Truth behind $1000 adsense earning per day

Truth behind $1000 adsense earning per day
Expert Contributor Rajesh Chauhan

I know why you are here, everyone wants to boost their adsense revenue with few tweaks. I have seen many users making $1000 Adsense earning per day and they show off screenshot of their adsense account for the proof on social media as well but you know what ?

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You make them at least $100 for them just because of you want to reach on that level to fulfill your needs.

How you make $100 for them?

After seeing these kind of screenshots on your social profile from one of your friend, almost 80% of you visit the link which about the article increasing your online revenue and you boost their traffic within very short time. This traffic increase their ranking in search results and they really make $1000 with that article.

Truth Behind $1000 per day:

Look at featured screenshot posted on this article which is adsense account of a my friend. As you can see he is making approx $10000 Adsense earning per week from Google Ads but do you believe the actual revenue of this account is just $5-$10 per day and about $100 per week.

I have edited the image which takes about 2 minutes and most of screenshot you seen in your facebook, twitter or any other social networking website 90% of them are fake and you are helping these guys to make that snapshot true.

What should you do?

To be straight I’ll advice you to keep focusing on the content you are making on your blog and quality of your website. Google will automatically increase CPC (Cost Per Click) and am damn sure one day you gonna make double amount you see in fake screenshots.

5 Important Factors to get Adsense Account easily

Don’t play with Google they are smarter than you, be loyal with them. I am sure if you trick them one day you will loose even your current earnings.


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  • It is true. I doubt the $1,000 per day blog is possible. As the author says just focus on the basics and don’t try to trick Google. Be loyal and keep persevering – it takes time. As I have found out already it takes a hell lot of time, believe me. I wrote a book about it on Amazon – “Millionaire Forever: Cracking the Million Dollar Club”. Read it you will find out the honest way to become rich.

  • Ya thats 100% sure thing .
    Even I have been Trickstered somewhere , and always when I seen any article on Boosting revenue I jumped toward it .
    As i have done here too . :p
    But I really want that strategy , not for any blog but for my website .
    regards : shantanu