

you do not need to comply with local laws regarding long-term cooperation. These tasks can be taken over by an outsourcing company that will help you in hiring the necessary specialist.

#5 High taxes

Salaries in the USA and Europe are much higher than remote developer salary in Ukraine, as well as taxes. Most likely, the customer does not have the opportunity to hire a good onshore specialist for affordable money and at the same time not lose quality.

Offshore developers can do their jobs over the Internet and can therefore provide quality services at more affordable prices, and you don’t have to pay high-powered employees to keep the next employee.

Models Through Which You Can Scale Your Development Team

FreelanceLocal hiringOutstaffing 
Freelance is the most affordable option of the mentioned above business practices, because freelancers work independently from agencies and don’t pay taxes. Though freelancers usually don’t sign an agreement with a client and have a verbal one, hence there is little reliability in the type of cooperation.This is a convenient option for cultural and time zone differences. In this case, you will not encounter any differences in your mentality, which means that communication with developers will be as effective as possible. It’s the same with time zone differences – if none or minor, your collaboration will be smooth. Though local hiring requires knowledge of the local market, as well as paying taxes for each new member of the team. The candidate’s skills are tested by interviewing the candidate. Outstaffing goes well for businesses that work on projects requiring specific skills. Specialists with such skills can be needed in the shortest possible time.  The client receives legal employees who are highly qualified and ready to start working immediately. Tax and social payments for them are made by the company providing outstaffing services, who is also responsible for compliance with the current legislation and is involved in quality control.

It is worth mentioning that the cost structure of an in-house and offshore developer looks quite different. 


  • Developers’ salaries
  • Office rent
  • Other positions
  • Software licenses
  • Employee benefits
  • Hardware cost
  • Taxes


Hourly rates x number of hours.


IT companies have to deal with a rather complex hierarchy of employees. However, this formation of working groups increases the efficiency of the staff. Offshore developers help reduce costs and improve overall team performance.

This is why the most successful software development organizations are constantly expanding their staff and opening new positions for new specialists. Well-formed teams create competitive products in the shortest possible time.

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