Can’t install file manager in control panel

Can’t install file manager in control panel
Expert Contributor Rajesh Chauhan

We have 2 different file manager to give you better experience and manage your website files easily. Free Hosting File Manager are not good as cPanel file manager however we tried our best to manage features like premium cPanel hosting.

Some times our users complaint that they are not able to access or install file manager from their control panel, we confirmed the same and found that this issue caused due to miss configuration of your DNS records and when you try to access File Manager just after updating your name servers to our hosting IP’s.

File Manager 1

File Manager 1 is integrated file managing system, before accessing this feature make sure your domain name is pointing to GoogieHost’s name servers. If you recently updated the name server then you need to wait at least 24 hours to access file manager and FTP accounts with your domain name.

File Manager 2 (NET2FTP)

Our File Manager 2 is basically works are NET2FTP file managing system . You can move, upload, download etc your website files with third party server.

file manager in control panel

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