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InMotion Hosting Review

There are several companies in the world, but a few organizations manage to survive in a game.

InMotion Hosting Review 2022 is an important aspect of the web hosting field because it survived the great economic collapse in 2008.

Does Todd Robinson InMotion hosting company reach the level of expectations of the new users on the platform?

What is InMotion Hosting?

Inmotion hosting review
Inmotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is a website hosting company founded by Todd Robinson & Sunil Saxena in the United States of America.

The company has over 300 working employees in InMotion hosting to serve customers all over the world.

InMotion Web Hosting servers located in Los Angeles, California, and Ashburn is the second place,

where the data centers located, and it accommodates thousands of servers that contain the files & folders of existing customers. 

InMotion hosting started in 2001 with the vision to offer high-quality web hosting services at the right price.

It took a long time for the small firm to rise to fame and it attracted million to new customers every year.

The site served over a million customers over the years and the pricing justified the majority of the users.

The web hosting company served the American customers first; then they started to expand the services to worldwide.

InMotion Hosting existing 25% customer base covered by the USA users and India covers 22% of the users.

It would not come as a surprise that the InMotion executives decided to add a dedicated customer support team in India.

Yes, there is a customer’s support team for the Indian people, and you can communicate with the representative team in the national language Hindi.

In the InMotion Hosting Review, we are going to look at the 2001 founded company for quality, price to value and features.

No one can buy an expensive web hosting without learning about the number of PROS and CONS.

InMotion Hosting Plans and Pricing

InMotion hosting offers a wide range of packages such as WordPress Shared hosting, VPS hosting,

InMotion Hosting Review
InMotion Hosting Review Plans and Pricing

Dedicated, and Reseller hosting. We are going to compare the reseller hosting because it meant for business people.

The business people must conduct the research on their own to grab price to value service.

Business Hosting

The first package the company highlights is “Shared Business Hosting,

and it is the cheapest & basic package the InMotion offers. Does the starting price justify the features?

InMotion Hosting Review
Shared Hosting Plans and Pricing
  1. The first package (Launch) starts at $7 with unlimited email, bandwidth, and space along with a free SSL certificate and $15 worth domain. The page does not mention anything about the domain extension, so we can safely assume that it isn’t the “.com” domain. The users can add up to two domains in the starter package.
  2. The second package (Power) valued at $9 with unlimited email, bandwidth, and space. However, you get better performance with six websites slots in one account. Add an SSL certificate with a free domain, and again, the page does not mention anything about the domain extension.
  3. The third package (PRO) offering a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email, unlimited space, unlimited websites with a free SSL certificate. The company claims that the users get PRO-level customer support with 4X performance. The PRO package costs $15 per month, and it is quite expensive.

Keep in mind that there are other packages such as VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and more.

Moving to the second most important packages for the InMotion Company is “VPS hosting.”

WordPress Hosting

The world most popular content management system WordPress loved by search engines.

Fortunately, the company offering WP optimized servers for the users and let’s looks at the WordPress Hosting Packages.

InMotion Hosting Review
InMotion Hosting WordPress Hosting
  1. The starting $5.99 package offers unlimited bandwidth and email accounts. A free domain with web hosting can handle 20,000 visitors and 40 GB SSD storage. Remember, you can host one domain in starting a web hosting account.
  2. By spending $7.99 a month, you can get 80 GB SSD storage with one free domain. The account can host up to two websites with unlimited bandwidth and email accounts. The servers are capable enough to accommodate 50,000 visitors every single day.
  3. Spend $10.99 per month, and it can take care of 125,000 visitors every single day. The unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email accounts can help a user create a community. With 120 GB SSD drive, the users can store & access the content very easily. Register a free domain, and the account can host two sites at the same time. Keep in mind that the page does not tell us about the domain extension in the package.

Make sure to visit the official InMotion hosting site to check other packages.

2. InMotion Hosting Features

Now, we are going to list down the most important features of the InMotion Web hosting features.

InMotion Hosting Review
  1. InMotion hosting targets customer service. It is one of the major reasons InMotion has excellent customer support. The support consists of employees with knowledge in all fields such as the technical department, WordPress department, PHP department, and PRO-level department. No matter the problem because there is someone in the team that can resolve the issue.
  2. It is an extremely important factor in InMotion Hosting Review that servers should be assembled or purchased from a reputed vendor. Yes, the company did not hesitate to add quality servers in the data centers, which is a good thing.
  3. In many packages, the company offering 2X and 4 X performance promises and it is a reputed company that remained in the business of nearly two decades. No one can deny that mid-range and flagship packages offer greater value to the customers.
  4. InMotion hosting DNS configuration is not an issue because it backed by the cPanel control panel. A very basic cPanel offers a wide range of tutorials all over the web. The control panel is popular for offering multiple features that make life easy for beginners. Thousands of articles available on the cPanel, and you don’t even have to call the customer support for assistance.
  5. InMotion hosting support exceeds the expectations of the users because there is a dedicated community that offers solutions instantly or in a few hours. Yes, you can ask a question and get an answer quickly.

The list of features keeps goes on and it does not have an end.

However, we are going to reveal the worth of InMotion hosting plans and overall rating in the PROS and CONS.

3 Pros of InMotion Hosting

First, we are going, to begin with, the PROS, and we will list down the CONS as well, so do not skip one point because it can make a huge difference.

