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Best Free Video Hosting Websites Recommended by #1 in the Hosting Industry

A single video can give you more views than any other form of content.

Picture a situation when you upload video content and the video gets 100k views in a month and you get 66% qualified leads out of them:

how much money will you make out of the video in one year?

Video content can help you generate qualified leads much faster than any other form of content.

If you are a marketer, success is not possible for you without utilizing many forms of content. And video content leads the list.

Videos are more expressive to the user so they alone provide this much of conversion. 

Free video hosting websites are widely used strategies for small businesses as many of them may not afford the premium ones.

In this article, I will cover the best free video hosting websites, and why you should use them to achieve your goals.

So, stay tuned till the end of the article to know more in detail.

Why Should You Use Video Hosting Service?

Using a video hosting service may seem something different but it is actually the best choice.

You can get many benefits and facilities using them while saving bucks.

free video hosting websites

Read on to know what are the reasons behind choosing a free video hosting websites to host your video content.

#1. Storage Space and File Size Limitations

Videos are generally large in size and need more space to be saved on your website and web hosting service providers offer a limited space disk.

This way you may not get much space to upload your video content and end up eating storage space and server bandwidth- which will lead to errors and glitches when the audience will try to view them.

But when you host the videos via free video hosting websites it will be visible by a large audience and you will get more storage space.

There will be no file size limitations and you can upload unlimited videos.

#2. To avoid file format hurdle

Web hosting services do not cover all types of file format videos.

As different browsers support different formats it becomes a hectic task to convert videos every now and then to make it browser compatible.

But when you use video hosting there will be no hurdle in video format.

Online free video hosting websites support all video formats like MPEG-PS, MP4, MPEG4, WMV, 3GPP, and many more.

No need to convert your every video. The viewer can see the videos in any of the available formats automatically.

#3. Advantage of the Already Huge Traffic

In May 2019, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki revealed that monthly active YouTube users are now exceeding 2 billion.

It means there is already huge traffic on free video hosting websites.

Your videos can get suggestion credits via similar content creator’s videos which is a plus.

Uploading videos to your website may not give you this many facilities as free video hosting websites do.

So, you can utilize any of the free video hosting websites to get maximum traffic to your content.

#4. Help Upload High-Quality Video

No viewer wants to watch poor quality videos in the era of High Definition (HD) format video.

HD videos occupy less space and give an amazing experience of watching the content. You can attract more viewers to your platform this way.

As most of the free video hosting websites support high-quality video uploads you can reduce video hosting expenses.

#5. Save Dollars with Free Video Hosting

Free video hosting websites charge you literally nothing to host your videos on their platform. You can save dollars by utilising any of them.

#6. Links and Web Traffic

Get web traffic from the video content and drive them via links. You can put your website links to the video content

and the viewer can easily navigate from your video platform to the main website.

#7. Unlimited video bandwidth and sustainability

Free video hosting services provide unlimited bandwidth and sustainability.

Unlimited bandwidth helps your content to be visible without any monthly cap on the amount of transfers.

At the same time it retains viewers of your content with continued flawless services.

As the videos stay for a longer time, it allows you to get constant leads. Interesting videos get maximum subscribers to your video content

which leads to providing you returning visitors both for your video platform and website.

#8. Easy navigation and Supported Formats

Easy navigation and supported file formats help the viewers enjoy the content seamlessly.

They can move backwards or forward whenever they want without much hassle which actually creates an immense user experience. 

Best Free Video Hosting websites/Services/Platforms

There are numerous websites that provide video hosting services absolutely free. But it is necessary to know which one is the best fit for you.

Read the article to know about the best free video hosting websites that you can use to upload large video contents and get qualified leads for your business.

Facebook – Absulity Free Video Hosting

Source: Facebook

Facebook ! who doesn’t know about the most used social media network?

But do you know Facebook allows you to stream videos and host them on the platform absolutely free!

You can upload a video of 240 minutes length to promote your services, products or to do brand awareness.


  • Your hosted videos may reach endless users as it has 2.6 billion monthly active users.
  • You can share your Facebook videos beyond the platform(your website or blog) via embed feature. 
  • Increases social engagement.
  • Video length is up to 240 minutes- you can utilise this feature to cover more information related to your business.
  • In case, you want to promote your ads in exchange for some bucks – you can do that too. Facebook ads are there to help you to reach a particular audience as per your business requirement.


  • Reduced SEO benefits as Facebook videos can’t be crawled.
  • You have to run ads if you want your videos to reach the right audience to get qualified leads.

YouTube – Trending free video hosting

Best Free Video Hosting Websites Recommended by #1 in the Hosting Industry
Source: YouTube

With 2 billion active users, YouTube- a subsidiary of Google, is considered as the second largest search engine (Google has acquired the 1st place).

As a most popular video platform, it provides an amazing platform to its users.

YouTube is the best free video hosting website that allows ads in between the video.

It is best for your business as you can promote your products and services via video content with the help of free unlimited video hosting.


