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Hostsoch Review

Developing your website is the beginning, but you don’t know what comes further. First, you will have to think of and register a domain name, look for hosting service providers, and check if they offer you all you want within your budget. 

Finding a hosting service provider can be pretty harsh as it involves a lot of research, knowledge of hostings, testing, comparing, and more. 

But you don’t need to worry about it because we have taken care of it. After researching and learning about multiple hosting service providers, we found HostSoch better than many. Let us learn more about it in this HostSoch review. 

About Hostsoch

Launched in 2012, Hostoch is now the #1 affordable web hosting service provider in India. It is an India-based ho

sting service company that is also pretty prominent worldwide, with three data centers to give you the best service.

Hostsoch Review

Their services include a lot more than hostings, such as domain-related work, Website builder, SEO, etc. So let us learn more about it in this Hostsoch review. 

Test and Analysis 

So, as we said earlier, you could not determine specific hosting to be efficient for you unless you run tests on it and do a lot of research. We have done it for you, and here are the results. 

Speed test 

As consumers ourselves, we understand how important speed is. You no longer have to wait for your website to bugger for minutes before anyone can access it. Your website hosted on Hostsoch utilizes SSD storage to ensure the fast speed of your websites. 


Why lose any time when you can run your business for 24 hours a day online. Hence, Hostsoch offers you a zero downtime guarantee. 

So do not worry about losing customers. Your website is always available for them to check out. 

Customer Support 

You can get your queries and issues about hosting resolved at any hour of the day without having to wait a minute.

Customer Support 

Hostsoch has an expert customer support team that works all day long, 24 hours, to give the best customer support and answer your questions any time. 

Hostsoch Data Center Location

Hostsoch offers its outstanding service to the world through three of its data centers located in:

  • India
  • USA
  • France

Key Features of Hostsoch 

Key Features of Hostsoch 

Free Domain Transfer

Suppose you wish to transfer your domain to some other web hosting service. Congratulations, you are lucky since Hostsoch offers one free domain transfer with migration. 

Free Migration

Sometimes, it is understood that your current web hosting provider might not be able to fulfill your hosting needs as your website has grown and requires more bandwidth than usual. Hostsoch offers you free migration to help you with that too.

Easy Website Builder

You might assume that website building is complex and requires a lot of coding. It is true but not with Hostsoch since it helps you create beautiful and functional websites without asking to know how to code.

Free SSL Certificates

To ensure the security of your content, this hosting provider offers free SSL certificates using HTTPS protocol. 

Hostsoch Hosting Plans 

Hostsoch provides a variety of hostings at a reasonable price.

  • Linux hosting plans start at $0.77 per month to $4.31 per month. 
  • Windows hosting costs anywhere between $1.69 per month to $4.70 per month. 
  • eCommerce hosting costs $3 per month to $4.31 per month.
  • WordPress hosting will cost you anywhere from $0.77 per month to $4.31 per month. 
  • Magento hosting plans start at $3 per month to $4.31 per month.
  • Drupal hosting will cost you $0.77 to $4.31 per month. 
  • Joomla hosting costs about $0.77 per month to $4.31 per month.

Types of Hosting Hostsoch offers

Hostsoch primarily offers seven kinds of hosting.

  • Linux hosting
  • Windows hosting
  • eCommerce hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Magento hosting
  • Drupal hosting
  • Joomla hosting


Hostsoch offers several domain-related services. These services include:

  • Domain transfer
  • Domain registration
Hostsoch Review

It also offers free domains in some cases. 

Services Offered by Hostsoch 

Hostsoch offers various hosting services, as mentioned above in this Hostsoch review. It also provides several domain-related services, free migration, SSL certificates, servers, and more. 

What Makes Hostsoch Different from Other Hosting

We would consider Hostsoch different from other service providers because it is a one-stop solution to most of your website needs. In addition, you can use Hostsoch right from the beginning of your website journey as it offers domains to hosting and more. 

FAQ’s – Hostsoch Review

How do I choose to host if I'm Beginner?

You could choose Hostsoch as a beginner because it helps you create websites without needing to do any coding. 

Which type of hosting is best for beginners?

The shared hosting would be preferred for beginners.

What types of payment will they accept?

Hostsoch accepts Mastercards, Visa cards, American Express, Paypal, and Discover.

Best HostSoch Alternatives?

The best Hostsoch alternatives would differ based on your requirements.

Conclusion – Hostsoch Review

Hostsoch is an India-based hosting service provider and India’s cheapest web hosting provider. It offers a service that you could use at the beginning of your online presence building and your most significant online presence. 

Our focus has been on considering all the factors of Hostsoch during the formation of this Hostsoch review, and we could say that it is a hosting solution that would suit most of your requirements, if not all.

Tabassum is an avid web Hosting geek, who really loves to tinker with new technologies, whether in Hosting and SEO. She’s searching for the world’s best website host, but also tries to find time for her other interests – comics, traveling, and home cooking.

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Hostsoch Review


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