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HostArmada Support team provides a wide variety of ways to establish contact with clients facing troubles like login issues, billing troubles, Abuse, and technical assistance requirements. However, some users find it difficult to approach the support team and so the issue remains unresolved. 

In this article, we’ll be covering various ways in which a client can establish contact with the support team and get the issue resolved. So without any further delay, let’s get started. đź‘Ť

Ways to Contact the HostArmada Support Team?

In case of issues related to web hosting plans, sales support, or even reporting abuse, contacting the support team is crucial to help resolve the related troubles. There are various ways in which contacting the support team becomes very simple. 

  • Live Chat 
  • Email 
  • Ticket 
  • Phone Call

Live Chat  

This option enables the support team to respond to clients’ sales-related issues in a timely manner. The Chat support team is friendly and polite people and adopts a very healthy attitude with the clients seeking assistance to buy the web hosting plans.

Hostarmada support


For requiring comprehensive guidance, the users can get their complex doubts resolved by sending detailed information about the issue related to the billing process, web hosting in-depth know-how, and many more via email. 

Hostarmada Chat
Hostarmada Email

Ticket System 

While seeking to resolve hosting-related and billing-related issues, technical guidance is a must and that is provided by the ticket support team. 

The response time for almost every ticket is on average 10-15 minutes. As per the Technical team, the response can take more time depending upon the investigation the issue needs. 

In a nutshell, the ticket support team is super quick and sorts out issues with step-by-step guidance.

How to Open Tickets in HostArmada?

Ticket support enables communication between the support staff and the clients. For opening tickets, the following steps are needed to be adopted.

Hostarmada login
  • After login, you’ll be able to submit a new ticket by clicking the submit button under the support ticket option.
Hostarmada Dashboard
  • You can also submit a new ticket by clicking on the open new ticket button in the left hand side menu bar. 
Hostarmada ticket
  • As soon as it is done, the foremost thing you need to do is to select the appropriate department from among the ones provided for your issue. 
Hostarmada open ticket
  • After selecting the right department to establish contact with, the next step is to specify the details of your technical complaint. 
  • Click submit to proceed with the process.
Hostarmada ticket contact

Technical Support Crew 

The technical support team provides consistent assistance to the clients related to the technicalities involved while using the services. The response time is not more than 10 minutes, making it quick and responsive.

  • Click submit ticket button under the technical support crew option.
  • After clicking the submit ticket option, the client area will be displayed.
  • Login into your account 
  • After login into your account, you’ll find the option for submitting a ticket
  • Fill in the necessary details about the case before submitting the ticket.
  • Proceed by submitting the ticket.

Phone Call

For quick responses, and to establish verbal contact with the support team, the users can get in touch with the support team via voice call number: +13024153033

Sales Crew 

To ensure good opportunities for the customer, the sales crew offers comprehensive advice to the clients about web hosting services. HostArmada provides 24/7 around-the-clock assistance through live chat and email at [email protected]

  • Click the live chat option, Send an email button, or call the toll-free number provided under the Sales Crew option.
Hostarmada sale crew

Finance and Billing Crew

Aims to provide assistance and guidance to clients when facing billing-related issues such as service upgrades, Discounts, Cancellations and more. They provide assistance 24/7 available and respond to any billing-related issues send via the ticket system or via email at [email protected] 

  • Click on the Submit ticket button or send email button provided under Billing and Finance Crew.
Hostarmada Billing crew

Abuse report crew

Any sort of complaint in regards to service hosting by Armada websites or to report abuse faced by any of the clients can be submitted to email at [email protected] 

  • Click on send email button under Abuse & DMCA crew.
Hostarmada DMCA Crew

In case to submit a quick inquiry for swift assistance,

  • Reach them out by filling the form provided below under submit an inquiry, a suggestion or a complaint option.
  • After filling the form press send option to initiate the further process.

How to Check My Support Ticket History?

As the support ticket system analyzes and lists all the support ticket queries, it is easy to check and track the status of the support ticket in case of delayed response time. Sometimes due to heavy traffic, the support ticket remains in queue and therefore it takes a bit more time to reply back to the clients. 

Here are the following ways to reach the ticket history area to track the current and previous tickets submitted by the client.

  • Navigate to the website, then login into your client area.
Hostarmada client area
  • Go to the support tickets option.
Hostarmada login1
  • Look for a view all button right under the support ticket option to track down your support ticket submitted earlier for seeking technical assistance related to an issue.
Hostarmada login 3

After clicking the View All button, you’ll be easily able to locate all your previous support tickets with their status specified along with it.

Our Experience with the HostArmada Support Team

We had a great opportunity to interact with the support staff, and the outcomes are as follows.

  • The live chat team was helpful, cordial, and knowledgeable.
  • The response time was less than a minute.
  • Their live chat team was having a positive attitude towards the clients willing to reach them.
  • Our experience with the support team via email could not be established due to high traffic. However, by noticing the manner in which the live chat support responded, the assistance offered via email might also be the same.
  • The response time as per the live chat agent, is within 24 hours depending upon the case.

At times of technical assistance required the team is available 24/7 round the clock.

  • Via voice call the contact number for the support team of HostArmada is +1 3024153033

Since we were not able to establish any contact with the support team via phone call due to some international voice call issue. Maybe, in years to come they can enroute calls from international countries as well to ensure smoothness in resolving technical issues of the clients residing abroad.

We Appreciated and Disagreed with the Support Team of Hostarmada.

  • The assistance provided by the live chat is swift and sufficient.
  • The ticket support option is well resolved as discussed above in the article.
  • The email lags a lot, leaving the issue unresolved. The issue reported via email might take a sufficient amount of time to get resolved maybe within 24 hours, better their Ticket system is far better.

We sent an email about the query about buying a web hosting plan. It is still left to be replied.


Might be the technical assistance team is suffering from a heavy influx of emails regarding support. In times to come they may enhance the in-built support team to its maximum.

You have received enough answers to your inquiries about the support team of HostArmada. We believe that all your doubts have been sincerely resolved through this article. If you have any more, updated information, please kindly share it with us. We’ll be pleased to put the adjustments into effect.

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