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Create a professional website with WordPress 2022 [Step-By-Step]

Create a professional website with WordPress 2022: You have to set up your free hosting account with your free domain name but now what?

How to make your website work?

A lot of beginners get confused about what to do next and how to create a professional-looking website without spending money.

If you hire a professional web designer, then he will charge a big sum of the amount.

But today I am going to give you an introduction to WordPress and how you can use it to create your professional looking website without spending a single penny.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source platform for content management based on PHP and MySQL.

Initially, it was only meant for blogging, but eventually, it has evolved to support websites of any kind.

Any person with or without knowledge in coding can create a professional website using WordPress.

How to Use WordPress to Give Your Website a Professional Design?

Installing WordPress is very simple, one needs a Linux server, and the majority of free hosting providers use Linux on their server,

so you don’t have to worry about it. Hosting providers also provide many tools to install CMS WordPress, Softaculous is one of them.

Create a professional website with WordPress
Create a professional website with WordPress

And even if you don’t find any platform to install WordPress from the control panel of your hosting account, you can do it manually,

thus giving you an opportunity to learn WordPress. Go to and download the latest version of WordPress,

it will be a zip file, upload it to your server (root directory of the website on which you want to install WordPress) using FTP or.

You can directly upload it via file manager in the control panel of your hosting account, and after that,

you have to extract it(make sure that it is not in any folder you should get a structure like- “”.

Now create a database and user from the hosting panel and associate the user with the database. Now all is done you need to open your website in your web browser, and you will be welcomed with WordPress setup, type in the details and follow the steps.

Once you have finished WordPress installation, the time is to find a professional looking template.

WordPress templates are very easy to find, and the platform has a marketplace of its own that can be accessed from the WordPress panel of your website.

Alternatively, you can also upload any template that you can find on the web.

The web is full of professional-looking free WordPress themes, and that’s not it WordPress gives you the ability to customise WordPress templates to any extent.

Create a professional website with WordPress 2022

Now that you have installed WordPress and also you have chosen on from the thousands of free WordPress themes,

the time is to find suitable plugins that can make your life with WordPress very easy.

WordPress plugins provide users with extra power to manage their websites. Generally,

it is said that a lot of plugins can increase pressure on the server and if you are using a free web hosting account then you should not use any.

But if you use your brain wisely, you will be able to do the opposite of that. Several plugins like W3 Total Cache, Gzip Ninja Speed, and Leverage Browser Caching for Ninjas can certainly reduce a lot of pressure from your server.

If you are having difficulty in following the one-step procedure, then allow us to break it down to a few steps to give you in-depth information knowledge on WordPress Blog.

Register Domain name

The first domain I have registered from GoDaddy web register because they are reliable when it comes to their domains services.

They offer the lowest price compared to others, and the renewal charges are also reasonable for domains.

Create a professional website with WordPress- However, I have purchased .com domains from GoDaddy, so I cannot give you full recommendations on rest of the domain extensions Create a professional website with WordPress.

There are many options you should explore before going to a new domain or Free Domain.

Expired Domains: There are two types of expired domains, which we will unveil to you.

One: The most common way to find expired domains by exploring expired domain markets like Moony.

You can find several expired domains that have DoFollow links from authority sites, and they have domain age authority, which has a positive impact on the search engines.

The risk factor involves buying an expired domain that it may have been penalised by Google or spammed sites.

Two: The second type is unique and very fewer people know about it.

Allow me to demonstrate it to you. I have selected GoDaddy to purchase an expired domain, but GoDaddy doesn’t sell expired domains.

According to GoDaddy is a new domain that is available.

However, after checking the domain age, then you can tell that it is an old domain name purchased 23 months ago by somebody else.

You should always check the number of backlinks built by the previous owner. You can also go through these backlinks,

Create a professional website with WordPress and anyone with basic SEO knowledge can tell you these links are spammed by many.

The lesson we are trying teach you that domain name system allows expired domains to come back to the new domain markets.

