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We are not providing service in Vietnamese language but we are still getting good numbers of registration from every corner of Vietnam for our Free web hosting and domain name services. We are please to inform you that now we are expanding our services in your country as well and to provide you better service in your native language we have assigned a support agents to helps users from web hosting.

Free Hosting in Vietnam:

We are not launching any other website because it will confuse you and our existing users so you can directly signup with our official website however you are allowed to open support ticket in your language and one of your support agent will respond your query as soon as web hosting.

Here you are getting unlimited resources to host your website and we do not have limits on numbers of sites you host with us. We will also add Vietnamese language in our control panel if we get more votes for it as many users from Vietnam don’t have issues with English.

Free Domains in Vietnam:

Yes ! you heard it right we are providing you 4 short domain domains to create attractive sub-domains for your website without paying a single penny for that, and we are looking forward add .vn short domain name for your website as soon as possible. We are getting some issues registering .vn domain name as we are not from your country.

However these are available free domains,, and these domains are free of cost as long as you want to use them.

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