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WinServe.co.uk Review

WinServe.co.uk is considered to be the best and most reliable web hosting service provider by its customers. It is regarded as a good choice to take when several options are available in front of the users. The best thing about WinServe is that it operates at a very high speed and also is a host of various types of hosting services. 

Knowing all this about WinServe, we decided to review this hosting service on the basis of its features, security, support, and other aspects. Based on our detailed tests and analysis, here is a detailed WinServe.co.uk Review for you to read and understand if this is the hosting provider meeting your needs or not.

About WinServe.co.uk 

WinServe.co.uk is an England-based web hosting company that is officially a Microsoft hosting partner. All its services run on the technologies that Microsoft offers. It includes free guidance from experts and engineers anytime, to its customers. 

WinServe.co.uk Review

The best thing about WinServe is that it has the latest website and programming language scripting methodology which makes it outstanding from other providers. Customer services are available 24/7 for the use of the customers.

Test and Analysis 

This section deals with the discussion of the various levels up to which WinServe has reached to stand apart from its other users. It talks about the various parameters on which a web hosting service provider is basically judged and what different criteria users wish to look for while choosing a web hosting platform.

User Interface & Ease of Use

The website of this company has a very good lively interface. The platform is well-supported by quick tabs that enable the user to go through the basic information about the company at once and then the decision to go on with the website becomes easy.

WinServe.co.uk Customer Support

The customer support measures are very well represented on the website and this makes the access of all customers to the website 24/7 hours. The most important aspect is that the company has the email address, postal address, and data centre well displayed on its website.

Security Analysis  

WinServe has amazing security measures regarding the safety of the personal information of its users. It ensures that no theft or misuse of the information happens. The database containing the information is well protected by a firewall and encryption.

Key Features of WinServe.co.uk  

This part talks about the various unique features that are embedded in WinServe and the qualities that make it different from other web hosting platforms. It embarks upon the key highlights of this company.

  • Free SSL certification

WinServe provides free SSL certification and also ensures a forced SSL configuration

  • A dedicated workforce

The company has a dedicated workforce to offer to its clients. This workforce helps it grow immensely among its users as the users are very much benefited from it.

  • Wide Range of Domains

You can easily get your desired domain name through the domain name system service available on WinServe web hosting.

Types of Web Hosting WinServe.co.uk offers  

WinServe offers a wide range of web hosting services which are listed below:

WinServe.co.uk Hosting Pros & Cons 

The web hosting service provider with all its plus points and qualities has some negatives too. These positives and negatives are listed below under the Pros and Cons section.


  • The company has 24/7 customer service providing the facility.
  • It has a different version of the backup system for its users.
  • The personal information that is taken up from the user is stored very safely by the database authority of the company.


  • Complicated live chat and support system.

FAQs – WinServe.co.uk Review

What is the uptime guarantee of WinServe.co.uk?

There is nothing mentioned as such about the uptime guarantee of WinServe.co.uk.

Where is the Base company located for WinServe.co.uk?

The base company for WinServe is located in London. It has the postal address as 64, Nile Street, London.

Does WinServe.co.uk provide DDoS protection?

Yes, WinServe provides DDoS protection. It has a good firewall for protecting the personal information of the user and at the same time, it offers good security from piracy by the means of encryption.

Which control panel does WinServe.co.uk offer?

As WinServe offers Windows Hosting options thus, it has a very interactive and fully-packaged control panel. You have all the options available on the control panel through which you may handle your website, database, and email settings. You may use the browser also directly to control these services.

Conclusion – WinServe.co.uk Review

Thus, in a nutshell, the most important aspect that WinServe has is the availability of almost all services that a user requires for a smooth website design. 

It should be preferred by every web developer once to have great experience in dealing with such a power-packed hosting service provider. Read this WinServe.co.uk Review carefully.

Tabassum is an avid web Hosting geek, who really loves to tinker with new technologies, whether in Hosting and SEO. She’s searching for the world’s best website host, but also tries to find time for her other interests – comics, traveling, and home cooking.

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WinServe.co.uk Review


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    WinServe.co.uk Review

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