Is GoMovies Safe and Legal 2024? The Truth About GoMovies

Binge-watching your favourite shows feels so good on holiday, snuck up in bed, having the best time. Until you realise its bill is due tomorrow. However, people have found ways to watch movies and TV shows for free on free online streaming websites.

One such website that offers free movies and TV shows online is GoMovies. In this article, we will talk about many aspects of GoMovies. We will start with the basics and understand; whether GoMovies is legal and safe and further look at the safer ways of using it and any possible alternatives.

Disclaimer: This article provides information but does not support illegal/piracy copying or sharing of piracy content. Also, at GoogieHost, we are not legal experts, so this is not official legal advice. Additionally, each country has its own copyright laws, which can change frequently, so please be cautious.

What is GoMovies?

is GoMovies Safe and legal

GoMovies is one of the most popular platforms for those who love to binge-watch but want to avoid paying for high-priced streaming websites.

It is a free online streaming platform that streams content in multiple languages and various genres. Here, you can find freshly released content, and you do not even have to pay to watch it. It is a great website for watching all the shows you love without considering the bills it will bring. 

Is GoMovies Shutting Down?

GoMovies broadcasts a variety of movies from different genres for free. Free movies online are often pirated and invite many lawsuits from the copyright holder’s end. Therefore, free HD movies streaming online platforms often face threats. 

The same happened to GoMovies, and it had to face the consequences. It is said that GoMovies shut down in 2018 due to various reasons. However, plenty of mirror websites offer the same content for free. 

Is GoMovies Legal?

GoMovies is a free website and does not buy or rent copyrights. This situation creates a loss for the copyright holders, and many lawsuits are filed consecutively against websites like GoMovies. 

The content on GoMovies is primarily pirated and hence also goes against the piracy laws of various countries. The legality of GoMovies depends on the land. If they have strict piracy laws, GoMovies could be illegal in a particular country. 

Is GoMovies Safe?

Free online streaming websites like GoMovies often have many ads to help them generate revenue. They might have safely kept these ads, but since the website is free and does not hold a firm security policy, they could be attacked by malware and viruses. 

Therefore, if you mistakenly click on any of these ads, your data could be in jeopardy as you have now been given access to the malware in your system.

Is it Safe to Watch Shows on GoMovies?

As mentioned earlier, GoMovies does not have the authority to broadcast films, and it still does, and in this situation, it is breaking the piracy laws of various countries. Many countries have blocked the GoMovies website, and using them in such countries could bring punishment or even a fine. 

Besides the legality issues, GoMovies is also a threat to cyber security. Websites like GoMovies might only sometimes provide the best protection. Therefore, it becomes easier for malware to gain access to your computers. 

How Legal Is it to Use GoMovies?

Many countries have firm piracy laws and respect the copyright holders’ rights; they block websites like GoMovies, which stream pirated content for free for people worldwide, causing loss to the copyright holders. 

So if your country has strict piracy laws, it is usually illegal to watch movies on GoMovies for free. Therefore, you could be punished or fined for using illicit websites. 

What are the Risks of Using GoMovies?

Free websites pose plenty of risks to any user, whether the website is legal in their country or not. If it is illegal, the viewer might get caught and be punished or fined. So do check with your country’s piracy laws. 

The second risk you have with using GoMovies is the issue of cyber security. Like many well-established websites, where the owners are concerned about the trust and safety of their users, free websites like GoMovies might need help to provide a strong wall of security. 

Does GoMovies Require a VPN?

Yes, for a safer experience watching your favorite movies and TV shows, we suggest you use a VPN as a VPN adds an extra layer of security. VPN can notify you of any threats from the websites you are about to access, keeping you safe from malware and viruses. 

If platforms like GoMovies are illegal in your country, there is a high chance you will not be able to access them. However, with a VPN, you can access and use almost any website safely. 

Using GoMovies Mirror sites

Many countries with stringent piracy laws have blocked websites like GoMovies. Therefore, you cannot access the platform in those countries and enjoy free online movie streaming. 

However, you can use the mirror sites, the same as the original site, to access free content online. Mirror sites could be more unsafe than the actual site, so make sure you take proper safety measures. 

Using VPN

We have looked at how a VPN could help us stay safe while using free movie-streaming websites like GoMovies. Now, we may provide you with a few suggestions for the best VPN for watching GoMovies: 

NordVPNYou can choose NordVPN if your primary concern is the security of your data. This platform emphasizes keeping your data safe and does an excellent job at it.

The notable features of NordVPN are a no-logs policy which keeps your data private and notification of a breach or a threat. It also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee offer. 
ExpressVPNWith data centers in over 90 countries, ExpressVPN ensures the best speed for your website. It is suitable for all types of OS, be it Windows or iOS. Make the best of the 30-day money-back guarantee ExpressVPN offers if you have trouble trusting. 
SurfSharkSurfShark, again, offers data centers located in over 100 countries, making the fastest connections. Your experience on GoMovies will always remain safe with SurfShark. You also have the availability to use a single plan for unlimited devices, which means a lot of your money will be saved at SurfShark. 

Using RDP

If you haven’t heard already, using RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol can be safer than casually accessing an illegal website. If you are wondering what RDP to choose for your PC, here are a few suggestions: 

1. RDPHostings: Free RDP Server Hosting for a Lifetime

As the name suggests, RDPHosting is dedicated to providing you with the safest experience through the remote desktop protocol. The best part about RDPHosting is that it is free. You can enjoy all its services without spending a single penny. 

2. Kamatera: Try 1 Month Free Trial

Our next suggestion for hosting is to pay a little. Kamatera Hosting is a well-established hosting services provider with a reputation for fast and secure work. It also provides RDP services. You must choose Windows as your OS to use the RDP services on Kamatera Hosting. 

