Unbiased WP Rocket Review June, 2024

As technology has evolved, new solutions have been introduced to simplify the way of creating and hosting websites on the internet. And one of those solutions is WordPress, a powerful CMS that helps you to create your dynamic website very easily!! 

But creating a dynamic and beautiful website is not enough!! You will also need high performance, lightning-fast loading speed, and better uptime. But for what? Obviously, to get more traffic.  

That’s why we brought to you one of the best plugins for your WordPress website that will help to increase its performance so that you can enjoy humongous traffic on your website. That sounds like a very confident statement, right? Well, such has been the experience!! 

Introducing WP rocket, which we have been using for the last 2 years here in this WP Rocket review, we will share your personal experience with its quality features. Hence, if you are keen to know about it, read this WP Rocket review carefully to understand everything in detail. 

WP Rocket Overview 

Now, before moving ahead, let’s have an overview of WP Rocket and its functionalities!! Basically, WPRocket is a cache plugin that helps you to increase your website’s performance, such as loading speed, etc. via caching techniques!! 

WP Rocket review

Now for those who are not aware of caching!! It is basically a copy of some of your website’s data stored on the user’s browser so that the browser doesn’t need to load the files all the time the user visits your website! 

WP Rocket Features

Here are some of its key features mentioned in this section, which will help you understand the performance you will experience with WP Rocket. 

WP Rocket Features


As we told you above, Cache is a stored copy of some of your website on the user’s browser to minimize as much latency as possible!! And WP Rocket helps the user’s browser save all the necessary files required to enhance the loading speed of your website 

File Optimisation and Minification

In addition to cache, WP Rocket also performs minification of your website’s source code files to make it lightweight and faster to load on the internet. 

Media Optimization

But if you have high-quality media files on your website? No problem because WP Rocket also optimizes the media files, such as images, videos, etc. to make them load faster on the user’s browsers. 


Since WP Rocket creates a cache of your websites so the browser can preload the heavy files of your website, resulting in the overall enhancement of your website loading speed. 

Data-Based Optimization

  WP Rocket also provides you with an option to optimize your database with full control to clean up unnecessary files. 

Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network, also known as CDN, is a network of servers that stores a copy of your website on each server to respond to the user from the nearest server. As a result, lower latency!! 

Heartbeat Tab

Heartbeat API provides a connection for real-time data transfer between the servers containing your website files to your user’s browsers. 

WP Rocket Pros and Cons

Its features look quite impressive, aren’t they? Well, now let’s discuss some of its major pros and cons and understand the complete picture of its quality.


  • Best in class features 
  • Makes website speed much faster
  • Decreases latency 
  • Optimize your website


  • No live customer support 

WP Rocket Price and Plans

We have attached an image of their price and plans below so that you can understand the complete picture to make a wise decision about whether you go with it or not!! 

WP Rocket Price and Plans

Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

WP Rocket Coupon

WP Rocket also offers heavy discounts on their premium plans!! You will just need to enter your email address in the section and your promo code will be shared on your mail address which you can use to enjoy 10% OFF on their all premium plans

WP Rocket Coupon

WP Rocket Speed Test Results

To analyse its quality we have conducted some tests to understand whether it actually affects the website loading speed on the internet or not. We have conducted two tests (i) With WP Rocket, and (ii) Without WP Rocket on Google Page Insight to understand performance from SEO’s perspective. 

Without WP Rocket

As you can see in the image!! When we conducted the results of our website without applying WP Rocket. We received an overall performance of 88 which is quite impressive because we hosted our website on VPS servers

Page Speed Without WP Rocket

With WP Rocket 

 But when we applied WP Rocket on our website we found the result to be 100 which is really amazing!! Because our website loading speed as per SEO has fast enough to get a better ranking in SERP results.

Page Speed Insight With WP Rocket

Can A Premium WordPress Caching Plugin Improve Your Site Speed?

Yes, definitely!! We can confidently say that because we have been using it for the last 2 years and we are really satisfied with its performance and its functionalities. Plus the best aspect that we personally love about it is that WP Rocket contains some smart features that suggest you some tips based on optimisation techniques to enhance the speed of your website

WordPress Caching Plugin

Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether you are an SEO expert or a beginner. You can easily optimize your website for better performance, all thanks to its easy-to-operate functions. 

So if you also want to improve your website performance, go ahead with its premium!! It will not make you regret it. 

How to Configure WP Rocket with our Website? 

So hopefully, you have understood everything about WP Rocket!! Let’s now discuss how you can use it to optimize your website for better performance

  • Visit WP Rocket.me
  • Click on Get “WP Rocket Now” and buy the best plans that suit your needs. 
 WP Rocket Now
  • Now download its files and upload them into the plugins of your WordPress dashboard.
Plugins for Your WordPress dashboard
  • Once you have uploaded WP Rocket, open its dashboard.
Get WP Rocket Dashboard
  • Now get into the Cache section and enable the Caching for mobile devices. Then scroll down and set Cache Lifespan to 24 hours 
Enable Caching For Mobiles Devices
Cache Lifespan
  • Now get into the File Optimisation section and enable minify CSS files then scroll down and Enable optimize CSS delivery. Then scroll down and enable  JavaScript Minification with Load JavaScript deferred and delay JavaScript execution. 
 File Optimization Section
Optimize CSS Delivery
Load JavaScript Files
  • Then hit the “save changes” button!!
Delay JavaScript Execution

Once you completed the following steps your WP Rocket will be set to work with your website and improve your website performance instantly

Pro-tip: You can recheck the performance of your website on Google PageSpeed Insight.

FAQs – WP Rocket Review

Is WP Rocket Free? 

No, WP Rocket is not free, you will have to buy any of its premium plans, upload it into your WordPress plugging and it will be ready to work!! Believe it WP Rocket won’t let you regret it. 

Is WP Rocket Worth the Money?

Yes, as far as we have experienced its performance, we can confidently say that WP Rocket is one of the best plugins available in the market!! And its features make it worth buying. 

Which Is Better, WP Rocket Or W3 Total Cache?

Since we have used both caching plugins, we will recommend both plugins are one of the best to optimize the speed of your website. But if you are looking for suggestions, then we will recommend you go with WP Rocket because even though W3 cache is free to use, it comes with very limited features. 

Who is WP Rocket made for?

WP Rocket is specially designed for those who run WordPress websites because WordPress websites are slightly slower than custom websites. Hence, to meet that speed WP Rocket is used!! 

Can Some use Null WP Rocket for their website?

No, we will not recommend you to use Null WP rocket because it can contain some malicious links that can turn out to be harmful to your website’s data security and its performance too!!

Conclusion: Should You Buy WP Rocket?

We will say “Yes” because it can do magic for your websites such as enhancing your website’s loading speed, overall better performance and much more. Moreover, it also helps you to minify your website files which make your website very lightweight. Our personal experience with its performance was really amazing as we have shown you the image in the test section.

Hopefully, you have found this article helpful and if you have any queries then feel free to ask them in the comment section below, we will try to respond to you as soon as possible!! 


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    Unbiased WP Rocket Review June, 2024

    Unbiased WP Rocket Review