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CheapWindowsVPS Review

Are you hesitating to buy hosting services as your budget is small but hosting needs a little too big? Are you not very experienced in the hosting field? 

We have got a solution to all of your hosting problems.

We have CheapWindowsVPS. As the name suggests, this hosting platform provides hosting and other services at economical prices, and the quality is maintained to the premium class. You will find a bunch of data centers that take care of quality and speed for all your hosting plans.

Let us learn more about this affordable hosting provider in this CheapWindowsVPS review. 

Overview of CheapWindowsVPS 

CheapWindowsVPS is a hosting service provider based in Canada. This hosting platform offers numerous data center locations worldwide so that it is nearer to you no matter where you reside. These data centers make sure that latency is kept to a bare minimum.

CheapWindowsVPS Review

This hosting platform offers dedicated resources for your application and websites. The Windows servers use IIS, which supports PHP, ASP, .Net, Ruby, etc. The primary focus of this platform is Windows VPS hosting, but many other services are also available such as free migration of your websites. 

CheapWindowsVPS Data Center Location

The data centers of CheapWindowsVPS are built with world-class hardware such as SSD. These data centers are located in:

  • Bulgaria
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • United States
  • London
  • Singapore

Key Features of CheapWindowsVPS  

Let us now take a look at the key features of this platform in this CheapWindowsVPS review. 

Free Migration

With CheapWindowsVPS, you do not have to worry about paying site migration fees. This hosting platform helps you migrate your website with the assistance of the customer support team and gets the job done for free. 

Dedicated IP

Did you suffer any third-party interference on your website because of your IP address? Is your IP address not dedicated? We understand that when you do not have a dedicated IP address, you often experience interference. 

CheapWindowsVPS helps you out here by providing you with the option to have a dedicated IP address that is unique and only belongs to you. 

DDoS Protection

You must have heard people complaining about the damage caused by a DDoS attack. How much did they suffer due to the attack? 

Well, you do not have to suffer as you have CheapWindowsVPS. This hosting platform offers DDoS protection and saves your data from all DDoS attacks

Automatic Site Backup

We discussed how CheapWindowsVPS protects your data. But protecting is not always enough. You must also take sufficient measures to cure the damage if ever caused.

CheapWindowsVPS helps you with the cure by providing automatic backups so that a copy of your data is kept safe to be recovered when something unfortunate happens. 

Types of Hosting Plans Does CheapWindowsVPS Offer 

As we mentioned earlier, the primary focus of this hosting platform is Windows VPS hosting. The following plans are provided under Windows VPS:

  • 4 GB RAM VPS: In this plan, you get numerous features and 2 Intel CPU Cores @2.0 GHZ+. It costs $9 a month. 
  • 8 GB RAM VPS: In this plan, you get numerous features and 3 Intel CPU Cores @2.0 GHZ+. This plan costs about $17 a month. 
  • 16 GB RAM VPS: In this plan, you get numerous features and 4 Intel CPU Cores @2.0 GHZ+. This plan costs about $32 a month. 
  • 32 GB RAM VPS: In this plan, you get numerous features and 5 Intel CPU Cores @2.0 GHZ+. This plan costs about $62 a month. 

What Makes CheapWindowsVPS Different from Other VPS Hosting Providers?

The reasons that make CheapWindowsVPS different from other VPS hosting providers are plenty. This hosting platform is built explicitly for VPS hosting, so it is well optimized for VPS hosting. The plans are economical, yet the quality is world-class. 


Let us end this CheapWindowsVPS by listing features and services that made our website owners happy. Since this platform is explicitly optimized for VPS hosting, it could be the best choice for VPS hosting. Apart from hosting, it also helps you migrate your website with complete assistance.

Some more information about data centers and plans could be of great help. The customer support could be extended to call, and the response time, if reduced, would be one of the best customer services we have experienced.

Tabassum is an avid web Hosting geek, who really loves to tinker with new technologies, whether in Hosting and SEO. She’s searching for the world’s best website host, but also tries to find time for her other interests – comics, traveling, and home cooking.

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