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Hostiq Review

If you are looking for stability, speed, security, and affordability, you generally have to compromise on at least one of these; usually, it’s the affordability factor. But it is not always like that when it comes to some platforms. We went through multiple platforms available on the web with affordable plans and then came across Hostiq.

Hostiq is a hosting service provider with data centers that will offer you stability and constant connection. This hosting platform provides various hosting plans such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, etc. But there is more to it than what meets the eye.

Let us know about its services in detail as we continue this Hostiq review. 

About Hostiq 

Hostiq is a hosting service provider based in Ukraine with data centers and servers spread across the globe. This hosting platform offers stability and economical prices to its customers in the best possible way. 

Hostiq Review

This hosting platform offers numerous services such as WordPress, cloud hosting, shared hosting, VIP hosting, etc. That’s not all; you get to build your website and register your domain name here. 

Test and Analysis 

Now comes the quality test of services offered by Hostiq.

User Interface & Ease of Use

To get the best out of your hosting plan, you must be well-informed and well-versed with its user interface. And with Hostiq, it gets even more manageable as here you get to use one of the easiest and most preferred control panels, cPanel. So whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will yield the best out of your hosting plan. 

Hostiq Customer Support 

Customer support might not always be considered, but it is one of the essential services a hosting platform offers. With Hostiq, you get access to customer support through live chat, Bussiness emails, and calls.

However, you might not always respond right away as the services are being disturbed due to the current situation in Ukraine. 

Security Analysis  

Now comes the security of your data. With Hostiq, you can keep your data safe through SSL certificates, backups and other services. 

However, Hostiq does not say much about the security features on its platform. How does Hostiq keep your data safe during third-party attacks?

Hostiq Data Center Location

The data centers of Hostiq are located in:

  • Ukraine
  • France (dedicated servers)
  • Netherlands
  • USA

Core Features of Hostiq

Let us now list out the core features of Hostiq. 

Website Builder

It is not easy to get a website built by a professional the exact way you want, and it also costs you money. Why not create your website by yourself? With hosting plans offered by Hostiq, you get a complimentary website builder, SitePro, to quickly build the website of your dreams. 


To make your hosting experience even smoother, you could install multiple applications on your hosting and use them as you like. However, doing so might be time-consuming, but not with Hostiq. Here you get Softaculous with its plans which help you install applications within clicks. 

Free Domain Name

When you have a website, you would want to register your domain name, which is often pricey. But with every six-month plan bought from Hostiq, you get a complimentary domain name which you can select from a range offered by Hostiq.

Types of Web Hosting Hostiq offers

Some of the hostings that Hostiq offers are:

Types of Web Hosting Hostiq offers

Hostiq Hosting Pros & Cons 

Let us now consider the pros and cons of this platform in this Hostiq review.     


  • Cost-effective
  • Website builder
  • Multiple data centers


  • No constant support

Hostiq Domain

Now we will look at the domain-related services offered by Hostiq. 

Hostiq Domain

Register a New Domain

On Hostiq, you can choose a domain name from multiple categories. There are categories offered for Ukrainian users and international users. Also, the plans are cost-effective, and you get one free domain name with a six-month virtual hosting plan

Transfer a Domain

While transferring a domain name to Hostiq, you get multiple benefits such as a year of renewal for most domains and complete assistance. The prices are economical, and the process is easy, so check it out. 

FAQs – Hostiq Review

Which Type Of Hosting Solution is Offer By Hostiq?

Hostiq offers various hosting plans such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VIP hosting, cloud hosting, CMS hosting, etc.

How Many Data Center Locations Offer By Hostiq?

Hostiq owns three data center locations in Ukraine, Netherlands and USA. Also, it uses another data center for dedicated servers in France.

Is Hostiq a Reliable Hosting Provider?

Yes, this hosting platform is pretty reliable as it lays all of its services and the conditions out to us and uses its data centers to give us faithful and constant assistance.

What type of payment method is accepted by Hostiq?

Hostiq accepts a few payment options such as PayPal, Fondy, Visa, MasterCard, InterKassa, etc.

Can you also build a website through hostiq?

Yes, with Hostiq hosting plans, you get a complimentary website builder called SitePro, which helps you build your website within minutes or at max in hours.

Conclusion – Hostiq Review

Now comes the concluding part of this Hostiq review. And we will now list this platform’s good and bad features.  Hostiq does not offer consistent customer support due to the current situation that Ukraine is facing. 

However, the services are constant and reliable as they run through three of Hostiq’s data centers and another data center, which it hires for dedicated servers. Also, the prices are cost-effective here, and exciting features such as SitePro are included.

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