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ResellerClub review
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To those who don’t know about ResellerClub, it is another reputed company that is growing rapidly by offering free domain extensions like. Blog, and other domains in many countries.

Currently, they are expanding rapidly in many dominating markets.

To those who don’t know the ResellerClub exists since 1998, which started by Bhavin Turakhia and Divyank Turakhia.

The interesting part is that ResellerClub parent company is Endurance International Group, which is the parent company of Bluehost as well.

There is nothing wrong with the companies to buy companies because it helps the Bluehost to grow in several parts those specific acquired company demographics.

We share knowledge, back in 2014, Endurance International completed the direct deal and acquired ResellerClub, WebHosting.Info, LogicBoxes, and BigRock.

So, now you can get the rough idea of why Bluehost is growing rapidly faster in India, Iran, South Africa, and Australia.

Plans & Packages

In the plans, you get various services, but the most usual ones are Linux web hosting because that’s what many users prefer to buy from the company.

Now, let us tell you one thing, the site is confusing, so finding your desired package from the company can turn out to be the hassle.

It had happened to us when we tried to log in to our domain database, which turned out to be a hassle because we were not able to find the login panel at all. Make sure to save the login panel to a text document.

So, you have three server options; you can choose the United Kingdom, the United States, and India.

You have to sure which country server you are selecting based on your traffic demographics or else; your visitors end up having speed issues.

They have three plans Personal, Business, and Professional.

Remember, they might say FLAT 35% OFF, but many people mistook it that the price will drop to 50% after you buy it.

The pricing on the package is already discounted. So, do not expect any more discounts and you should also look out for the renewals because they might not come with discounts.

There are too many packages offered by the ResellerHost, so we recommend you to check it yourself because the discounts change with time, so our information may become irrelevant after a month or so.

Resellerclub review

Customer Care

The company promises to provide you 24/7 customer care service in Chat, Phone, and Email, which is good for those who are unable to reach via phone or chat because of lack of communication line.

The customer care is well-trained, and they know their area very well, what we have to say that if you are buying the ResellerClub packages, ensure you are also buying the domain from it or else, they might make up excuses that the problem is from domain side.

Apart from the one issues, I don’t think you will have any issue with the company.

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ResellerClub Review
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ResellerClub offers a wide variety of hosting options, but all of them are tailor-made for resellers. Bloggers and freelancers won’t find anything of interest here.The company also offers enterprise email and domain hosting, to round out the full reseller suite. Pricing is competitive, but you’ll have to sign up to find out about all the goodies an account will offer you.

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