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Hostcycle Review

Are you looking for the perfect hosting solution for your website? How many options did you go through? We do not think it was any less than plenty. So to make your hosting solution search easier, we will review Hostcycle in this article. 

Hostcycle is an Asian hosting service provider which offers you one of the cheapest hostings. They have several hosting options, and the most emphasized is managed web hosting. However, along with hostings, this platform also offers domains.

Let us look into this hosting platform in this Hostcycle review. 

About Hostcycle

Not so long in the hosting industry, Hostcycle was founded in 2019 and is an India-based hosting service provider. It provides managed web hosting with features that could help you make the entire hosting process easier. 

About Hostcycle Review

The hostings are shared hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting, and master reseller hosting. This platform has excellent star ratings online, so we checked it out. After testing and analysis, we have formed this Hosting review of what it provides and how good it does it. 

Test and Analysis for Hostcycle

Let us now look at the quality of services that Hostcycle provides. 

Hostcycle user Interface

You get many other features to make your website more straightforward and exciting with easily manageable hosting. One of them is Hostcycle’s interface.

The user interface provided by Hostcycle is simple and does not cause any sort of confusion. The dashboard is easy to understand and is built to suit people from all walks of life, whether software engineers or business owners. 

Security Analysis 

The next factor we will be examining in this Hostcycle review is the security system of this web hosting platform. Does it take care of your data before an attack? Does it help you recover your data after an unfortunate event?

To our surprise, it did. Hostcycle takes care of your data’s security on all levels. It monitors your data before the attack to eliminate any threats to your data. If your information gets affected incorrectly, it also helps you recover all of your data since it regularly creates an offsite backup. And you can recover it any time you wish. 

Customer Support  

The third factor that we tested was Hostcycle’s customer support. This factor is pretty essential but not always emphasized enough. But it does help you out and saves you hours of head-scratching. 

Hostcycle Customer Support

With Hostcycle, you save your time and energy working your way through the confusing queries you have since it offers 24/7 customer support. You can live chat and call them anytime, and your questions will be resolved. 

Hostcycle Data Centers Location 

Hostcycle does mention data centers and how they can help your websites but does not say much about its locations except for one:

  • India

Key Features of Hostcycle 

Let us now list out the key features of Hostcycle.

Free SSL Certificates

You must have stayed worried about your website’s data online since it constantly needs to connect with other websites, which could be dangerous.

But with Hostcycle, you can stay relaxed since it has the complete set of equipment required to secure your website. One of those pieces of equipment is an SSL certificate. This keeps your website’s connections safe and secure.

NVMe SSD Storage Servers

Along with security, you must also look for speed as we know by our own experience how important speed is for our websites. 

A particular type of storage system known as NVMe SSD Storage Servers keeps your data safe and provides it whenever asked quickly without wasting more than a second. And with Hostcycle, my friend, you get it for free. 

Free Website Migration

If you feel your website has grown and needs some more features that could keep up with your website requirements. What would you do?

Hostcycle helps you out in such a situation by providing the facility to migrate your websites from any other hosting to this hosting for free and without hassle. You can ask for support to help you out in this process. 

Website Builder

When you have everything you require and how you want them to be, it feels so easy to do tasks and enjoyable. This feeling can also be experienced while building a website. No, you do not have to pay or be a coding genius.

You can build your site as per your wishes and requirements on Hostcycle free of cost. This platform has an in-built site builder tool. 

Type of Hosting Does Hostcycle Offer 

Host Cycle has categorized its hosting into four categories:

Type of Hosting Does Hostcycle Offer 

Hostcycle Refund Policy 

When it comes to the refund policy provided by Hostcycle, it is both good and bad news. Why? Because we know that this platform offers a refund policy for sure, but there are no specifications.

It does not tell about a time limit under which you can apply for a refund. 

Hostcycle Pros & Cons 

Let us look at the lot of pros and a few cons of Hostcycle.


  • Affordable hosting
  • Jet Cache
  • Malware scanning
  • Free website builder


  • No specifications of the refund policy

FAQs- Hostcycle Review

How much does Hostcycle cost?

You will be surprised at the cost at which Hostcycle provides its hosting; we were. Hosting of this platform starts at $0.39 a month. So It costs less than a cup of coffee and that too, it is for the whole month. 

Which Hostcycle plan should I get?

Hostcycle has four types of hosting. All of them are managed, so you do not have to break your head web hosting your website. If you are a beginner at hosting, you can try shared hosting as it is cheaper and beginner-friendly. 

How good is Hostcycle's customer support?

The customer support provided by Hostcycle is pretty impressive. They offer chat support 24/7 and offer to call facilities, but you will have to dial a different number at different times of the day.

Does Hostcycle offer any coupon code for an extra discount?

You can easily get discount coupon codes for extra discounts on Hostcycle. You can look for them on websites online or through youtube videos. Hostcycle offers an extra discount when you buy a yearly plan. 

Does Hostcycle Offer Any Free Trial? 

No, Hostcycle does not offer a free trial, but it does offer you a refund policy. But the problem here is that it does not clearly say the period during which the refund policy is applicable. 

Does Hostcycle Offer Free Domain Name with Hosting?

Yes, Hostcycle offers you one free domain name with some of its plans. Other than this, this platform also provides you the facility to register your domain, and the prices are pretty low, so do try it out. 

Conclusion – Hostcycle Review

Throughout this Hostcycle review, we saw that it has data centers to offer you the best service but does not say much about its exact location.

The overall experience provided by this Hosting platform is satisfactory except for a few things, such as the data center and refund policy’s incomplete information. We would say it is worth trying, but check it out yourself.

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Hostcycle Review

  1. Very Bad Service

    Dear All,
    Please do not use the host cycle bad services which they immediately terminate the account if we ask for restore they are not ready to do and no safe on data which they sell outside .

  2. Affordable Reseller Hosting

    I’ve been using there reseller hosting since one year paying them monthly by monthly till now i didn’t face any serious issue and performance of there server is awesome


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