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APC Review

APC Review: APC is considered Singapore’s no. 1 hosting and domain name provider. It has got a range of domain names providing options and that too at reasonable rates. 

The overall pricing of the domain names is done at wholesale rates, and the content of choices is wide-ranging. The overall system of web management on APC is quite simple and also, at the same time, quite useful to the user.

It is important to choose a web provider which caters to all your essential needs and, at the same time, is economically feasible for you.

About APC.SG

The ARC.SG is a web hosting service provider that was established in the year 2003. It is a leading domain provider in Singapore and also delivers SSL certificates to its users. 

About APC Review

There are several acclamations that are associated with APC.SG, and ensures 24/7 customer care support. The whole system is well protected with DDoS protection and ensures there is no mitigation to the user’s stored data.

Test and Analysis 

These are some parameters on which APC.SG is tested, and these parameters tell us how good APC is.SG is with respect to web hosting service providing-

User Interface & Ease of Use

It has a unique and user-friendly interface to support maximum users of all tastes. The information on the website is well organized; thus, the whole setup is alright and up to the mark of a user-enabled database.

APC Customer Support 

The website provides customer support, and that too for 24/7 hours. The whole website is acquainted with the mobile number and email ID of the expert panel that is readily available to solve the user’s queries. 

Security Analysis  

It has a double authentication measure and firewall protection for the user’s personal data. The users’ information is not at all misused by the company, and no third party is allowed to peep into the website’s information.

Key Features of APC

These are the essential pointers that make APC.SG is more important among other web hosting service providers

  • Amazing data center facility

The company provides a tier 3rd data center facility to facilitate better user data privacy features.

  • DDoS protection and mitigation

The website provides a DDoS protection facility to its users, making it more secure and protected.

Types of Web Hosting APC offers 

These are some web hosting services that APC offers to its users.

Shared Hosting Services are very essential for beginners and small businesses. And this is the point where every service provider is not focusing on the support section. But some are really amazing in this field, like- A2 Hosting, Interserver, YouStable, and Bluehost.

APC Domain

The following types of domains are provided by APC.SG

  • Registered Domain

Some examples of registered domains are .com, .org, .sg,.asia, etc. These extensions are managed by the user on a single platform and also managed too.

  • Transfer Domain

Transferable domains are that can be converted into registered domains too. Examples include- .com.sg, .net, etc.

Pros & Cons – APC Review

These are some shortcomings that are present in APC. Also, some major plus points of APC are also listed below-


  • 24/7 customer care support.
  • An expert panel listens to the customers’ queries all the time.
  • An interactive panel to present information in a well-systematic manner to the user.


  • It’s quite an expensive hosting service.

FAQs – APC Review

How much does APC hosting cost?

APC hosting costs around 155 dollars per year.

What payment methods are accepted?

The hosting service accepts Internet banking, ATM, PayNow, credit card, or cheque.

Which type of Hosting Does APC Provides?

  1. WordPress hosting
  2. Linux hosting
  3. Developer hosting 

Conclusion – APC Review

Thus, APC.SG is a very good web hosting service provider for novice and advanced users. It deals with web development, web outsourcing, and web designing too.

It has immense security measures to attract its users; thus, it is a very good choice for a user and should be used by a web hosting user once to experience the real taste of web hosting.

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