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LeapSwitch Review

Decided to buy web hosting plans from LeapSwitch? Craving to learn about the major qualities, servies, consequences and how responsive and alert the customer support of LeapSwitch is? 

Quest for honest reviews on LeapSwitch have brought you here. Below is the LeapSwitch review that may help you have a detailed understanding of what LeapSwitch is all about. 

We will begin our discussion with a brief overview of LeapSwitch and a table to help you more. 

Overview LeapSwitch 

⏰ Uptime99.9%
👩🏻‍💻 SupportLive chat, open tickets, knowledge base
💳 Payment MethodDebit and Credit Cards, Wire Transfers, PayPal 
♻️ Refund Policy30 days of money back for new users. 
💰PricingStarts at ₹119/month 
🌎 Data CenterAsia, Europe, USA

Let us have a quick overview for the LeapSwitch review to have a better understanding of the company in brief. 

LeapSwitch Networks Pvt. Ltd, since 2006 with its headquarters in Pune has helped around 20K+ customers. The director and CEO of the company is Ishan Talathi and the company has headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra. 

LeapSwitch Review

They provide services with bare metal dedicated servers, cloud hosting, cloud virtual servers, platform-as-a-service cloud and colocation services and are currently present in 19 different locations worldwide and their mission is to provide an excellent framework for your websites with 100% guarantee of perfect and powerful uptime. 

User-Friendly Interface:

The user interface of LeapSwitch is quite smooth and neat. They come with regular updates and modifications from time to time and use control panels that will help you set up popular applications such as Joomla or WordPress. 

LeapSwitch Interface

The live chat response time is hardly 4-5 minutes which means talking to customer support is quite easy for you whenever you feel like you are stuck somewhere. 

With LeapSwitch, you can easily manage your customers and sub-resellers. Enjoy 100% free customizable storefront to sell. 

LeapSwitech Uptime Test

Now, if we talk about the uptime offered by LeapSwitch, we have talked to their customer support in order to find the precise uptime. 

LeapSwitech Uptime Test

According to LeapSwitch experts, it has 99.9% uptime which is an excellent percentage and it shows that we can trust LeapSwitch for our websites. 

99.9% uptime simply means fast page loading, repetitive response and capability to attract larger audience. 

LeapSwitch Security

For LeapSwitch, securing your websites and the data present on your websites is the first thing on their list. 

A brief detail of the security measures that LeapSwitch takes are: 

  • SSL Certificates: LeapSwitch offers cheap SSL certificates to ensure that you are always protected against harmful activities and also build the necessary trust for your website. 
  • Cloud Backup: LeapSwitch provides award-winning backup technologies to secure your websites with features like Ultra-fast disaster recovery, flexible data recovery, allowing you to send backup data anywhere, managing everything via a single and easy-to-use dashboard, and other similar features.  There is also an automatic nightly backup option available.
  • SiteLock: SiteLock is a service provided to protect your website from hackers and malware. It gives your website another layer of protection and it keeps away all the harmful activities from your website. They even guarantee to protect your website from hackers and malwares.    

LeapSwitch Customer Support

LeapSwitch customer support provides 30-minutes response guarantee 24/7/365 via all the following customer support options: 

  • Live chat: They provide you the option to chat live and clear your doubts or queries on the spot. You just have to register your email id and name and the chat will be available to you. Their response time in live chat is around 4-5 minutes. 
LeapSwitch Customer Support
  • Open Tickets: There are open support tickets for your queries where you have to fill out your query in the message box and raise the ticket.
  • Knowledge Base: This section provides detailed documentation with different categories written by their team to clear your doubts. You can select the category of choice and read them and they will answer your queries.

In case you want to try another option for customer support then you can send a mail to their email id [email protected] or call on +91-9595233556. 

LeapSwitech Data Center 

The data centres are 3 continents including 19 countries in total.

LeapSwitech Data Center 
  • Asia: The locations under this continent include Mumbai, Pune and Delhi in India.
  • Europe: The locations in Europe include Kiev in Ukraine, Lisbon in Portugal, Franhfurt in Germany and Barcelona in Spain.
  • USA: Locations in the USA include Dallas TX, Asheville NC, Los Angeles CA, Orlando FL and South Bend IN.  

LeapSwitch Features

Now, let’s buckle up and go through the features of Cloud hosting services offered by LeapSwitch, which are stated as follows:

Superior Performance and Reduced Cost:

They offer a vast variety of solutions or hosting plans with an assurance of 99.9% uptime and you can choose the plan that fits your requirements and budget as LeapSwitch offers different plans with different prices. 

Data Security: 

The layers of security that your website gets make LeapSwitch one of the best platforms for your website. They follow the best practices and measures to make sure that your data and account is safe. They follow security measures like cloud backup, SSL certificates, Site Seal to protect your data from unwanted malware and hackers. 

