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What is Softaculous And How Do You Use It?

Many major companies offer WordPress hosting that comes with cPanel control panel, where there is a tool available called Softaculous Apps Installer in cPanel.

You might be wondering “what is softaculous WordPress?

And, we are here to answer your question and allow us to provide you with complete information about the Softaculous after using it for years for business purposes, and personal purposes.

What is Softaculous?

What is softaculous

Softaculous is a free tool that enables the cPanel users to Install 155 scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Open Blog, and more.

The softaculous scripts list depends on the Free and Paid version, where the free-version offers 55 licenses, and the premium version offers a total of 155 scripts including the free licences.

You don’t have to struggle with downloading the set-up file, and configuring it because Softaculous makes it easy for you to configure it within seconds.

Highlights of Softaculous that determine its popularity

What is softaculous

Softaculous scripts have made it popular among the bloggers and professional Internet marketers for a very long time.

One of the best things about the softaculous apps installer that is available in cPanel.

1: You get a navigation bar on the right side menu, and you can select your choice of the menu according to the script category.

If you remember the name of the script, then you can also use the search bar to find the script Installer.


You can access Control panel, Scripts, Scripts ratings, All installations, Task list, Edit settings,

Backup and restore Email settings, Synchronize with Auto-installer, Help and support, and Log out other on the top left corner menu.


2: The Softaculous demo allows you to take a quick preview of the script and you

can view the demo version of the WordPress, and the official team of the script might not heavily customise it.


3: You can install over 100 website applications using Softaculous, and I have recommended it for many users because it saves time and even a beginner can set-up a Joomla or WordPress site within a minute.

4: The official developer’s team web application updates the application once in a period, and the Softaculous keeps track of every update,

and you can update your version with a one-click update of existing website installations to a newer version in a few seconds.

5: You got something wrong during the changes you made to your website? Then, you can uninstall the web application and re-install the script anytime.

In case, if you no longer need the application, then you can one-click uninstall it!

6: One of the interesting features that I personally liked about Softaculous that it lets you Install the same web application multiple times in different directories and it also helps you by organising it.

7: If you are planning to add a WordPress site to subdomains, and add-on domains, then softaculous install it without any technical issues.

8: One of the most important features of the softaculous apps installer cPanel that it allows you to back-up the web applications and you can restore in one-click, and the UI makes it easy for you to understand the functions.


9:  The Company that developed Softaculous combine it cPanel and the combination of both tools have made it even more perfect for bloggers, web designing, and hosting companies.

10: The cPanel automatically updates the Softaculous without any manual action.

11: If you want to install web application scripts based on PERL, PHP, and Javascript.


I have always appreciated the user-interface of the tool because even a beginner can use it after playing around with it for a few minutes.

How To Use Softaculous For Installing Applications?

What is softaculous

Softaculous user-interface is extremely easy to use, and we are going to show you how you can any script using the Softaculous tool step-by-step.

Step 1: Login to your cPanel or you can directly enter from the customs control panel.


Step 2: You can use the search bar to find it a little faster.


Step 3:  Type “softaculous” and the second one will be the app installer.


Step 4: The dashboard will show up on your screen.


Step 5: Highlight your mouse cursor on the script you want to install, and the “install” button will show up on your screen.


Step 6: You can change the protocol from HPPTS to HTTP (if you have not purchased an SSL certificate,) t

hen you can choose a domain if you have added multiple domains on the server, and I recommend you to remove “WP” in the WordPress installation.


Step 7: You can select a site name, site description, you can select the multisite, add admin username, add a strong password,

and you can set-up an email account as well. The email address will be used to access WordPress, and reset the password of the admin account.

Softaculous What is Softaculous And How Do You Use It?

Step 8: You can select the language, and limit login access like a user will not access the account if he fails 3 login attempts. The advanced section allows you to select custom database name, and password.


Step 9: You can select a theme from the library, then select it, and click on Install.


Step 10: The installation will begin in a second, and the Installation speed depends on your hosting account server.


Step 11: Once the Installation is finished, then you can access it directly from the links, and you can even learn more about the application from top menu options.


Step 12: We have accessed the WordPress Installation in one-click.


Step 13: To access the WordPress Installations, then go to the Softaculous app, and then click on “All Installations” icon on the top menu.


We have used WordPress script to give you an example of how it works.


Softaculous App Installer made many Bloggers, Internet marketers, Beginners, and Learners life easy by saving their time in setting up and configuring the web application manually that drives many of you crazy.

Let us know what part we have missed in our tutorial in the comment section below.

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