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CloudMinister Review

Are you someone with not much hosting experience? Are you looking for a hosting service provider that will offer managed hosting and server services? We might know one which could provide you with just that. 

CloudMinister is a hosting service provider that offers a fully managed host. Also, apart from hosting, you get numerous other services such as servers, domains, productivity tools, and more. 

So let us dive into this CloudMinister review to know more. 

CloudMinister Overview

CloudMinister is an India-based hosting services provider with numerous data centres in its home country, which could tell you that the connectivity in South Asia is excellent. This hosting platform offers more than just hosting

CloudMinister hosting

You get domain-related services, productivity tools such as Microsoft 365, and hostings like shared hosting and reseller hosting. We will learn more about the benefits and quality as we read this CloudMinister review. 

Test or Analysis

It is now time to test out the services of this platform in this CloudMinister Review.

User Interface & Ease of Use

We could say that CloudMinister has done an excellent job at making its user interface user-friendly. This platform makes it easier for users with minimal experience to navigate their way to settings or anything else they require. 

CloudMinister Customer Support 

Let us now talk about the customer support offered by CloudMinister. With this hosting platform, you get the facility of 24/7 customer support through live chat, calls, emails, and Skype.

So if you have a query to be resolved at 2:00 am, you will be responded to by CloudMinister’s customer support team. 

Security Analysis 

Security does not happen on one level or layer, and you must ensure that your data is secure on every level, whether before getting attacked or after the recovery. With CloudMinister, you get precisely that. Here you get regular monitoring, backups, SSL certificates, firewalls, etc. 

CloudMinister Data Centre Location

The four data centers of CloudMinister are located in India.

CloudMinister data center

Key Features Of CloudMinister 

Let us now list the key features of this hosting platform in this CloudMinister review. 

Key Features Of CloudMinister 

High-Speed SSD Servers

There are plenty of ways to get your servers and websites running fast. One of them includes SSD storage. How does it work with the speed, you ask? 

SSD drives offer you an incredible rate as they work on flash memory; therefore, they quickly fetch your information.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates

As we mentioned, a security system is required on different levels, one of which is when your website makes connections with other websites on the internet. 

Here you could include SSL certificates to keep your website’s contacts encrypted. Therefore CloudMinister offers Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for free

Free Migration

In today’s scenario, you have plenty of better hosting providers such as CloudMiniter than your current hosting. Why don’t you move it? 

You might have been worried about the charges that follow a website migration. But you do not have to anymore as CloudMinister offers to migrate your website for free. 

CloudMinister offers what Types Of Web Hosting? 

CloudMinister offers the following hostings:

Plans and Price of CloudMinister 

CloudMinister Refund Policy  

A refund policy could be considered a con for this hosting platform. Why? 

CloudMinister Refund Policy  

Because unfortunately, CloudMinister does not offer a refund policy for its services. 

CloudMinister Domain

Let us now take a look at the domain-related services offered by CloudMinister Review. 

Register a New Domain

If you want to register your domain name, CloudMinister is a reliable domain name registrar.

CloudMinister Register a New Domain

This hosting platform offers to register your domain for prices as low as $1.28 a year. 

Transfer a Domain

If you worry about losing your domain name while migrating to a new hosting service provider, you no longer have to.

CloudMinister Transfer domain name

With CloudMinister, you get the facility to transfer your domain name without any risks involved and complete managed support. 

CloudMinister Pros & Cons 

 What are the pros and cons of this hosting platform? Let us check it out in this CloudMinister Review.     


  • Scalability
  • Daily backups
  • Managed support  
  • Free server and site migration
  • Free Security


  • Data centers only in India

FAQs – CloudMinister Review

Does CloudMinister Provide Free Domain Transfer?

Yes, if you want to migrate your domain name to CloudMinister, you benefit from free migration and a renewal for a year, which means you get your domain hosted for another year.

What kind of Services does CloudMinister offer?

CloudMinister offers various services, including shared hosting, reseller hosting, Microsoft 365, SSL certificates, website migrations, domain registration and transfer, and servers. 

How much does CloudMinister cost?

The cost will depend on the hosting or server or any other services you buy from CloudMinister. However, domain name prices start from about $1.28 a year, and hostings begin at about $17.88 per year. 

Does CloudMinister Provide a Fully Managed Cloud Server?

Yes, fully managed services are one of the specialties of CloudMinisters. Here you get fully managed services as well as support. 

Does CloudMinister Offer Multiple Data Center Locations?

Yes, CloudMinister has four data centers located in India which means you get the facility of multiple data centers

Conclusion – CloudMinister Review

Let us look back briefly at the features we loved and those that did not impress much while going through this CloudMinister review. Since the data centers are located majorly in India that might work well for all the customers in the country. However, the absence of any data center outside India might be troublesome if you are looking for DC in other countries. 

On the other hand, this hosting platform offers plenty of free services such as SSL certificates, free website migration, and free domain transfer which also renews it for another year. So check it out yourself and conclude.

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