3. Cloudways: Get Started for Free

Cloudways is a hosting platform that offers you hosting plans from other platforms. The benefit of using Cloudways is that you get double the advantage of any other hosting. RDP services are available at Cloudways at a small price and with lots of security. 

Using TOR Browser

The Onion Router browser is often used by those who want to visit a website anonymously. With the help of TOR, you can see almost any website without revealing your true identity, which is very suitable for using sites like GoMovies. 

Using Public DNS Servers 

DNS could be something that could get you in danger if the wrong decision is made. Also, it can save you a lot of trouble. Using a safe public DNS can help you access GoMovies and have the best time. 

Why is it Safe to Use GoMovies with a VPN?

Most free websites, like GoMovies, are illegal due to copyright and infringement issues. Due to this, many countries have blocked them. If it is blocked in your country, you cannot access the website without a VPN. 

Another reason it is safe to use GoMovies with a VPN is that, with a VPN, you can stay assured that you are not being robbed of your privacy and your data is safe. Also, it notifies and restricts any possible threats. We suggest you always use a VPN with websites like GoMovies. 

Can I Watch GoMovies with a Free VPN?

Using a VPN is a good step toward the security of your data. However, using a free VPN might only sometimes provide you with the level of safety you require to keep your data to yourself.

Like free websites, which are often illegal, the disadvantage of using a free VPN is that it might have fewer features than a paid VPN platform can provide. Therefore, it is not suggested to use a free VPN for GoMovies. 

However, if you have no money to spend and want to maintain your enjoyment and security, using a free VPN could be a small step towards security until you can afford a paid one. 

Are There Any Sites Like GoMovies?

Yes, if you want to watch free movies and shows on other websites, there are plenty of websites available, many of them being legal. You can find these websites online if you do a Google search. However, you will not have to do so as we will further provide you with a list of legal alternatives to GoMovies

Are There User Reviews or Ratings on GoMovies?

Yes, you can find GoMovies reviews on the internet. In this article, we reviewed GoMovies based on security; you can find many websites which will give you a complete review of GoMovies. Regarding protection, GoMovies is not a safe website without any security measures. 

As promised, we will now look at some legal alternatives to GoMovies app. 

Amazon Prime Amazon Prime is a popular streaming platform owned by Amazon. This platform has a massive library of movies and shows, many of which Amazon Prime produces. You must pay a monthly or yearly fee to access the films and shows on Amazon Prime. 
Video Netflix Netflix is a platform you have undoubtedly heard of. Netflix has been in business for a long now and is one of the highest viewership-achieving streaming platforms. Here you can watch HD movies online. However, you only get to watch Netflix after paying a fee based on the number of screens you use. 
HBO Max HBO Max is a product of HBO and has also further developed into Max recently. This platform will offer you various movies and TV shows for a fee based on the ads you wish to watch while streaming. 
YouTube TV YouTube TV is a platform that offers TV channels from all across the world and does so for quite a pricey amount. YouTube owns it and has plenty of channels to choose from. 
Sling TV Sling TV is where you can find shows and movies from OTT platforms and regular TV channels. It is an American-owned platform that charges per choice of choice. 
HuluHulu is partially owned by Disney, ensuring you get all you want to watch online in the best quality content. You must pay a monthly or yearly fee to access shows and movies on Hulu. 

Other Online Movies Wacting Platform Is Safe?

If you are unsure about whether a particular platform is safe, it is best to err on the side of caution and avoid using it. There are many safe and reputable online movie watching platforms available, so there is no need to take any risks.

FAQs: Is GoMovies Safe and Legal

Is GoMovies free to use?

Yes, GoMovies is a free website where you can watch HD movies for free online. 

What are the new links of GoMovies?

There are various new links, mirror links for GoMovies, which do not take you to the original website and can be pretty dangerous for your data. 

Is GoMovies a legal streaming platform?

No, GoMovies is a free illegal streaming platform that you might have to watch with a proxy. 

Are there any risks associated with using GoMovies?

Yes, GoMovies is illegal and unsafe to watch due to its legality issues, and it does provide a robust security system to its viewers. 

Can I trust the content available on GoMovies?

You will find that the content available on GoMovies is of excellent quality many times, but they are pirated, which is against the law. 

Does GoMovies require any personal information to access its content?

No, you can access content on GoMovies without registering yourself. 

Are there any hidden costs or subscriptions on GoMovies?

No, GoMovies is entirely free to use. 

Does GoMovies have an age restriction?

No, it does not ask for any of your information and therefore has no age restrictions. However, we suggest that young kids not use it as they might land on a mirror website that shows inappropriate ads. 

Are there any ads on GoMovies?

Yes, GoMovies is a free website and requires ads to generate revenue. 

Can I watch content on GoMovies without creating an account?

Yes, GoMovies does not ask for any of your information. 

Can I stream content on GoMovies in HD quality?

Yes, GoMovies streams HD movies on its website. 

Is GoMovies available in all countries?

No, due to piracy laws, many countries have blocked GoMovies. 

What Language Movies are Available on GoMovies?

GoMovies provides multilingual content to its users. 

Conclusion: Is GoMovies Safe and Legal

GoMovies is a great website to watch free movies and Tv shows on. However, it is essential to consider that many threats are associated with GoMovies, and you must use safety measures. 

To have a safer experience at GoMovies, you can use VPN, TOR, RDP and Public DNS servers. Also, if GoMovies is blocked in your country, you can take the help of a mirror website but only after taking the security measures. If not GoMovies, there are plenty of legal alternatives to GoMovies enlisted in this article.


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    Is GoMovies Safe and Legal 2024? The Truth About GoMovies

    is GoMovies Safe and legal