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How to change PHP Version On Shared Hosting Servers

Anyone can change the PHP version with the right set of instructions.

Millions of people change PHP version so that they can support the older website theme, web application and add-on’s installed on the website.

However, the majority of the site administrators are unable to change the PHP version because they do not know of it.

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What is PHP in Web Hosting?

In the reader’s section, we have beginners, who are trying to make changes to the site without the assistance of a professional.

Millions of people do not want to waste money on professional assistance.

It is an important lesson for the beginners to understand the concept, so they can start working on their own.

PHP is a scripting language used in the development of Dynamic sites and Static sites.

It is a core element in developing web applications that can run on a web browser. In earlier days, PHP scripts did not have a significant role,

but it plays an important role in modern web application and websites.

PHP scripts do not work until the PHP versions are installed on a server. I have mentioned websites such as Dynamic or Static developed on PHP scripts.

The PHP version installed in web hosting is required to recognize and run the scripts.

PHP scripts rose to fame because websites can run a web application on a web browser without external software.

Beginners can recognize a PHP file that ends with the extension “.php” in the file format.

What is PHP Version?

You can learn more about the PHP latest version from Wikipedia.

A smartphone manufacturer launches a new edition of a series based phones. For instance, Apple introduces a new iPhone in 12 months of period.

Every year, there is a new feature phone available in the market, and reputed manufacturers produce them.

Interestingly, PHP is a tool that requires updates so that it can support modern designs, tools, servers, web browser, and more.

The official open-source developers work in the backend to provide PHP latest versions.

The latest WordPress PHP version supports web applications, and the developers fixed bugs + glitches as well.

The support from the official developers is an important aspect of running a modern web application in a browser smoothly.

The current PHP version is 7.0, which improved performance, support for Windows X64 integer, uniform variable syntax, and more.

Change PHP Version in cPanel

You can change the PHP version in the control panel without issues. Majority of the web hosting companies offer cPanel as control panel, and we are going to use it in the process.

Every website has access to cPanel, and you can check the email sent by the web hosting company with credentials.

You need to have administrator access of panel or else; this will not work.

Locating Select PHP Version Section:

I have already mentioned about the credentials, which are required for the process.

Step 1: Go to the control panel URL by adding and then the login page appears on the screen.

Enter the Username and Password of the account, and then hit enter.

change PHP Version

Step 2: There is a search bar available in cPanel modern design and type “PHP” in it.

Several options will show up in the results and then click on “Select PHP Version” for further process.

change PHP Version

Step 3: The next page might intimidate the new users on the platform, but this is where you can find out about the current PHP version installed.

change PHP Version

By scrolling down, you can learn about the PHP extensions selected to recognize and process web applications as well.

You can make a change here, but do not mess with the existing settings until or unless you know what you’re up to.

Changing the PHP Version:

I am going to explain the existing features available for the beginners, so you don’t get confused over the options.

Step 1: Follow “Locating Select PHP Version Section” instructions.

change PHP Version

The above snapshot indicates, how you can change PHP version I control panel.  Click on the drop-down menu, and then select the PHP version and then click on “set as current

change PHP Version

Step 3: Click on “SWITCH TO PHP OPTIONS” and then make advanced changes to the PHP version.

change PHP Version

Kindly, take a screenshot of the existing options and settings so that you can revert to the earlier settings.

In case, if you mess things up, then no one can revert the PHP version, so a screenshot is a viable option here.

Bottom Line

I have shown the readers/visitors how to check the PHP version to change PHP version using the cPanel control panel.

The interface may vary, but the instructions & names of the options remain the same.

In case, if the control panel theme is retro, then a simple manual search for the options is enough.

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