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CloudCone Review

Are you looking for a hosting service provider that provides you with an easy-to-use interface and 24/7 customer support? Do you want a hosting service provider that is best suitable for blogging and small business? Well, you have clicked on the right page.

CloudCone is the hosting we are talking about. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this hosting platform helps you through the hosting process through its 24/7 active customer support. You get access to multiple hosting and server plans on this platform, with many benefits. 

So why wait? Let us get into this CloudCone review.

About CloudCone

Founded in 2017, CloudCone was built after the success of one of its older brands QuadCone. This hosting platform aims to offer its services optimally throughout the globe and has already succeeded by deploying over 150,000 cloud instances worldwide.

CloudCone Review

CloudCone has a data center in the United States and operates worldwide. On this hosting platform, you can choose plans such as VPS, dedicated servers, private clouds, hosted emails, etc. So let us check it out in this CloudCone review.

CloudCone Data Center Location

CloudCone’s data center is located in:

  • The United States

User Interface 

Since CloudCone is a well-established hosting service provider, you must have expected it to be built for experts. But that is partially wrong. 

This platform is created for experts and beginners to satisfy their hosting needs. On the other hand, the interface is built to suit all users. This platform also has a partnership with cPanel, and you get a user-friendly interface. 

CloudCone Customer Support

You might have some necessary queries and issues to be resolved while using their hosting services but do not worry about staying stuck on it. 

CloudCone Customer Support

This hosting platform offers 24/7 active customer support through chat, calls, and emails. 

Key Features of CloudCone 

Let us now list out the key features of CloudCone.

Key Features of CloudCone 

OS Reinstallation

If you want to rebuild your server, do not stress about going through all the hard work. With CloudCone, you can enjoy your creations without repeating the process. This hosting platform helps you install your server right through your dashboard. 

Root Access

With CloudCone, you do not have to worry about someone else making changes on your server and not knowing it. You get to have complete access to your server and make changes on this hosting platform.  

SSD Storage

If you like speed, get SSD storage for your servers. The SSD storage system works fast through your data and obtains the smallest piece of information you ask for within seconds so that you do not have to stay waiting. 

Types of Web Hosting CloudCone offers  

The hosting plans that CloudCone offers are:

  • VPS : The three plans under this category cost about $1.80 to $4.50 a month. 
  • Dedicated Servers : The three plans cost about $69 to $175 a month
  • Hosted Emails : The three plans under this category cost about $2.99 to $19.99 a month. 

CloudCone Hosting Pros & Cons 

What are the pros and cons of CloudCone hosting?


  • DDoS protection
  • Automatic Backups
  • IPMI Console Included
  • Uptime SLA Guarantee
  • 24/7 Support


  • Shared hosting plans are unavailable
  • Money-Back Guarantee Only For 7 Days

FAQs – CloudCone Review

Is CloudCone fast?

Yes, this hosting platform offers you service through different servers, and multiple features such as SSD storage are provided to you so that your websites run as fast as possible, which it does in this case.

Which CloudCone plan should I buy?

Buying a plan depends on your needs. If your needs match with virtual servers or dedicated servers, you could buy the most aligned plan with your hosting requirements. 

Is CloudCone Hosting suitable for Cloud Server?

Yes, this hosting platform helps you build your cloud by yourself. You can buy your private servers and only pay for what you want. 

Does simple SSL work with CloudCone?

Yes, This hosting platform offers you free SSL certificates. The availability of SSL certificates keeps your data safe and ensures that your websites make safe and encrypted connections, and indicates to other browsers that your website is secure. 

Conclusion – CloudCone Review

Let us now sum up this CloudCone review and list out what we liked and the thing that did not impress us that much. The facility of SSL certificates, security system, backups, refund policy, etc., are some of the things that seem to be beneficial.

On the other hand, this hosting service provider would be more pleasing if it offered multiple data center locations and an extended refund period. Other than these, you can expect phenomenal hosting from CloudCone.

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