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KanoHost Review

It’s a digital era where everyone wants to access services and products at their convenience. So, taking your business online where people can know everything about your company, products, and services can go a long way in driving business growth and success.

However, this requires a lot of planning. You need a website and the perfect hosting service to ensure consistent website performance. 

But there are so many hosting solutions available in the market, and all of them claim to be the best. So, where should you put your money?

Well, that’s where we come in with the reviews of our hosting services. For today’s article, we will review Kanohost, a relatively new hosting service provider that can work out well for your website. Let’s dive into this Kanohost review to explore more.  

About KanoHost

Founded in 2019, Kanohost is a Nigerian hosting service provider that has spread its services worldwide. It offers various types of hosting, domain registration, and more, and all of this is provided to you at a pretty good price. 

KanoHost Review

It offers you the smoothest experience and the fastest service. It wastes no time setting up and helps you migrate your websites easily with just a few clicks. 

Test and Analysis 

After discussing everything about its brand, plans and features, we are now at its test and analysis section, where we will analyse the authenticity of its service’s performance. 

User Interface & Ease of Use

When it comes to the user interface, Kanohost has built its features to be unique, simple and easy to use. We have also mentioned below the screenshot of their home page so you can verify it on your own. 

Kanohost Customer Support 

Kanohost is one of the best hosting service providers with its commitment to quality and excellent customer support. 

Kanohost Customer Support 

They have a dedicated team that works 24*7 to solve your problems. You can ask about your problem to them via mail, ticket and WhatsApp chats. 

Security Analysis 

 To analyse their security, we filtered all their service features and listed the necessary features from a security point of view. 

  • Full spam protection. 
  • Full malware protection. 
  • Special protection tool for script injections. 
  • Automatic timeline backup.

Kanohost Data Center Location

Kanohost offers you services through its two highly equipped data centres located in

  • Great Britain
  • Finland

Key Features of Kanohost 

Let us now look at the key features of Kanohost in this Kanohost review. 

Key Features of Kanohost 

Managed Migration

Migrating a website to an altogether new hosting can be difficult and costly. However, not with Kanohost. 

If you seek to migrate your website to Kanohost, you need not worry about anything as they’ve got you covered with managed migration services. 


You do not have to worry about the attacks on your website and your content with Kanohost as Kanohost takes the best steps, such as offering BitNinja & Imunify360 protection to your website data and content. 

30-Day Refund

If you bought a plan from Kanohost and used it for a few days but found that it does not suit your hosting requirements, you get your money back from Kanohost within 30 days of purchase. 

Domain Registration

Before you put up your website online, you want to register your domain name. Kanohost makes it easier for you by offering you a domain registration service. 

Kanohost Hosting Plans 

Kanohost offers numerous hosting plans. These hosting categories include Reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, Stack hosting, Directadmin hosting, and cPanel hosting

So you see, the list is pretty long. Let us look at its price ranges. All of these categories have several plans under them:

  • Reseller Hosting: $77 per year to $217.41 per year
  • WordPress Hosting: $19.33 per year to $169.10 per year
  • Stack Hosting: $12.08 per year to $132.86 per year
  • Directadmin Hosting: $12.08 per year to $28.99 per year
  • cPanel Hosting: $21.74 per year to $169.10 per year

 Pro and cons

Here in this section, we will discuss some of their pros and cons, which are as follows. 


  • 99.99% Uptime guarantee 
  • Unlimited disk space. 
  • Free domain registration. 
  • 24*7 Customer support.


  • No dedicated servers are provided. 

Types of Hosting Kanohost Offer 

Kanohost offers a range of hosting services, including hosting, WordPress hosting, Stack hosting, Directadmin hosting, and cPanel hosting.

In addition to hosting services, Kanohost also offers other related services such as domain registration, website migration, etc.

What Makes Kanohost Different from Other Hosting?

Kanohost is different from other hostings as it offers many services in one place, including site migration, security, speed, domain registration, hosting, and more. You get all of these services at a pretty reasonable price. 

So, Kanohost is not just a hosting service, but it’s a one-stop solution for all your website management and maintenance needs and requirements. Given that benefit, it’s definitely a must-try web hosting service, standing strong against the competition.

FAQs – Kanohost Review

Is Kanohost trustable and reliable?

In terms of the trust, these service providers have not done anything exceptional to gain tremendous trust. It has all small business customers who do not need high-traffic web hosting.  

Do I get SSL certificates with managed VPS plans?

Yes, they provide a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for strong security and protection. 

Does Kanohost offer a free trial?

No, its services do not include free trials. 

Conclusion – Kanohost Review

So, that’s all about this Kanohost review. Summarising everything, Kanohost is Nigeria’s leading hosting provider that offers fast and secure services worldwide through its two data centres in Great Britain and Finland. So, it is equipped with pretty good resources. 

You can get your website migrated, a domain name registered, and hosted all in one place at an affordable price. So, you will not have to empty your pockets to host and manage your business website.

Given all these perks, we would definitely recommend Kanohost. What do you think? Did this Kanohost review help you decide whether it’s the hosting solution for you or not?

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