  • Allows videos of any format upto 128 GB
  • As YouTubes is a part of Google, the videos can be shown on the Search Engine Result Page of Google .
  • Videos can be embedded into your website or landing page.
  • YouTube has an option to subscribe to your channel to stay in loop with your videos. So you will earn a loyal base of viewers for your videos.
  •   YouTube ads can provide you extra income.
  • You can reach an endless audience via YouTube platform.


  • Videos are less secure and can be stolen.
  • Sometimes viewers get annoyed because of the in between ads.
  • Related videos are not always relevant.
  • Buffering irritates the viewers sometime.
  • There is no premium plan for the creators. Premium version is only available for viewers.

Google Drive – Video hosting site for businesses

Google drive
Source: Google Drive

Google Drive is not limited to take back up personal files. You can use the platform to host videos.

Designed to be used for both personal or business purposes- Google drive allows space upto 15 GB  per account.

You can also get the premium version paying some bucks. this is undoubtedly free video hosting site for large files.


  • There is no limitation of video sizes. 
  • Access to your videos anywhere with various devices.
  • Videos can be shared via a link and embedded into the website or landing page.
  • Compatible video files of Google Drive can automatically be processed to YouTube videos.
  • You can share the videos directly to other social media platforms too.


  • A Gmail account is mandatory to have a Google Drive account.
  • Upload or download speed is slower than other platforms.

Vimeo – Video hosting site Live Streaming Platform

Source: Vimeo

Vimeo videos are ad-free and compatible with various devices. Maybe the platform is not well known as Youtube but it supports high definition videos and has a huge user base.

It has more professional contents and reputed business accounts.

Vimeo free account offers you to upload 500MB per week with a cap of 5GB. If you want to upgrade the plan from free to paid you can do that too.

It has four plans called Plus, Pro, Business, and Premium. The free version offers an annual limitation of 25 GB but there is no upper cap in bandwidth.


  • No ads in between the video stream.
  • Video download option can be enabled.
  • Specially designed for professional use.
  • Customisable embedded video.
  • Supports every video format.


  • Upload limit is only 500MB per week for free accounts.

Dailymotion – Professional video hosting

Source: Dailymotion

Dailymotion offers a free platform to host videos and also partner programs for ad revenue and enhanced exposure.

Ads get played at the end of the video which is a plus of the service. You can embed the videos to your website and landing page easily.

It has a huge user base of 300 million monthly visitors- your videos will get more views and ample of qualified leads.

This is the only free video hosting with password protection. In the free version of the video hosting service,

you can enjoy a file size of 2GB. This is one of the best free video hosting for business.


  • Host unlimited videos free of cost.
  • You can password protect your video content.
  • Less restrictions are there.


  • Videos length can’t be more than 1 hour.
  • Analytics are limited.
  • Videos can’t be downloaded without third-party service.
  • Smaller maximum size of file- only 2GB

Twitch- Video hosting site for live game broadcasting

Source: Twitch

Twitch- a perfect video hosting platform for gamers, launched in 2011 and now taken over by Amazon.

It is awarded as the world’s top-ranked game video hosting service with 100 million monthly visitors.

You can broadcast or archive your game play, chat with other gamers and also join different gaming groups. 

In August 2014, Amazon acquired Twitch TV for US$970 million. In August 2021, Twitch Prime is being rebranded as Prime Gaming- Amazon announced.


  • You will get a bigger audience for your content.
  • It has strong analytics.
  • Ad free video hosting platform.
  • Better monetization option.
  • Easy to navigate interface.


  • Toxic community is more active- trollers and scammers.

Metacafe- Video site for online video entertainment

Source: Metacafe

If you love short and sweet videos that are eye catching- Metacafe is for you. There are almost every category of videos available on the platform.

The platform is not only for video streaming but also segregates good and quality videos from the non relevant and chaff. 


  • Extraordinary platform for network based content.
  • Draws 40million novel viewers to your video content.


  • Video limit is only up to 90 second which is not enough to cover all the details of the content.

Best Premium Video Hosting Sites for Your Business 2021

If free video hosting services are not for you and you want more features and less limitations then you can try some of the best in the industry premium video hosting sites for your business.

So, hold tight and get to know about the 5 best premium video hosting services in 2021 that can be helpful for your business.

#1 Wistia

Source: Wistia

Founded in 2006 by Brown University graduates Chris Savage and Brendan Schwartz, Wistia makes marketing software, videos series and educational content.

Today Wistia has 100 employees and a dog in their team. 

You can use the platform to upload your videos and can embed them to your website or landing page.

The video hosting service accepts video formats like MP4(recommended), .MOV, .AVI, .WMV, 3GPP etc.

The main feature of Wistia is you can capture leads and integrate them into CRM form and all these can be on within your video player.

The maximum video length is 2 hours and the maximum file size is 8 GB

price Wistia
Source: Wistia

It has 3 plans: Free, Pro and Advanced.

The Free Plan comes with three videos, 200 GB of bandwidth per month, a Wistia Channel, up to 250 subscribers, and A/B testing—with the Wistia-branded player.

 Pro plan Price starts at $99 per month and has space for as many videos as you need. The first 10 videos are free, and you’ll be charged 25¢ per month for each video after that. Whereas for an Advanced plan, you have to contact the team. 


