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Boost your Traffic Using 301 redirect in .htaccess file

A 301 Redirect is a popular term used in the sites management teams, and it plays a crucial role in SEO techniques.

Many newbies ignore the 301 Redirect feature due to lack of knowledge & importance of the process.

Boost your Traffic using 301 redirect
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What is 301 Redirect?

301 redirect

Have you heard of .htaccess optimization?

301 Redirect is a technique used by millions of professionals around the world to redirect the URL to the new URL address.

Let’s assume that you have written an article and published on the site seven years ago.

The world changes quickly, and the theory applies to the sites as well, then you change the URL address, then the visitors will end up on “404 ERROR” page.

Fortunately, the “301 Redirect” is a worldwide-recognized tag or technique to redirect the old URL address to the newer address.

In short, the visitors won’t land on “404 ERROR” page, and it will get the job done.

Guess what?

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing accepted the “301 redirect WordPress

so the site does not get affected by the ranking algorithms. It takes a few weeks for the search engine bot to understand the situation and reinstate the rankings of the article or page.

Overall, a couple of weeks of rank drops, a little effort to use 301 redirect codes, and happy visitors.

Alternate Methods To Implement 301 Redirect

301 redirect

Have you ever come across 301 vs. 302 redirects?

SEO designed to help the search engines find the website, content, pages, images, and concept of the site. The 301 redirection is an SEO tool designed to help the visitors or traffic to reach the right page.

The direction indicates the search engines that there has been a change in the process. Unfortunately,

there are no alternative methods to the 301 redirect. If there is a method exists, then we do not recommend it because the redirection process is a confusing part.

Why Do You Need To Implement 301 Redirect?

301 redirect

I can give the readers one thousand reasons for using the method because it offers an excellent solution.

However, the conditions should be right, and it’s the most important aspect of the 301 redirect technique.

You have changed the URL address of the article. In many cases, we have dates, month, and year before the actual URL address, and it looks a little weird type.

In such cases, you can remove them on WordPress 301 redirect.

The page consists of the long URL address, and no one can remember the long address. Shorter address works fine within the community,

and it’s user-friendly because it helps the visitors to remember the URL. I have changed the permalink to replace with the shorter version.

Migrated to another platform and it is one of the common things for a blog to migrate from Blogger to WordPress.

Many sites suffer from misplacing of the URL, and the address requires a 301-redirection process to get back the traffic & visitors.

Anyone with basic knowledge can learn 301 redirect codes and implement it on the site.

The SEO technique takes a few weeks to update in the search engine directories, and a few weeks, the rankings will be restored, so no need to worry about the rank drops.

How To Implement 301 Redirect Using .htaccess File for Apache?

301 redirect

In the .htaccess 301 redirects, we have two methods for two process.

The first method consists of a single old URL address redirected to the new URL address.

For the second method, we have to redirect the entire domain name to a new domain name.

Method #1: Old Permalink to New Permalink

In this process, we are going to use codes for the .htaccess file and paste in it to implement it.

Step 1:  To redirect individual files, like to newfile.htm you can use a 301 redirect like this: We have the old > new.htm, and you can use the below codes & paste it in the .htaccess file

Redirect 301 /oldfile.htm /newfile.htm

Step 2: In case, if you have changed the domain extension from .com to .info, then the code used in the process is

Redirect 301 /oldurl.htm

Paste the code at the bottom of the .htaccess file, and click on save to complete the changes.

It takes a few minutes for the content management system to implement the process.

Method #2: Old Domain to New Domain

Now, its time to redirect an entire domain name to the new domain extension.

Many business or sites change the domain extension from time to time due to Google penalty system and lack of visibility.

Step 1: Copy the code below and paste it in the old domain .htaccess file and click on save changed to complete the process.

Step 2: Remember, the entire .htaccess file should be empty before you paste the codes.

The solution works for almost every version of Apache server, so you won’t find any issues in working it.

How to do 301 Redirect URL using IIS on Windows Server?

301 redirect

In Windows server, the panel ISS enables the users to edit the core system files, and we are going to show you two types of redirection.

Method #1: Old Permalink to New Permalink

A single file redirection is common among the users, so the first step takes you towards the single page redirection.

Step 1: Open IIS Manager and browse to locate the website files.

Step 2: Now, right-click the webpage that you want to redirect and select properties.

Step 3: Now select “A Redirection to a URL” to proceed further.

Step 4: Now, you have to type the new URL address in the “Redirect To:” box.

Step 5: Check the “A permanent redirection for this resource” and the URL address changes permanently.

Method #2: Redirect Domain to Another Domain

A single file redirection is common among the users, so the first step takes you towards the single

Step 1: Open IIS Manager and browse to locate the website files.

Step 2: Now, right-click the webpage that you want to redirect and select properties.

Step 3: Choose “Home Directory Tab” from the options.

Step 4: Change the selector to “A Redirection to a URL”!

Step 5: Again, type the new URL “Redirect To:” box.

Step 6: Check “A permanent redirection for this resource”!

You can seek the assistance of the web hosting company for support.

How To Use 301 Redirect in WordPress?

301 redirect

WordPress is an excellent content management system that risen to popularity because it offers wide-range of free plugin in the platform.

You can use “Simple 301 Redirects WordPress” to redirect the old URL address to the new pages.

It only takes a few seconds to install the plugin on your WordPress site, add the new URL, and save it.


301 redirects is an excellent tool that enables the old URL to transfer to the new URL without any issues. Remember, the redirect process takes a few weeks to complete, and the site experiences rank drops, so don’t worry about it.

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