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ResellerClub Review

ResellerClub Review 2021: To those who don’t know about ResellerClub, it is yet another reputed Hosting company like

YouStable is growing exponentially by offering free domain extensions like .blogs and other domains in many countries.

ResellerClub Hosting provides you with excellent cheap Web Hosting services that are usually not offered by hosting providers other than YouStable.

ResellerClub delivers a package of complete, reliable hosting solutions, and you can get up to a 50% discount on their Dedicated Servers.

Through Black Friday Hosting Deals, you can check out the Black Friday deals for the earlier years below.

This should give you an uneven idea about what you can assume from the Black Friday Web Hosting Offers for 2021.

So deprived of wasting any time, let us get traditional to the deals. ResellerClub Hosting provides you good cheap Web Hosting service which is not usually available on the web from any other hosting provider.

ResellerClub Offers Complete reliable hosting solutions and you get up to 50% discount on their Dedicated Servers.

Yes, you read that right. I have been reselling domain names from ResellerClub since 2012

with my own Hosting brands, and to date, I have sold over 10,000 domain names from my website through their Domain Reseller Program.

Let me show you one of the sub-account business stats.

Reselling Domains in 2020

Specifically, for Indian customers, I created this sub reseller account in 2018. I did an overall business of $16000,

and if I calculate my revenue out of it, then it was around 15% of total turnover approximating at $1760 recurring.

Reseller Club provides almost all possible tools to resell domain name and Web Hosting services with your own brand name.

When you sign-up, you will also get supersite based on LogixBox for free.

ResellerClub Review Overview

Once you decide to do business and earn a few bucks with ResellerClub and want to sell domain names from your website,

then it is a bit complicated to create a properly functional website and apply some APIs integration.

To resolve this issue, ResellerClub provides Premade Supersite,

Resellerclub Review

which can be customized without any prior coding knowledge and with Free Payment Gateway to receive service charges directly from the customers at your rates.

Users are given a 30-minute Reseller Club Supersite Demo, and then you can customize your supersite with an easy website builder.

Resell over 500 products

I provide my very efficient and cheap hosting services, that’s why I just Resell Domain names and not other products.

But you may consider other services as well to generate more revenue out of it.

ResellerClub review domain

ResellerClub Alternatives

The ResellerClub is not the only company that has a white level domain reselling concept.

I have worked with two other brands, viz Enom and OpenSRS, but later decided to stick with ResellerClub only.

I even tried GoDaddy’s Reseller program, but I detest their cheap marketing strategy and lack of white levelling options available with them.

GoDaddy tries to lure you in through affordable rates, but later charges a high amount. Still, no doubt, they do provide affordable domain registration services.

features ResellerClub review

Currently, the hosting company is expanding rapidly in many dominating markets—the ResellerClub was established in 1998 by Bhavin Turakhia and Divyank Turakhia.

ResellerClub has over 200,000 clients located in 150+ countries and has provided over 5 million domain names.

As of now, ResellerClub has employed over 250 personnel in over eight nations.

It is maintained by the Endurance International Group, which also manages well-known companies like BlueHost, HostGator, and Constant Contact.

ResellerClub Review

The exciting part is that the ResellerClub parent company is Endurance International Group, which is the parent company of Bluehost as well.

There is nothing wrong with the companies acquiring companies because it helps the Bluehost to grow in several parts of those specific acquired company demographics.

We are sharing the knowledge regarding, Endurance International completing a direct deal and purchased stock percentage in ResellerClub, WebHosting.Info, LogicBoxes, and BigRock. 

However, ResellerClub is not operated or managed by Endurance International.

So what makes ResellerClub different from the rest?

The company has a majority of resellers on the platform, that purchase Bulk Domain registrations and Reseller web hosting accounts.

Common Reseller Hosting Features

Across its help, ResellerClub has certain features in common:

  • cPanel or Plesk control panel
  • Select of servers
  • SSH access
  • One-click installs
  • 30-day money-back assurance

Domain Resell on Resellerclub Hosting

Resellerclub Review

Domain Reseller

By explaining their Domain Reseller service model, you can understand why they are called the Best Domain Reseller Program in the industry. 

There are thousands of businesses online that sell domains on their platforms and most of the companies are brand new.

However, they do have an option to get extraordinary packages on the list, such as web hosting and domain registration process. These companies sell the domain name to the masses without having a company backing them up.

Have you ever wondered how they are availing Domain Registration option on a brand new business? It’s called the Domain Reseller program.

ResellerClub has initially been a B2B company that aimed to offer Best Domain Reseller Programs to the companies. Remember,

whenever you come across a nameless company offering a new domain sign-up, then it is a clear sign that they have subscribed to the Best Domain Reseller Program.

