Buffer vs Hootsuite Review : King of Social Media Management tools

Buffer vs Hootsuite
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Buffer vs Hootsuite is a common match up in the category of social media management tools, and they are often considered as a primary choice of social media expert’s choice. However, every professional in the field recommend Buffer or Hootsuite and the reasons are many.

Buffer vs Hootsuite debate may not come to an end, but we are going to list down PROS and CONS then you can compare it yourself. Try to match up with your requirements to find the ideal social media management tool.

Buffer vs Hootsuite

We are going, beginning with, Buffer, and there is no numeric order on which one is the best among these two tools.

What is Buffer & Social Media Marketing tool?

Buffer vs Hootsuite

The buffer is an internet-based app designed to help professionals to manage social media content. The primary feature of the Buffer is to share content across popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

The social media management for businesses offers functions to share social media content in a few clicks. The reason why Buffer stand on top because it has earned everyone trust and connects popular social media accounts to schedule posts.

Let’s assume that you have a brand page across all popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and more and you have one social media content to share; then you can use Buffer to post across all connected platforms.

Buffer Review

Buffer vs Hootsuite

The buffer is one of the major social media management tools, and we are going to list the features to tell you why Buffer makes ideal social media management for businesses.

  • Buffer social media analytics offers you insight on user engagement, clicks, comments, likes, and dislikes. The analytics allows you to compare the stats with the previous data and you can make your campaign better.
  • Social profile sharing and you can post multiple posts using Buffer anytime.
  • You can manage profiles and brand pages using Buffer.
  • It supports Android and iOS devices, and it supports low-end devices as well.
  • You can connect your WordPress website and even RSS feed and make bloggers life easier.
  • You can add your team members as well, but make sure you have administrator rights to the desktop.
  • The free version offers ten social media posts per day, and you can add up to three social media accounts of your choice. The free version does have a limit, but it is a good option to start your journey.

Keep in mind that it is a desktop application and you can use it on your Windows and Mac PC.

The performance of the Buffer has never disappointed anyone because the official developer team picks up the errors and bugs, then fix them immediately. It can upload social media content like Images, GIF, Videos, Text-based posts, and more without any limitations to it.

If the social media accounts offer POLL, then you can find that option on Buffer, and that’s how Buffer works.

Buffer Awesome Plan PricingBuffer vs Hootsuite

Buffer awesome plan offers low-cost social media management accounts that packed with core features and should suffice for an individual and small agency. The company has three types of plans, and the first one is Free, the Second one offers Buffer Awesome Plan, and the third plan is for small business.

Free Plan: You can add three social media accounts, and send ten scheduled posts. But, you cannot add any team member.

Pro Plan ($15/Month): You can connect eight social media accounts, and send 100 scheduled posts. But, you cannot add any team member.

Small Business Plan ($99/Month): You can connect up to 25 social media accounts, and send over 2000 scheduled posts, and you can add five team members.

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What is Hootsuite?Buffer vs Hootsuite

Hootsuite falls under Buffer alternatives, and it offers core features that packed with reasonable functions that a web professional cannot ignore it. Hootsuite was known as an open source social media management, but it isn’t. A private company developed it in Vancouver, and that’s where the Hootsuite HQ is located.

Hootsuite is a best social media management tools in the market that allows you to post multiple scheduled posts in a day to all connected social media account in one-click. You can send one post to multiple platforms, and it utilises its analytics platform to show you what’s working and what isn’t working on the clock at the moment. If you want to grow your audience strategically, then you better opt for Hootsuite.

Hootsuite Review

Buffer vs Hootsuite

Hootsuite used by social media marketing companies that do the larger scale of business around the world, and their projects involve social media marketing strategy, thus making it a professional tool.

First, we will talk about the important features the Hootsuite has to offer the agencies.

  • You can share multiple posts from one account, and you can send thousands of messages in one click.
  • It comes with inbuilt analytics feature and also statistics that offers in-depth information about what’s working for the company and what isn’t working for it. You can grow your audience with the analytics data and make social media optimisation in the coming campaigns.
  • It gathers information like some social media users mentioned the brand name.
  • You can connect hundreds of social media accounts that you never even heard of it.
  • You can add your team to the Hootsuite and take care of social media monitoring.

The developers have designed Hootsuite dashboard to assist the marketing agencies in organising it properly.

Hootsuite Pricing

Buffer vs Hootsuite

Social media marketing companies select Hootsuite, and they don’t offer a free account like Buffer. In simple words, the company does not have a free account for the free users, so you have to spend a few bucks a month to try the Hootsuite. The company offers four packages, and all of them are paid version.

Professional ($19/Month): You can connect ten social media profiles, unlimited scheduling, you can add one user, you also get 30-days trial version, analytics, and unlimited RSS integration.

Team ($99/Month): You can connect twenty social media profiles, unlimited scheduling, you can add three users, you also get 30-days trial version, custom analytics reports, all professional features, team assignments, one custom branded URL, one social media certification and unlimited RSS integration.

Business ($499/Month): You can connect fifty social media profiles, unlimited scheduling, you can add five users, no trial version, analytics reports export, all team features, team assignments, custom branded URL, four social media certification, premium app integration, 24/7 customer support, and unlimited RSS integration.

Enterprise (contact for price): If you are looking for a custom account from Hootsuite, then the enterprise designed to accommodate the larger scale companies. You have to contact the company via email or phone to get the price quote.

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Buffer vs Hootsuite comparison depends on individual requirements, and Buffer makes an amazing social media tool for smaller companies, while Hootsuite is for larger scale business. Let us know what fits your criteria in the comment section below.

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