Extensive Reach:

With various data centres, the reach of LeapSwitch is commendable. It has data centres in 3 continents like Asia, USA and Europe including 19 countries in total. 

Good Storage: 

The bandwidth capacity of LeapSwitch is from 20 GB to 100 GB and also has up to 10 GB SSD storage. 

24/7/365 support:

LeapSwitch customer support provides a 30-minutes response guarantee 24/7/365 via different options like open tickets, mail, calling, live chat and knowledge base.  

Single remedy for every problem:

LeapSwitch helps you with everything you need for your website from giving your website a nice framework to giving solutions from Cloud Servers, Bare Metal Servers, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Enterprise Email to many others things all at a single platform. 

Type of Products and Other Solutions Offer by LeapSwitch

LeapSwitch offers various plans for Shared Hosting for Linux and Windows and have different prices according to the plans you choose. 

Shared Hosting for Linux:

Plans for Shared Hosting for Linux with cPanel, Perl, PHP and more are mentioned below in detail. Shared hosting is for the people who have small businesses, startups or have limited budgets. 

Business 1Business 2Business 3
Bandwidth- 20 GBBandwidth- 50 GBBandwidth- 100 GB
Domain Name- 1 Domain Name- 5Domain Name- Unlimited
Databases- Unlimited Databases- UnlimitedDatabases- Unlimited
Pricing- Rs. 119 for 1 monthPricing- Rs. 270 for 1 monthPricing- Rs. 571 for 1 month

Shared Hosting for Windows:

Plans for Shared Hosting for Windows with Plesk, ASP.NET and more are:

Business 1Business 2Business 3
Bandwidth- 20 GBBandwidth- 50 GBBandwidth- 100 GB
Domain Name- 1 Domain Name- 5Domain Name- 10
Pricing: Rs. 180 for 1 monthPricing: Rs. 330 for 1 monthPricing: Rs. 480 for 1 month

There are no specific offers that are fixed for some plans but as you move to the higher plans you may get some offers which means the more you decide to pay the more offers you may get. 

LeapSwitch Refund Policy 

Let’s continue reading to learn more about Cantech’s money-back guarantee, which is as follows:

  • A 30-days money back guarantee is available but only for the customers who sign up for the first time. Multiple sign ups are not eligible.
  • The domain name services are non-refundable.
  • The Self-Managed VPS, Firewalls, Dedicated Services, Backup plans and software licences are non-refundable. 
  • If a customer uses the services for the purpose of fraud or abuse then, he is not eligible to avail refund services.
  • Another thing that has to be kept in mind is that the services need to be cancelled from the customer’s side so that they do not charge you for the next service automatically.  

Pro and Cons


  • Hosting plans offer affordable costs. 
  • Excellent response time.
  • Smooth payments.
  • Data centres available in 3 continents offering wide reach. 
  • 30-days-money back guarantee for new users. 


  • Domain name services are non-refundable. 
  • Not supporting python programming.
  • Uptime needs more improvement. 

FAQs- LeapSwitech Review

Is LeapSwitch suitable for beginners with little technical knowledge?

Yes, LeapSwitch is suitable for beginners who have little technical knowledge as it provides features where you can select according to your need and knowledge, which makes it easy to manage websites. 

Can I host multiple websites on a single hosting plan with LeapSwitch?

Yes, you can host multiple websites on Linux or Windows shared hosting plans offered by LeapSwitch. 

Where can I find user reviews and testimonials for LeapSwitch?

There are a number of user reviews and testimonials for LeapSwitch by so many users and we can find them easily on the internet. 

Is LeapSwitch suitable for e-commerce websites or high-traffic sites?

Yes, LeapSwitch is suitable for e-commerce websites or high traffic sites as it offers a good bandwidth capacity and SSD storage. 

How often should I back up my website when hosting with LeapSwitch?

LeapSwitch offers an automatic nightly backup option available where you do not have to do the backup on your own as it will be done automatically. 

Are there any specific terms or policies I should be aware of when using LeapSwitch hosting services?

There are several policies or terms that have to be kept in mind before using LeapSwitch hosting services such as

  1. There will be a late fee after 5 days and you will be charged a fee up to 5% per month.
  2. The Cancellation requests have to be submitted through their Client Area.
  3. The 30-days money back guarantee is only applicable for first sign-ups. 

What payment types does LeapSwitch support?

LeapSwitch accepts payment through a variety of options like Debit and Credit Cards, Wire Transfers, PayPal and much more. 

Conclusion – LeapSwitch Review

If we try to do a quick sum-up after our LeapSwitch review, we can say that LeapSwitch is a good for the people who want to have the best infrastructure for their websites with multiple of services and solutions from Cloud Servers, Bare Metal Servers, Backup and Disaster Recovery to many others things all at a single platform. Overall, you can trust LeapSwitch for your websites. 

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