1. Average Uptime

Inmotion Hosting Uptime
Inmotion Hosting Uptime

A Even though many people have complained that the InMotion Web Hosting uptime is average and that’s what many existing users have to say.

The PRO level packages do not have an impact on the uptime, and it’s the entry-level packages that do not offer good uptime.

2. Average Speed

 InMotion Hosting

Keep in mind that there are SSD drive packages and spinning HDD drive packages.

The average speed of the InMotion hosting is good, and it is an important aspect of InMotion Hosting review.

The users may not get an excellent speed on starting packages, but the PRO level packs do not disappoint the users at all.

The users can shut the eye and subscribe to the plan. Every server is not the same, and it does not have the same speed in every country as well, and it applied to almost every web hosting service.

If the site loads in one second in the USA, then it might take around ten seconds to load in Germany.

3. Customer Support

 InMotion Hosting
Customer support

The survival of the company during the 2008 economy crash goes to customer service. InMotion Hosting Review is incomplete without learning about customer support.

The support team is an essential part of every web hosting firm because we encounter multiple problems that require access to the server.

The problems found in the server sealed with the mark of unauthorized personnel. An effective support team assists the users to access the servers via them to fix the problem.

The InMotion hosting support team is one of the strong points of the company.

4. 90 Days Money Back Guarantee

 InMotion Hosting

One of the major strong points of the company always been 90-days money-back guarantee.

Can you imagine that you can get your money back after using InMotion web hosting for three months?

Oh yes, the InMotion Hosting Review consider it one of the strongest point of selling. 30-days money-back guarantees it is an interesting selling point,

and it works for almost every company. However, the higher value always works, and it has been InMotion strength of selling for years.

5. Integration OS App (WordPress)

 InMotion Hosting

The word “WordPress” hosting requires special care and advanced features to sell it.

The company did not hesitate to add valuable features to the package for a robust WordPress site experience.

6. Free Site Transfer

 InMotion Hosting

Migrating cost a lot for sites that have thousands of articles and media files in it. The InMotion team offers a free migrate option,

so the site founder does not have to spend more on migration.

In short, they can get huge savings by subscribing to a web hosting and migration for free.

7. E-commerce Support

 InMotion Hosting

In case, if the uses have set-up an E-commerce site, then the whole structure of the website is different from a blog or a business site.

Fortunately, the InMotion hosting support team offers a special service that helps the founders handle the store easier.

8. Free Daily Backup

WordPress templates, HTML sites, and general sites prone to phishing, hacking and invasion.

The majority of the invasion prepared to mess up the entire site. The free daily backups allow the users to restore the site in one-click.

No matter, who is attacking the site, the founders can restore it in one single click.

Now, we have completed the list of PROS and moving to the CONS.

4. Cons of InMotion Hosting

Every web hosting has CONS in it, and InMotion Hosting Review is incomplete without CONS.

  1. It might surprise you, but the new account creation might take a while to activate. Yes, there is an activation process that requires a human to monitor it and accounts for details verified by the representative.
  2. Unfortunately, there are a lot of limitations on the plans. For example, the store is limited in every package such as 40 GB SSD storage. Many other similar companies are offering unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth for the same price and service.
  3. I have tried to look up the “LIVE CHAT” option, so I can quickly talk to the support team to confirm, which domain extension I would get in the “free domain“ package.

I have noticed that InMotion pricing has gotten a little bit down, but it does not make it affordable.

InMotion is for performance and stability, and we don’t recommend it for the site with high storage requirements.

5. Customer Service And Support

 InMotion Hosting

Above, I have mentioned that there is a live chat option missing from the support facility.

It might not seem like a major issue, but it can convert a visitor with doubts into a paying customer. Anyways, it is the fault of the company for not adding it.

  • The customer support is excellent. Of course, you have to subscribe to any of the packages.
  • In some countries, there is a dedicated team available for native customers with native language. Indians can call India’s InMotion hosting support team for the native language. After all, India is a huge customer support team consumer.
  • The existing customers can submit a ticket and the support team answers & resolves the issues in a working day.

InMotion hosting review is complete now, and you can be the judge.

Best Offer – Black Friday InMotion Discounts

Black Friday Hosting Deals for 2022 are yet to start. Though, you can check out the Black Friday deals for the earlier years below.

This should give you an uneven idea about what you can assume from the Black Friday Web Hosting Offers 2022. So deprived of wasting any time, let us get traditional to the deals.

InMotion hosting provides you good cheap Web Hosting service which is not usually available on the web from any other hosting provider.

InMotion Hosting Offers Complete reliable hosting solutions starting at $0.05/month* and With the Black Friday Deals, you get up to 50% discount on their Dedicated Servers.


My opinion also matters here, so I can tell that InMotion hosting offers quality and performance.

The pricing is a major question here because it is slightly on the expensive side. Customers on a budget should go for a lesser cheaper option as the shared web hosting for a single domain is on the higher side.

Let, us know what do you think about the InMotion hosting review in the comment section below.

Rajesh is an entrepreneur from heart. He loves to tweak and explore the possibilities around himself. He is a self-expert in SEO, blogging, and web hosting. Besides being an expert, he is strict when it comes to self-learning. He often advises others to follow this art. "We must be ready to learn anytime!"

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