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Ultimatefreehost Review

It has become easier for the upcoming bloggers and people willing to start online businesses to get hosting from a place where it’s free yet reliable. 

It’s risky at the start whether your website will grow or not, right? That question always pops up in my mind. So, choosing budget-friendly or free hosting is something that one will opt for. And what if we are going to talk about unlimited free hosting? 

Yes! This UltimateFreeHost Review will describe this company that provides free hosting! Let’s know how reliable they are and whether you should be working with them or not.

About Ultimatefreehost

A company that provides unlimited free hosting with reliable hardware, traffic booster and multicore processor. 

UltimateFreeHost Review

They have been working for years to provide budget-friendly as well as free hosting to all the upcoming bloggers who do not have the budget to afford everything. Hence, a hosting without advertising, hidden costs, adverts or restrictive terms. Enjoy free hosting with complete freedom!

We could not derive much information from them because their “About Us” section showed errors. So we question their reliability.

Ultimatefreehost Review

Key Features of Ultimatefreehost

UltimateFreeHost has not described their features, but there is some other information that they tend to give under various features once you click on them. So, do not pay attention to that but the features that they are actually providing:

UltimateFreeHost Features

Ignoring the described information (not relevant). Let’s look into its features now: 

  • Free website builder 
  • Fantastico Autoinstaller 
  • Free Template 
  • FTP and File Manager 
  • Hotlink Protection 
  • Website Analyser 
  • Custom Error Page

Price and Plans – Ultimatefreehost Review

They not only give out free hosting but also some premium-level hostings. But they are too very low costs. Let’s learn about the resources and pricing of plans that UltimateFreeHost delivers:

  • Unlimited Mysql Database
  • Unlimited GB disk
  • Unlimited GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited cPanel x3 Panel
  • Unlimited Domain, subdomain
  • Unlimited Email Accounts 
  • Premium Hosting: $0.83/month
  • Disk Space 500MB
  • 50GBBandwidth
  • Free Domain name
  • $250 Advertising credit
  • Latest cPanel 11 with Softaculous
  • 30 Days Money Back
  • RAID-10 Storage10GB
  • Bandwidth UNLIMITED
  • 216X Faster Speed
  • Search Submitter
  • LatestcPanel 11
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support

Types of Hosting and Services Offered by Ultimatefreehost

Though the website claims to give many types of hosting like free cPanel hosting, email hosting and all. The website genuinely gives you these two types of hosting and their packages:

Pros and Cons – Ultimatefreehost Review

Like every coin has two sides, every service has its two sides as well– one good and one bad. If we are discussing a review here, giving out honest comments is something that should be done. 

Hence, truly honest pros and cons of UltimateFreeHost:


  • Free Hosting 
  • Unlimited Features 
  • 24/7 support through Facebook 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee in premium plans


  • Not secured and reliable website 
  • You will see some irrelevant and unnecessary information on the website 
  • Some web pages won’t work

FAQs – Ultimatefreehost Review

What is the upgrade amount of Ultimatefreehost?

Once you want to upgrade to Premium Hosting, it will cost you only $2.99/month. 

Is Ultimatefreehost’s support good?

UltimateHost Support

It’s average. They do not respond quickly to the FaceBook live chat, but it takes time for them to respond from there. If you email them, it’s almost the same situation as well.

I did not get an answer for one hour, then gave up:

Does Ultimatefreehost provides Free Domain?

Yes, UltimateFreeHost provides free domains in its premium hosting plan

Why Choose Ultimatefreehost?

If you are looking to try your first website for free with no advertisements or any other kind of interruptions. Then, UltimateFreeHost can be your option. 

Which control panel does Ultimatefreehost provide?

UltimateFreeHost provides cPanel with its hostings. 

Does Ultimatefreehost provide free hosting without CC?

No, they do not ask for credit card details while you use their free hosting plan. 

Can I get WordPress Hosting For Free ?

No, UltimateFreeHost does not provide Free WordPress hosting services but its cPanel hosting services can be used to launch and maintain your WordPress website easily on the internet. 

Conclusion – Ultimatefreehost Review

We would recommend you look up some other free web hosting providers in the market as well before taking a final decision. May it be for a start, but how will you test your business’s growth with a website that is not working? 

UltimateFreeHost’s own website has some problems, plus the content is not correctly filled. So, it’s necessary to ensure proper uptimes and guarantees from the hosting provider. Still, if you want totally free services with unlimited resources, you can try them and get a clear vision of their services.

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