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Finally am going to write about another cool tool for WordPress bloggers that will help you to increase your earnings and engage more readers to your blog. Before writing this article I tried hard to find a perfect tool for this just because of that I and my friend tried over 50 WordPress plugins ore third party app to convert our WordPress blog into cool Android and iOS application.

Why you need App for blog?

I thing you already know that, actually there are various reasons to have a own Android and iOS Application for your wordpress blog. Many of you are blogging to generate good income by writing good articles on your blogs so that you can monetize your blog more effectively.

Target Mobile Users:

These days every popular magazine and blog has their own app because they don’t want to miss readers from mobiles. Even you know that we don’t spend much time on our computers in the comparison of mobile devices.

I remember those days were we got 1000 active install in just 1 and half week of our free hosting application available on play store.

More visibility on Search Engines:

Most of us tried their best to rank their blog on Google and many other search engines, I have seen than blog with android app has benefits on search engine ranking because their Application also indexed on front page with users review. That is awesome as anyone can find you even from Google Play and iTunes as well.

How to convert WordPress blog into Android and iOS App?

As I already stated that we tried over 50 plugins and third party software to do that however most of times no luck. I found few plugin good but as free users they wouldn’t let you access all the features. But luckily one of my blogging team suggested me to try Worona as they are giving enough features as free users and affordable publishing service as well.

What is Worona?

Well Worona is plugin for WordPress available for free and it allows converting your WP site or blog into Android and iOS application. The interesting thing is that you don’t need any special programming knowledge. All you have to is follow simple steps to get it done …

Download Worona Plugin: First of all you need to download WordPress Worona Plugin and install it on your blog. If you don’t know how to install it then kindly follow these simple steps

  1. Login to your WP Dashboard
  2. Goto Plugin and select “Add New
  3. Search “Worona” in given box
  4. Choose Worona and Click “Install” Button
  5. Wait for few seconds and you done…

Download your App Files: After installing plugin you need to visit to download you app files so that you can modify them according to your need.

Before you download you have to select package for now they have 3 available plans on their website 1st one is free for life but that would be branded app, means your app will contain Worona logo and link in sidebar.

On Step to it will ask you to enter your blog url and title to download zip file, keep this file on your system or extract on your desktop.

Design with Corona Simulator: Advance developer use Android studio to build an Android application but as we don’t have enough coding language, Corona is the best tool to build professional apps with simple options and it also allows you to implement some cool features with extensions available with Worona.

To Download Corona visit this link:

Now install this simulator in your machine by simply following instructions on installation wizard. Now launch Corona and Import your app file (Browse and select main.lau ) file to import your app project in it.

After importing your project in to Corona you will have much option to modify and design your professional application within few minutes. You can ask them to publish your WP Mobile App in PlayStore and iTunes market by paying few bucks for creating account.


We are already on the way to publish our WordPress blog on PlayStore and other websites to attract more traffic to my blog. I am damn sure one day it will increase my readers list.

Worona WordPress App Building Tool Review
  • Price
  • Features
  • Easy to use
  • Publishing App
  • Support
  • Social Friendly


So guys now you should give a try and stop hiring developers to build your Android or iOS app because with Worona Plugin even your 10th passed brother can use it and build a professional app for your WordPress blog. I have been using this app since few month and we have published few App on PlayStore as well. This is the right time to get your own app to attract new blog readers from various smart phones.

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