Hostarmada Nameservers

Hostarmada-Nameservers: Web hosting is necessary for any online business with a website to deal with all its sales. Here, we have HostArmada Nameservers,

One of the fastest-growing web hosting companies with innovative and creative methods to Cloud SSD Web Hosting Solutions. Let us learn a little more about HostArmada and DNS here.

What is Nameserver?

It is a server on the internet specialized in handling queries regarding the location of a domain name’s several services. Nameservers are the essential part of a Domain Name System, commonly known as DNS.

Hostarmada Nameservers

These nameservers will define your domain’s current DNS supplier.

How do Hostarmada Nameservers and DNS Management System Works?

Private Domain Name System, also known as custom nameservers, is a service that HostArmada provides. It allows the users to customize their nameservers.

It is the private DNS that gives the business a professional look and can attract a lot of clients to the business.


All you have to do is register your domain with HostArmada or you can even transfer your domain from any other provider to us.

What Are Hostarmada Nameservers?

When you register your domain with HostArmada, you get the custom name server which is the Hostarmada Nameservers.

In case if you have registered with some other web hosting provider, you can still change it to HostArmada if you like the services we provide.

Where can I Find my Nameservers?

The easiest way to find your Nameserver in HostArmada is to log into your Client Area. You can click this link – to directly visit the login page of HostArmada. Click on My Service once you have logged in.

You can find the My Services tab on the left side of the page. Now, you can a page that displays all the products you have with our company.

You can see the nameservers of your hosting plan in the middle portion as well.

How to Change Nameservers From Godaddy to HostArmada?

Changing nameservers is easy and simple. Read the guide mentioned below to change the nameservers from Godaddy to Hostarmada-Nameservers.

  • Log in to GoDaddy Domain Control Center
  • Pick your domain to access the Domain Settings page.
  • Select Manage DNS under Additional Settings and select Change( Nameservers section)
  • Now select one option that works best for you. You can choose between connecting your domain to a website you have created, using default nameservers, or You can even enter your own nameservers
  • Select Save or Connect.
  • Tick the box next to the consent message.

How to Setup Hostarmada VPS Nameservers?

To set up HostArmada VPS Nameservers, see the following steps.

  • Login to WHM (Web Host Manager)
  • Go to the DNS Functions section -Edit DNS Zone menu.
  • Pick the domain you would like to set the nameservers for from the drop-down list
  • Click Edit.
  • Update SOA record indicating your primary name server and the email address you use
  • Create A records for and pointing to the IP addresses you used when registering the nameservers
  • Save the Changes

How to Change a Nameserver for Other Domains?

Changing Hostarmada-Nameservers for other domains is a simple task that takes little time. The procedure for changing the nameservers is almost similar to every Web Hosting Company.

Visit the Domain Control Center you are using. Log in to your account and go to the domain settings page. Select Manage DNS. Now from the Nameservers section, click Change.

Choose the nameserver you want and click on Save.

How to Order a Hosting Package from Hostarmada?

To order the hosting package you require, you must visit our website first.

  • Click this link to visit the website
  • Now click on Hosting to see the available hosting options
  • Select the one you want
  • Now you can see the complete details of the plan you have selected.
  • To know the plans and pricing, click on that tab
  • Click Get Started
  • Choose the pricing plan and click Order Now
  • Now you get the option to register a new domain/ transfer your domain from another registrar/ you can use your prevailing domain and update nameservers
  • Select the one you want
  • Click Continue
  • A Review & Checkout Page appears on the screen
  • Click on Checkout
  • Now under Payment Details, select the payment method
  • Check the box – I have read and agree to the Terms and Services
  • Click Complete Order


If you are considering choosing one of the best web hosting Hostarmada-Nameservers providers, try HostArmada that has many great features.

Hope you have understood main things related to HostArmada Web Hosting Service after reading this article.

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