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How to install WordPress | Direct Admin Tutorial

Many webmasters rely on content management systems to manage their websites. Manually installing these CMS scripts can become a tough task sometimes.

GoogieHost provides its users with a free panel to manage their websites for free. On this panel,

you can easily find an Autoinstaller app located under the Websites section. This Autoinstaller app can be used to install any CMS script of your choice.

WordPress is a very popular and powerful CMS, so we will be installing this as an example. The steps involved in install WordPress are listed below:

How to Install WordPress

Step 1: Log in to your GoogieHost free web hosting panel. Locate the Autoinstaller app in the website section and then click on it. It will take you to a new page.

If you do not have your Free Hosting Account at GoogieHost yet then you need to register first then Login to your Direct Admin control panel.

Step 2: Wordpress will be the first option. Once you click on it, the next page will ask about the details.

How to install WordPress | Direct Admin Tutorial

Step 3: The first field asks for the directory. In most of the cases, you don’t need to type anything here. However,

if you want to Install WordPress in a custom directory then you can type the name of the directory here.

The next two fields require typing in of the username and password that you want to use for logging in to the WordPress panel of your website.

Next, you will need to click on the Install WordPress button.

How to install WordPress | Direct Admin Tutorial

Step 4: The next page will be showing a message from the system itself saying to wait for a few minutes. After two minutes just refresh that page.

Step 5: Congratulations! Your website is now installed with Wordpress.

You can click on the manage button on the same page to go to the backend panel of your website. Alternatively, you can use this link

Once you have installed Wordpress on your website, the next thing that you will need to do is designing.

For that, you can install any theme available on the WordPress theme store. Or you can also install any custom wordpress theme by uploading it.

In the coming days, we will be running a series of tutorials to help our users to effectively manage their website. So, keep visiting our blog.

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