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Afrihost Review

Web hosting services are a trend today, and every business is looking for an efficient web host to help them with website hosting so that they can scale their business. When these services are coupled with broadband services, they become more efficient and usable.

Afrihost is an amazing software that enables you to make your amicable phone calls easy to connect and operate. It uses your existing internet connection to have the calls on a wide range. The charges for the phone calls are easily connected, flexible to use, and also, at the same time, available at a very reasonable cost.

So, as we came across this platform, we couldn’t hold ourselves from reviewing it for its web hosting services. Therefore, here is a detailed Afrihost review for you to see if this is the platform that’s favourable for your website hosting needs or not.

About Afrihost

Afrihost is a product of three best friends who have a deep passion for technology and hosting. It’s not just a web hosting company that offers excellent shared hosting, Linux hosting, reseller hosting, and a wide range of various hosting services.

Afrihost Review

Instead, in addition to hosting, the company has also integrated broadband services into its internet and hosting plans, thereby making hosting and calling services easier and more accessible for its users.

Over the years, the company has constantly been growing its hosting and broadband services, thereby becoming a promising solution for all web hosting needs and broadband solutions.

Test and Analysis 

When analyzing a company as wide and promising as Afrihost, it’s essential to check it on all parameters to understand how far it goes in usage, support, and security. Hereinbelow are the results of our different tests and analysis of Afrihost.

User Interface & Ease of Use

The website has a very innovative interface and ease of use. The website enables the user to just navigate onto different tabs and get all the desired information that they want about the platform.

The interface is very much sophisticated, with easy language utilized for the work.

Afrihost Customer Support 

The website has all the email IDs, phone numbers, and live chat options available on the home page to offer consistent 24/7 support to the customers so that they are never hung up with any issues, questions, or queries.

However, when testing the support, we found that the company is not always online for support, and you need to wait for their responses to resolve your queries and questions.

Security Analysis  

The security of a hosting service is essential to its performance. Afrihost doesn’t mention much about its security features. However, you can expect good security from the platform with features like SSL certificates, DDoS protection, firewalls, etc.

Key Features of Afrihost  

Herein below are the main features that you get with Afrihost

  • Softaculous Support: Afrihost comes with Softaculous support that allows you to download applications in single clicks so that you don’t have to spend much time having more features on your website. With single-click app installations, you will get all website features handy.
  • Unlimited Web Traffic: You never have to worry about traffic loads on your website, as Afrihost provides an unlimited website traffic feature to manage all the traffic coming to your website.
  • Website Control Panel: It’s easy for you to manage your website without difficulty with an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand website control panel with all essential website management features.
  • Latest PHP Version: It’s easy to manage your website and write codes with the latest PHP version supporting your web hosting.
  • Scalable Cloud Servers: You can add more resources to your servers to balance extra load and traffic so that your cloud servers never fail you.
  • Free Setup: You never have to worry about the setup of your hosting and servers. Afrihost manages your hosting setup and configuration without any difficulty.

Types of Web Hosting Afrihost offers  

The following are the web hosting services offered by Afrihost:

Afrihost Domain

Afrihost also offers domain services to its customers so that they don’t have to wander around for an affordable domain. The domain services available at Afrihost are-

  • Domain Search
  • Domain Registration
  • Domain Parking
  • Domain pointing
  • Domain email

Afrihost Hosting Pros & Cons 

If a hosting service can offer you advantages, it’s obvious that it comes with some disadvantages too. Herein below are some of the major pros and cons of Afrihost.        


  • Softaculous support
  • Unlimited web traffic
  • Domain services
  • Excellent email features
  • Customized cloud servers


  • Customer service is poor; they are always online, but when you try to reach them, they are offline.

FAQs – Afrihost Review

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, Afrihost has a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with their services and claim a refund in 60 days, they will return you double the amount.

Why Choose Afrihost Hosting?

Āfrihost has amazing features and benefits on all its packages. You get Softaculous support, unlimited emails and web traffic, customized services, and a lot more. It also offers domain services. Given all these features, choosing Afrihost hosting is wise for your web hosting needs.

Which payment method does Afrihost accept?

Afrihost accepts debit cards, credit cards and cheque payments depending upon the plan and type of subscription, although other payment modes were not written on the website and upon checking the payment page, we couldn’t find clear details.

Conclusion – Afrihost Review

So, this was a detailed Afrihost review. Summarising this review, we can say that it has amazing features and benefits and you can have its services at very cheap prices. 

The only problem with the platform is its customer support which is not always online. Nonetheless, you can reach out to them, and your problems will be resolved, even with a little delay.

Considering all these factors, we can conclude that Afrihost is quite a good platform, and you have to use it yourself to see how it works out for you.

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