  • Fully customisable player.
  • You can invite anyone you want as the platform allows unlimited users.
  • Easily embedded video and shareable via different platforms.
  • Interactive video tools.
  • Integrate with tools like Mailchimp, Keap, and dozens .
  • Advanced video analytics and CRM integration.
  • Highlight other videos from your channel.
  • Create custom audiences for Instagram and Facebook

#2 nvooPlayer

Source: vooPlayer

vooPlayer is completely made for marketers and businesses. The platform is not meant for personal vloggers.

vooPlayer is simple, fast and reliable video hosting for businesses and you can host your videos on their cloud servers .

it also allows embedded links to your landing page and website. 

You can check video insights, custom audiences and integrate video marketing into your sales and marketing effort. There is no maximum size of file

The platform accepts MP4, Ogg, WebM, MOV video formats. 

You can try the free version of the service initially and once you like the features you can upgrade to their paid services.

There are also 30 days no questions asked refund policy on paid plans.

Source: vooPlayer

The Free plan is free forever and you will get 1 GB storage, 5videos with no turbo bandwidth.

Start Up plan costs only $14/month and if billed annually $167 will be charged. You will get 25 GB storage, unlimited videos with 50GB of turbo bandwidth.

The advanced plan is called the Enterprise plan that costs $62/month and if billed annually it will cost you $737. You will get 100GB storage, unlimited storage and 200GB of turbo bandwidth.


  • Affordable price and no ads.
  • Customise your brand.
  • Embed videos to different platforms.
  • Advanced video analytics facilities.
  • Capture quality leads.
  • Get paid for video views with pay-per-view gates.

#3 Brightcove

Source: Brightcove

Discover everything with Brightcove that your business needs. It has highly customizable video hosting options, live event streaming,

lead generation tools,  offering monetization and advertising, mobile optimization, branding features, advanced analytics.

Deliver quality videos experience to your audience and gather qualified leads to grow your business and earn revenue.

brightcove price

It has four different plans that starts at $199/month : Enterprise, Marketers, Publishers, and Broadcasters. To more pricing for each plan you have to contact their team which is definitely a lack of the service feature.


  • 30 days free trial.
  • No maximum file size and supports a wide video format.
  • Live stream directly to your website.
  • Marketing automation integration is truly advanced.
  • Enterprise friendly platform.

 #4 SproutVideo

Source: Sproutvideo

Sprout video is another video hosting website trusted by fortune 500 companies.

It offers collaboration and sharing tools along with lead capture, audience building and advanced video analytics. Unlike other premium services, it doesn’t offer any free plans but provides a 30 days free trial.

It doesn’t have a built-in audience.

Engagement metrics, sharing buttons, multiple video themes and layouts, lead capture and calls to action are some of the benefits of the service.

It supports any format video you want to try and supports video in HD and Ultra-HD,  to 4K and 8K, so your videos look stunning on the web.

sprout video price
Source: sprout video price

There are four different plans : Seed, Sprout, Tree, Forest. 

Seed plan’s price is $24.99/month in which you will get core platform features,analytics and engagement data, email and live chat support for 3 team members.

Sprout plan price is $59.99/month in which you will get Seed plan benefits plus login protection, account audit log, full video website that works for 5 team members.

Tree is the second last premium plan which priced at $199.99/month. You will enjoy the Sprout plans plus advanced video site option, geo restriction, signed embedded code and exportable data for 15 team members.

The highest plan in the premium services is called the Forest : price is $499.99/month.

In this plan every feature is available for Tree plan and some additional features like single sign-on, IP address restriction, premium support,  for 15 team members is available.


  • Capture leads within the video.
  • Custom playlist and role-based permission.
  • Keep track of edits and audit logs.
  • You can design unlimited video players.

 #5 Uscreen

Source: Uscreen

Own your brand and monetise your way with Uscreen. With maximum resolution 1080P and MP4 video format you can utilise the platform to host your videos to sell online.

It’s a VOD or digital video course platform that helps you generate money out of the videos. For some websites it is a better option in comparison to some WordPress plug-ins. 

Best Free Video Hosting Websites Recommended by #1 in the Hosting Industry

 Uscreen has three different plans: Basic, Pro and Custom. Basic plan is $149/month and if purchased annually then it will be 15-30% less and you will pay $99/month: limited to 300 subscribers.

Similarly the Pro plan costs $299/month and if paid annually then $249/month: limited to 1000 subscribers. For a custom plan you have to create a quotation to reach the concerned team. You will get 1000+ subscribers. 


  • Create, organize, and sell video courses online.
  • Custom pricing.
  • Fast HD video hosting.

Final Words

A better option to utilise the video platform is to combine one free video hosting plus one premium service as per your requirements.

Host your videos on both the platform and take the most advantage of the free video sharing platform as it costs nothing.

You can utilise the famous free video hosting platform: YouTube to reach your audience organically. It is the best free video hosting platform.

In this article I have tried to cover the widely used free video hosting as well as some premium video hosting services.

I hope you enjoyed this article, if yes then rate this and don’t forget to share with others via social media.

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