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GigaPros Review

Working with your online business should be fun. Is it not for you? Why? Because you are struggling to understand and work with it. And since you may not find any advice on which web hosting should be suitable for your website, we did the research for you. Here we have GigaPros, the hosting service provider we will review in this article.

GigaPros is a pretty experienced hosting service provider with multiple data centers. It offers you several services related to running your websites, such as product finder and the five types of hostings; shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers.

So let us continue with this GigaPros Review and see what it provides and how well it does it.

About GigaPros

Founded in March of 2008, GigaPros has been working its way to providing hosting services to the world through its three data centers. It has multiple data centers to keep your website running even if one of them fails to do so. 

About GigaPros

This platform offers you precisely what you pay for, and also, they never oversell to keep your website running fast and effortlessly. Its solutions are customer-oriented since they believe that you are the ones who build their brand. It offers plenty of services and nothing unnecessary so let us look at them.

Test and Analysis for GigaPros

To consider good quality hosting, we must first examine how good its services are. So let us go ahead with doing the same.

GigaPros user Interface

GigaPros, as we discussed earlier, follows the no overselling policy. However, it also follows the no-bullshit regime. And therefore, it gives no unnecessary information to confuse and frustrate you.

After logging in to your GigaPros account, you will be provided with a simple dashboard that includes your purchases, your account, the details of your plans, and the service they offer. So you do not have to look a lot through things; all you need is displayed on the dashboard. 

Security Analysis 

Like, with power comes responsibility, security must come with hosting. This is because you trust a hosting service provider with all your content and the website on which your business depends, so security must be one of the major concerns of your hosting.

For GigaPros, it is a significant concern since they are mainly focused on their customers’ hosting and website experience. It stays alert whenever it detects any virus, malware, or hacking threat and quickly gets rid of the situation. 

Customer Support  

Whatever you do, it is best to have a support system to help you get through any situation. The same is required when it comes to hosting. A hosting service provider must take care of its users’ needs and offer them help whenever they ask.

Customer Support  

GigaPros offers you a 24/7 customer support system to help you through all of your hosting issues or requirements. Whenever you raise a ticket, the initial step from this platform will be taken within an hour, so the work gets done pretty quickly. 

GigaPros Data Centers Location 

GigaPros has multiple data center locations:

  • Dallas
  • Denver 
  • Chicago

Key Features of GigaPros 

Let us go through the features this hosting provides in this GigaPros Review.

99.9% Uptime SLA

With every hosting plan, GigaPros offers different levels of SLA. But as we observed with most of the plans it offers, the average uptime reaches 99.9%. So you can expect a great deal of uptime on your website. 

99.9% Uptime SLA

However, this platform also guarantees you to give one day of free web hosting for every hour of downtime because they know how critical a website’s uptime is(T&C applied).

Zero Overselling Guarantee

You must have encountered situations when the website just wouldn’t load fast. This could also be because of the cloud on which the website is running. Overcrowded clouds can slow down the websites.

Zero Overselling Guarantee

But this will never happen with GigaPros since it guarantees that it will never oversell. This is done to maintain the quality and speed of their service

Clone Your VPS

When you want to build another VPS which is very much similar to your current VPS, you frown upon the idea of rebuilding it all over again. 

However, this situation can be avoided with GigaPros. This platform helps you clone your VPS, form its mirror image, and avoid all the extra work. 

Full Root Access

The concept of Root Access came into being in order to provide the user with complete access to their server. You can make any changes or edit configurations based on your need and requirements regarding how your server and the website should function.

This function ensures more security, saves time, keeps your data safe from guest users, and much more.

With GigaPros, you can have control over your server entirely since it offers full root access and no one else can access your data. 

Type of Hosting Does GigaPros Offer 

GigaPros offers five types of hosting;

Type of Hosting Does GigaPros Offer 

GigaPros Refund Policy 

With the plans you buy from GigaPros, you get a guaranteed 30-day refund policy. So you get a reasonable time to decide if this hosting suits your requirements and will work well for your website. If not for the refund policy, some of this web hosting platform’s plans are billed by the day so that you can save money on this as well. 

GigaPros Pros & Cons 

Let us now take a look at GigaPros’ pros and cons.


  • Billing by day.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Zero Overselling Guarantee
  • Uptime SLA Guarantee


  • Only three data centers

FAQs- GigaPros Review

How much does GigaPros cost?

The plans differ in cost based on your requirement. However, the pricing starts at $10 a month for shared hosting to $40/month for dedicated servers. Each of these has a different set of features and services provided to you based on what you need for your website.

Is GigaPros the Best Choice?

GigaPros could be the best choice for you if your requirements align with the services provided by this hosting platform. 

Does GigaPros offer any coupon code for an extra discount?

You might find coupon codes for extra discounts on websites online. So please check for them before placing an order with GigaPros.

Do GigaPros Offer Any Free Trial? 

It does not offer a free trial. However, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you are risk-free within 30 days of purchasing. 

Does GigaPros Offer Free Domain Name with Hosting?

Yes, GigaPros offers one free domain name with every shared hosting plan that you buy. 


GigaPros is one of the most affordable web hosting service providers we have come across. It is safe to say that it is perfect for beginners who do not have enough knowledge about getting started with a hosting service for their website. Even if you are not fully satisfied with the service, you can always get your money back after a trial.

With this platform, you only pay for what you get and nothing extra. However, they could have been a little clearer about their plans and included a few more features. Overall, this hosting is pretty good when you do not want any extra unnecessary details.

Mamta is a writer, blogger and hosting expert. She loves to explore and test the many hosting companies that are in the industry. She's can usually be found researching new companies or exploring the new marketing trends all the while working on developing new skills.

2 Reviews

  1. Good prices, good service, good uptime

    Support is top notch. Happy using Gigapros hosting I issued a support ticket at 1:00am in the morning. (I messed up on a Joomla uninstallation) They responded to the ticket and had the problem solved in 20 minutes!! I don’t believe you will find a better host. 24/7 support. Fast servers. Price is excellent.

  2. Excellent stability for a site once it's up

    I’d like to thank Alex for his help in transferring our site to Gigapros servers. As you know, this can be a tricky process, but their competent and pleasant support had made all the difference. The site migration went seamlessly and it’s working perfectly! This team met my expectations. Thanks!


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