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ASmallOrange has a unique plan which will both satisfy your needs in a web hosting service as well as in terms of your budget. ASmallOrange company is a HomeGrown business web hosting service provider which do not offers you with unlimited options and charging you extra money out from you. But this company is a very smart web hosting provider that will give you only the required features and in the same time, you pay only in those that you use for.

Just like any ordinary business way; it is better to start small and achieve success. And also, you can upgrade your plan into the professional by which you can bring all the important features in your hosting service for your website to grow more efficiently and faster in the internet world.

ASmallOrange Hosting Review
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The hosting service of ASmallOrange comes up with an idea that if you wish to create a tiny hosting plan then it will charge you for only the amount of disk space and other features. This hosting company does not offer huge unlimited for which you will have to pay extra with no reason if you creating a smaller personal site or website.
And thus, ASmallOrange have all the important features for you at a very reasonable price and are compatible for all type of web hosting service. And also are provided with the best support teams who are present 24 hours at service to help you.

ASmallOrange Overview

As compared to others hosting service companies, they offer at reasonable and cheaper price but having all the important features in it. Some of the features like 24 x7 Customers support service, optional hosting plans with great tools, Refundable within 90 days and also the technology like Intel Xeon E5 Dual Hex Core Processors for faster performance. All this features are very efficient and are the top requirement for any new customers to have in their web hosting service.

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ASmallOrange Offers

They has four hosting service depending on what platform you are using. And the price also very reasonable with regard to the plan and service you choose.

  • Shared Hosting
  • Business Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Cloud VPS

ASmallOrange Plans and prices

There are 4 plans under the Share Hosting service with a very affordable price. Unlike other web hosting plans, ASmallOrange gives you the minimum price of the plan starting from $2.92/ month to professional plan (Large plan) costing $20/month.

Tiny Plans- The Tiny plan is the first plan offer by ASmallOrange at just $2.92 per month and having the 500 MB of Storage space, 5 GB of Bandwidth, 1 Domain facilities, and 24×7 Email & Live Chat Support.

Small Plans- The Small plan is the second have been mostly preferred by most of the customers and having the most sold record for this plan. This plan comes in $5 per month, 5 GB of Storage memory space, 50 GB of Bandwidth, Unlimited Domains and 24×7 Email & Live Chat Support for you.

Medium Plans- This is the third option you are getting which will allow to have little more professional feature in the plan and you can get this plan in $10 per month, 15 GB of Storage, 150 GB of Bandwidth, Unlimited Domains, and 24×7 Email & Live Chat Support

Large Plans- This is the professional hosting service with the most advanced tools inbuilt in it. The price of this plan is $20 per month and having tools and features like 30 GB of Storage, 500 GB of Bandwidth, Unlimited Domains, 24×7 Email & Live Chat Support

ASmallOrange Web Hosting Features

Why Chose ASmallOrange Web Hosting Service on other hosting services- The best probable answer you can get is the salient features of this web Hosting company in amazingly cheaper price. This web hosting is a Homegrown Business web hosting service that enables you to start a smaller to professional website or blog.

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Speed- They have the latest technology- Solid State Drive (SSD) Servers that will enhance you to give more than 15x faster Performance for making your website run more efficiently.

CPanel- cPanel is a strong tool which every web hosting service should have to give you one click installation facilities to control over your website or blog.

Uptime- They also give you up to 99.9% uptime guarantee with multiple restore points for quick access for backups.

Security- There are many cases for cyber-crimes that affect website in just a few second; but ASmallOrange protects directories, IP-blocking, and hotlink/leech protection for your site.

Weebly Website Builder- A new feature that is very rare in any Hosting service Company which provides you to make your website very flexible.

24/7 Live Expert Support- If you face any sort of problem while operating the hosting service; you can easily get help live by the experts immediately.

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