5 Natural Backlinks that loved by Google

All of us know that generating backlinks to your website is the most important factor to increase Domain and Page authority of your website which gonna increase your search engines visibility for sure, but always keep in that bad links could be the reason of your decreasing domain authority as result you will loose your organic traffic and clients. I have used over 30 ways to generate natural links to your website which are totally safe from Google updates that means no headache of getting penalized.

I know you guys submitted your websites to local business directories, website link directory, and commented on blogs, created forum profiles or added forum signature to get link juice to your blog. Trust me these methods are over used now because everyone sharing about same thing but do you know there are still many other ways to get natural backlinks to improve your ranking and organic traffic.

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Over used backlinks methods:

  • Directory Submission
  • Blog Commenting
  • Forum Signature
  • Article Submission
  • Link Exchange etc

Here is my list, I don’t know what you think am sharing what I have noticed. These backlinks tactics being used by many bloggers and website owners, Blog commenting, Forum links are highly used by spammers. To test this you can create a simple wordpress blog or any forum without any content and don’t use any spam blocking plugin then see…

You will start getting spam content 48-72 hours, few months back we were testing this and in 30 days got 3000 threads on my SMF forum + 587 blog comments …

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Get 5 Natural Back Links:

Today am sharing you 5 high authority websites to get links, this is rarely used way that means no chances to get penalized as this is the genuine option to get listed. Well did you ever tried to similar websites ?

Most of us did that and we mostly use Search Engine tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, but newbies use websites like similarsites.com and there are more than 100 platforms which shows similar kind of websites and most of them accept site submission and after approval they link to your website. I have found top 5 websites which accepts your suggestion to show similar sites of yours…

Have you tried this method before ? I don’t think so because its being ignored by most of SEO experts but now its time to get more natural backlinks which gonna loved by google, I am getting 100+ hits from these sites every month.

  1. www.similarsites.com
  2. www.similarweb.com
  3. www.siteslike.com
  4. www.alternativeto.net
  5. www.similarsitesearch.com/

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