Postimage Review: Since 2004? Legit Free Image Hosting?

I might get divorced with my wife if I tell her that I’m still using Postimage hosting, although She is not aware of the complications of posting images to blogs, boards, and websites.

Posting images has always been the besmirch! And here on GoogieHost you will read the Postimage Review, which is also the Best free image hosting provider.

Just stick to the article because if you are eager to know, I am eager to tell! Soon You will get to know about the honest review of Postimage.

About Postimage

Postimage was founded in 2004 and they are one of the oldest Postimage Hosting providers which are available on the internet. Do you know Post image is one of the best free image hosting providers?

Postimage review is a fast, easy to use a free image service provider. Do you know it is best for you if you are into linking, auctions, blogging, message boards, and other works? 

While observing and writing PostImage Review I noticed that they claim to give the maximum uptime and performance so that your image will be live whenever you need it. review is important because it is one of its kind and solving the problem of Free image hosting. And obviously, soon they will get counter backs! 

Perfect is nothing so, stick to the article and unveil the honest Reviews of

What is PostImage?

Postimage was established in 2004 to furnish message sheets with a simple method to upload images for free.

Postimage is an exceptionally basic, quick and solid free picture service. It’s ideal for connecting to barters, message sheets, sites and different sites.

PostImage review

Postimage ensures the greatest uptime and performance so your picture will be here at whatever point you need it.

There is no sign-up or log-in; you should simply present your image. With nonstop redesigns and committed staff Postimage has become the #1 Free Picture Hosting.

Why Choose Postimage?

Why Choose Postimage well there can be a ton of things that might mould you to go with them but do you know there is a Postimage alternative?

Note: You can just skip this part and plunge below where you can find the Postimage alternative. 

So, this section is about Why choose, well PostImage is a legit image hosting provider which is available on multiple platforms and you also get an open-source platform where you can use Postimage hosting.

Using their service is quite hassle-free, you just have to sign-up for an account on the website & you are good to go.

Key Features Of

The key features that you get with make this Post image review more indulging. 

  • Quick image sharing.
  • Multiple images can be uploaded at the same time.
  • Upload images via the right-click context menu.
  • The fastest way to do a customizable screenshot.
  • Global hotkeys to activate screen capturing instantly.

Below take a look at the features which makes this review more interesting. 

Size Limit 

Interestingly, you get an extraordinary size limit even on the free account. Free accounts are limited to 24Mb and 10k*10k pixels for the picture.

However, in the event that you decide to go with the superior account, you can stretch out the limit to 48Mb and with 10k*10k pixel limit on the pictures.

Batch Limit

Another cool element that you will appreciate with is the clump limit. You can without much of a stretch transfer up to 1000 pictures for every batch at the same time.

That saves you from the problem of transferring this load of pictures physically. 

That, yet you will likewise be getting the ideal experience to choose every one of the pictures once and get them transferred with no problem by any means.

Images Count

The coolest element of everything is the pictures tally and there is no limitation on that too.

Thus, you can guarantee that you are never running out of space and as long as you are coordinating with the terms recorded in agreements, you can have up to a huge number of pictures with to have the most ideal involvement in picture facilitating. 

Website Plugin

To facilitate the facilitating experience for the individuals who are not that acceptable with the coding or the individuals who would prefer not to manage the connections, you get the plugin from also. 

The plugin can work with the greater part of the sites out there and every one of the viable sites will actually want to take the facilitated pictures pretty flawlessly in the event that you decide to utilize the plugin with them. 

Windows App

Here comes the clincher, and you additionally will partake in the ideal involvement in their application for Windows.

With this application, you can ensure that you are managing every one of the top-notch highlights and the entire picture facilitating measure in a smoother way. 

Pushing ahead, the windows application for is accessible on the windows store and you can download it with a solitary snap and partake in a superior interface with all the picture facilitating.

Pros and cons

So, Here you will get to know about the honest pros and cons of This is a review based article so, pros and cons are mandatory. Let’s start with pros followed by cons:


  • Competition is everywhere and has overpassed all the complications and became the best image hosting provider.
  • Maximum Support, supports all sorts of websites and web portals.
  • They Never remove the images from their servers
  • They are completely FREE! No hidden charges!


  • On some portals, they are rated as Scammers!
  • No Specific control Panel
  • Also Rated as a Horrible Free image hosting provider
  • You May get banned for no special reason and after 3 months your IP will be unbanned

Top Best Postimage alternative

Above you were going through the section where you saw the best Review. Firstly this was not a paid article then obviously You will soo some other alternatives if you also think there’s a need for Postimage Alternative. 

  • Imgur. Freemium
  • Flickr. Freemium 
  • Google Drive 

FAQ’s is a free to use image hosting provider which is actually free and guess what, this tool was basically designed to provide you with the means of taking snapshots of your entire desktop or a portion of it. 

Yes, while reviewing PostImage certainly confirmed that is free to use and got many options even in its free account. is a fast, easy to use a free image service provider. Do you know it is best for you if you are into linking, auctions, blogging, message boards, and other works? 

While observing and writing PostImage Review I noticed that they claim to give the maximum uptime and performance so that your image will be live whenever you need it.

It is considered safe but do you know? received some of the most negative comments. Some users call them scammers! Fake!  But I don’t think so. They are safe.


This is all about the review of and If you are someone who is falling for a never-ending Postimage free hosting, and if you want to showcase your posting skills, then you can surely use

PostImage review is ending now and yes indeed they are pretty good free image hosting providers and also they are quite old in this industry so I guess we all can trust them for the best image hosting services.

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And in the comment section below, you ask me anything related to the Postimage review.

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