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Do you need any help connecting to Getflywheel Support? Are you Looking for a reliable web hosting partner? So, Let us help with all your queries related to connecting to Getflywheel Support and what you can expect from them in general. Connecting to a reliable web hosting company could never have been much easier as we move along with you with each step of yours.

This article will summarise all the support channels and the way of contacting them, plus the relevant customer feedback on Getflywheel Support, and especially for you, our experience with them. Enjoy 👍

About Getflywheel 

Getflywheel, founded in 2012, provides incredible WordPress hosting services to serve the online interests of web developers, and web designers, offering 4 web hosting packages, scalable according to users’ needs.

Excited to know about the support Getflywheel provides? Let’s see them right away.

What Support Channels Does Getflywheel Offer?

How about getting you familiar with the various support channels Getflywheel Offers its valued customers?

So these are the various support channels Getflywheel offers:

  • Chat support for customers: For the live customers looking for assistance.
  • Sales Email: [email protected] Mail them your queries on the various plans they offer.
  • Marketing Email: [email protected] Have a marketing lead, and follow up with them on partnerships, events, and sponsorships.
  • Agency Partners: [email protected] Want advice from their customer success team? Help yourself.
  • Referral help: [email protected] Follow along with your referral leads with them and enrol with their referral program right away. 
  • Layout assistance: [email protected] Want to share your work with them and get featured, too? Pitch your ideas to them.
  • Press support: Our Newsroom & Insights Hub | WP Engine Love those daily scoops, follow their articles right away.
  • App Status: Look at their updates and the suggestions they have been following.

How to Contact Getflywheel Support

Now, we shall learn about how you would contact Getflywheel Support and dedicate each step to do that correctly.

For Active Customers:

  • Open the site
  • On the top right side of the screen, click on Log In tab.
  • Log into your account through Google Mail or enter your registered email.
  • On your dashboard, select the GET HELP tab present at the top and bottom right of the page.
  • This click would redirect you to a page where you can Live Chat with a Support agent and solve all your related queries.

Remember they could solve your problem on the live chat itself or create a ticket for you to deal further on.

  • For potential Customers or someone hoping to learn about Getflywheel Support
  • Agency/Custom Plan Customers:

For a dedicated purchase or inquiry for a custom plan, all can be done with an active helpline which can take your calls from 9 am to 5 pm Central, Monday through Friday, or you can also request an enquiry right from here.


Have you sent them a relevant enquiry and are not clear on where to see it, let’s help you with that too.

How do I Check My Support Ticket History?

Considering you have an active account with Getflywheel, let’s explore a way to check for your preexisting support ticket.

To check for relevant support on your query, you could use these options:

  • Login to your  Flywheel dashboard
  • Find the “Get Help” link in the header or the floating in the lower right of your screen. 
  • Click on the “open a ticket” button to create a ticket or find all the previous tickets right here.

This is where you can check for relevant support ticket alerts, present with curated responses and you can reopen them if not satisfied.

Let’s see what the present customer has to say about Getflywheel.

Other Getflywheel Customer Feedback

Feedback is the backbone of any hosting organisation and the experience of the present users can define Getflywheel better for the newbies who want to make a purchase in Getflywheel.

So, here are some reviews of those users, all summed up:

  • “Good customer service with speedy resolute.”
  • “Agitated and distasteful services”
  • “Disconnect between customer and technical team.”
  • “Money leaching practice (30 day notice to termination) employed by company”

Users who find feedback from these third-party individuals can be uncertain. We’ve successfully gathered our experience after connecting with Getflywheel Support and will conclude the same in the next section.

Our Experience with the Getflywheel Support 

Our experiences with Getflywheel Support were conclusive of these findings :

  • Their phone support was the only support on their agency and custom plan.
  • Support Ticket creation was unavailable for users who haven’t made a purchase.
  • Technical support provided was not adequate for non-techie users.

This is how we summarise our experience with Getflywheel Support. We hope this will help you in making an informed decision about your purchase.

I had a long run reading about Getflywheel Support, but all good things must come to an end. Let’s conclude on a good note.


So, we would like to conclude our article on Getflywheel Support with a simple yet efficient note. Getflywheel has some good plans and can deliver on their promises but should also improve upon their support.

So did you have a good read comment down below and what should we cover next give us your suggestions in the comment box down below. Get Live Get Hosting 👍

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