ResellerClub serves businesses, and the majority of the small companies avail of the New Domain Sign-up via RC.

ResellerClub Packages

We have answered the query “what is domain reselling,” and now, we are going to look at the packages and price-to-value features.

You have Windows, Linux, WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla shared hosting packages, including reseller accounts as well.

ResellerClub Packages

If it is a dedicated server you want, you can get one from ResellerClub.

ResellerClub suggests four dedicated server options from which you can choose, with prices starting at just under $63 per month.

WordPress Hosting Plan

wordpress hosting plans
ResellerClub WordPress Hosting plan

A dedicated web hosting based on WordPress is offered at the lowest price possible. If your website does not have more than 20,000 hits per month, then go for it.

WordPress hosting has come very far from its modest origins as a blog engine, a full content management system (CMS).

Due to its fame, web hosting providers are providing WordPress-based websites. 

Currently, ResellerClub deals with four different WordPress hosting plans. They vary based on: 

The number of websites supported. 

The max number of visits allowed per month 

Resource allocation, including RAM, CPU cores, and disk storage.

All plans include the SiteLock website security tool, automatic cloud backups, and unlimited email accounts.

Save 20% On WordPress Hosting

CloudWeb Hosting Review

cloudweb hosting plans
ResellerClub Cloud web hosting

No one can deny that the company has the lowest-priced Cloud web hosting coming at Rs.450 per month with 6-cores CPU and 6 GB RAM.

VPS Hosting Review

vps hosting plans
ResellerClub VPS Hosting plan

If you need a VPS hosting plan, you can opt for Resellerclub’s plan. All of their VPS hosting plans are Linux-based. You do get a choice of two suppliers: Ubuntu and CentOS.

Coming to prices, the VPS hosting plans are quite realistic. As with other hosting providers, the fee you may give is subject to how beefy a virtual server you want. The number of CPU cores, RAM, and storage space all go up with each tier of amenity.

Dedicated Hosting Plan

dedicated hosting plans
ResellerClub Dedicated Plan

VPS and Dedicated server is powerful machine, but the price skyrocket in ResellerClub.

Business Email Hosting

ResellerClub Review
Business Email Hosting

The company is offering Business, Enterprise, and G Suite accounts. Overall, the pricing is not the lowest, but they are reliable in every aspect.

Domain & Hosting Reseller

In terms of Domain Reselling, the company stands as the Best Domain Reseller Program in the industry today. The web hosting reselling program offers enormous cuts in the Reseller Accounts.

The program, however, is not flawless.

2. Price to Value

The masses do not understand the ResellerClub company roots, and many consider that they sell the domain name. A majority of the audience believes that this is a Domain Reseller company, while others have a different opinion.

What we have to consider here?

We have been around in this business for almost a decade to understand the ResellerClub business model and targeted.

Yes, this company is based on “Domain Reseller” services and “Web Hosting Reseller” services. In the last few years, the management started to work on changing the shape from B2B (Business to business) to B2C (Business to the customer.)

Business Stand Point

A great source to buy Reseller Accounts.

Overall, they are favourable for B2B than B2C because they add higher value to the Reseller Accounts than regular customers.

3. Customer Care Support

ResellerClub has expanded the company from the USA to several countries. The business model does not allow the company to apply the same rules & regulations in every state, and it leads to problems.

We are going to use the PROS and CONS technique to conclude the customer care service.


  • Native language.
  • Multiple options of communication such as Phone, Email, and Ticket support.
  • Good response time in the beginning.
  • USA customer care is effective than any other country’s customer care.
  • USA customer care can solve the problem without any issues.


  • The majority of the employees are untrained in ResellerClub in several countries.
  • I have waited for 10+ minutes on hold, and they disconnected it without any notice.
  • The USA-based support teams can solve a major problem in a few minutes, but it isn’t the same with other country support teams.
  • The phone support team extremely bad and the email support team is far better than anything.
  • The major communication gap between ResellerClub example countries to ResellerClub support team HQ.


we have to wait for days as a customer (not as a reseller) to unlock a domain from the Resellerclub because they don’t have proper compliance among the support team.

If you are a patient individual, who can wait for days to let the support team solve the issue, then go for it.

Upcoming Resellerclub Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2022

ResellerClub Hosting provides you good cheap Web Hosting service which is not usually available on the web from any other hosting provider.

ResellerClub Offers Complete reliable hosting solutions and you get up to 50% discount on their Dedicated Servers.

Stay Tuned with Black Friday hosting deals 2022!

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