You should always check the domain info like WayBackMachine, Domain age, Alexa for backlinks, Trust flow, and Citation flow.

Create a professional website with WordPressAdd “Domain age check tool”, and you will find plenty of free tools to check quickly.

Check domain availability, and then conduct quick checks on the domain to confirm the authenticity.

Find Web Hosting

Create a professional website with WordPress one can deny that finding the right hosting provider has become even more difficult than in previous years.

I know that most of you cannot spend $50/Month on expensive entry-level hosting account from topmost companies like Amazon AWS.

But there are a few options we would like to recommend you after going through a hard time of finding the right hosting account.

There are many hosting providers on the Internet, but only a few stand out of the crowd.

GoogieHost (Free): You get free single domain hosting with free SSL certificate, and you also get cPanel as a control panel.

YouStable (Paid): If you don’t want to start with free hosting and prefer to move to paid hosting,

then you can go for YouStable that offers free SSL certificate, multiple packages, and affordable prices.

NameCheap (Paid): I also recommend NameCheap for those who want to begin their online journey less budget.

However, the first year may cost you less, but they charge regular price for the second year.

There isn’t much difference between YouStable and NameCheap, but I think that YouStable has better customer care than NameCheap.

Choose WordPress as a CMS

Create a professional website with WordPress, We have mentioned that GoogieHost, and YouStable use cPanel control panel and many other reputed companies also provide cPanel, so the tutorial remains the same.

Step one: Go to cPanel login page. Enter the login credentials in the empty blank, and click on the login button.

Step two: The dashboard and the features will remain the same. The interface and functions may get an upgrade, but they will remain the same.

Step three: In the search bar, type Softaculous Apps Installer, and click on the second function.

Step four: Another control panel will show up on your screen, which is of Softaculous Apps Installer.

You have to select the first script “WordPress” and highlight on the icon to view the Install button.

Step five: Get rid of the “WP” in the third row because it isn’t necessary for you to have a directory.

Step six: You can change the Title and Description, and then add Username and Password for your WordPress website.

WordPress websites are getting hacked by the unknown invaders, but you can protect yourself from privacy invaders by following simple steps.

Step seven: You have to select a free theme, and then click on the Install button to begin the installation.

It takes around ten seconds to two minutes to complete the installation.

The installation duration depends on the powerful server, and if the server is low-end then the longer you have to wait for the installation to complete.

If you are a beginner, then you wouldn’t know the plugins you have to install for the sake of your website SEO and improve the speed of the site.

Fortunately, we have prepared a list of plugins WordPress plugins that every WordPress blogger should install.

  1. Select Website Theme

We cannot argue that there are many aspects you have to check before selecting a theme for your WordPress blog.

In this WordPress tutorialzz, we are going to tell you how you can find the right theme for your website.

Many companies offer a free theme for your WordPress blog, and you can tell use them on your projects without any issue,

but there are certain factors that everyone should follow without any exceptions.

Note: You can Google free “your niche, example: Technology” WordPress free theme to explore.

One:  The visual appearance does matter in 2018, where the competitors are investing plenty of money to improve the visual appeal of the website.

Two: If you are a blogger, who is planning to rank keywords and drive traffic to your website, then you should check theme speed. Google doesn’t rank website pages that don’t load faster.

You can use the Google PageSpeed insight tool to find out the overall website speed.

You can see below that I have test one of my blogs page speed. You can view report where Google gives a score for Mobile and Desktop loading speed.

Keep one thing in mind that you must get at least 80 out of 100 on Mobile and Desktop to get ranked on the Google first page naturally.

If you don’t know how to install a custom theme, then you can more about installing the custom theme on Wordpress.

Add Your Website Content

Create a professional website with WordPress Every professional blogger has one thing to tell you about the content of the website “Content is King”, and that is a popular saying.

You cannot comprise on the content quality because you have people to convince that you got the skill that can help them grow.

So, make sure to add appealing content that generated for the people.


Create a professional website with WordPress, We know that some of you might have questions, which isn’t a problem, then why not ask them in the comment section below?

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