9 Best Virtual Machine Hosting Providers in Jun, 2024 (Top Picked)

Many of you, especially app developers, are looking for a web server solution that is easy to deploy, affordable and at the same time scalable with Full root access! 

Blindly go for the best Virtual Machine Hosting services that offer software to create a virtual machine over a physical server enabling the developers to utilize it for various web-related purposes.

In this article, we’ll discuss what Virtual machine hosting is and even let you know the list of Top Cheap Virtual Machine Providers in 2024. Information about VMs is 100% reliable as thorough research was conducted before jotting down points for this article.

So, without wasting even a single more minute, Let’s dig in for more facts about Virtual machines 👍

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What is Virtual Machine Hosting?

For those who have no idea what Virtual Machine Hosting actually means, Virtual machine Hosting is a type of Web Hosting service that uses Virtualization technology to create Virtual machines on a physical server to offer dedicated web resources to users having websites or applications with greater requirements.

You can understand a Virtual machine as software or a machine that runs over an entire physical server. It has its Operating system, RAM, Storage, and Bandwidth allowing it to process applications or websites, store data, and carry out other web-related functions smoothly. 

It is a cost-effective and affordable method of hosting a website with greater web needs. 

What is Virtual Machine Hosting?

9 Best Virtual Machine Hosting Providers in 2024

Having understood what Virtual Machine Hosting is and how Developers can make good use of Virtual machines to deploy resources for running an application with its dedicated dependencies, we have listed the Top 9 Best Virtual Machine Hosting providers that not only offer dedicated web resources and isolated hosting environments but also are affordable at the same time.

⏰  TL;DR:

1. YouStable – Overall Best Virtual Machine Hosting Providers
2. UltaHost – Most Affordable and Best Virtual Machine Plans
3. Kamatera – Get Started with 30 Day Free Trial
4. InterServer – Managed Virtual Machine Hosting Providers
5. Vultr High Performance Virtual Machine Hosting Providers
6. DigitalOcean – Simple, Scalable Virtual Machine Hosting
7. Hostwinds – Fast and Fully Managed Virtual Machine Hosting
8. A2Hosting – Fast and Reliable Virtual Machine Hosting Providers
9. Liquidweb – Best and Fastest Managed VM Hosting

1. YouStable – Overall Best Virtual Machine Hosting Providers

Let’s learn about YouStable, an Indian web Hosting company with data centres in India, US Netherlands and Germany, offering the best Virtual machine hosting services.

The web resources are easy to scale letting the user upgrade and downgrade as per the requirement.

YouStable is even known for its 99.99% committed Uptime and Free Control panel to handle web files and website management more efficiently. Incredible security mechanisms and the Latest Storage technology ensure seamless application functionality.

YouStable About


🔶 Full Root Access: Developers need complete control over the servers, so YouStable offers Full Admin access to the Virtual system.

🔶 Amazing Security: From advanced DDoS protection to BitNinja Security and Imunify360, YouStable offers the Best-in-class security to protect the sensitive data of your website.

🔶 Free
Migration: Users having a virtual machine hosting service from another hosting provider can migrate to YouStable for absolutely Zero cost.

🔶Free ControlPanel: Get an enhanced Control Panel for free to handle the web files and customise the application or website as per the requirement.


$7.23 per month (vStart)$12.57 per month (vProfessional)$22.01 per month (vPopular)
1vCore CPU2vCore CPU4vCore CPU

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2. UltaHost – Most Affordable and Best Virtual Machine Plans

UltaHost, one of the most affordable Virtual machine hosting providers, offers multiple OS Hosting (Windows and Linux), one-click scaling and web resources to handle unmetered traffic.

It even offers Plesk/ cPanel/ Hestia Control Panel to seamlessly customize the subject matter of the website.

As far as the security features are concerned, UltaHost provides a dedicated IP ensuring the best isolated hosting atmosphere and IP Whitelisting to secure the website data from malicious online threats.

ultahost ABout


🔶 Fully managed Servers: Newbie Users, having no idea about the entire handling process of the server, can enjoy Fully Managed Virtual servers letting them focus on the growth of the application/ website.

🔶 Automated BackUp: Users can access automated BackUp that includes everything from server files to relevant data about the application and the One-Click Restoration option as well.

🔶 Staging Environment: Developers can make use of the virtual machines to try the functionality of the web application on the server. (For testing they require a staging/ testing environment).

🔶 Scalable DDR5 RAM: You can easily upgrade and downgrade the web resources including the latest DDR5 RAM with UltaHost. 


Basic Windows ($15.90 per month)Business Windows ($23.90 per month) Professional Windows ($33.90 per month)
2vCore CPU2vCore CPU3vCore CPU

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3. Kamatera – Get Started with 30 Day Free Trial

Kamatera, one of the best Virtual Cloud Server providers, uses virtualization technology to offer virtual machines with separate OS and other web-related needs to run an application with its dependencies smoothly online.

Along with that Kamatera offers Block Storage and Load Balancer to ensure seamless data flow and quick website loading speed.

Kamatera even offers quick Server support services via Instant Chat help and Ticket support service, resolving server-related issues in real time.

Kamatera About


🔶 Instantly Create your CloudVM: Kamatera offers the best cloud infrastructure with instant deployment of a Cloud server just after the purchase.

🔶 Highly Scalable Plans: As far as cloud Virtual machine plans are concerned, Kamatera offers highly scalable plans that let the user easily upgrade and downgrade the resources.

🔶 Full Root Access: Developers wanting to configure the virtual machine, its web resources and other related things, can get Complete admin access to the server.

🔶 Increased Data Privacy: For organizations that require high discretion and security, Kamatera provides the best-in-class Cloud FireWall, Malware scanner and Anti DDoS protection. 


$4 per month 1vCore CPU TypeA$6 per month 1vCore CPU TypeA$12 per month 2vCore CPU TypeA 
1GB RAM + 20GB SSD Storage2GB RAM + 20GB SSD Storage2GB RAM + 30GB SSD Storage
5TB Bandwidth5TB Bandwidth5TB Bandwidth

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4. InterServer – Managed Virtual Machine Hosting Providers

InterServer, known for its wide payment option and Overall Performance of the Virtual machine, offers a Webuzo control panel for all your development needs.

Developers make use of this particular control panel to run runs for easy management of blogs, forums and other platforms as well.

Along with guaranteed 99.90% Uptime and reliable hosting infrastructure like the latest SSD Storage, it offers the best performance and developer-friendly staging environment for running the applications before putting them in LiveServer.

Interserver About


🔶 TopNotch Security: From KVM, OpenVZ, and Virtuozzo to Hyper-V, InterServer offers the best Security mechanism letting your workspace free from all malicious online threats.

🔶 Remote Backup Service: Users get an amazing feature to backup files in a remote server, and even get One-click Quick restoration at times of emergency.

🔶 Support Multiple Databases: Deploy MySQL/ MongoDB/ PostgreSQL server VPS in less than 60 seconds and get an overall performing and easily manageable database server. 

🔶 Self-Healing Hardware: InterServer’s Virtual machine comes with self-healing hardware. It uses an in-built AI mechanism to self-heal the virtual server from cyber-attacks.


Linux VPS ($6 per month)Storage VPS ($12 per month)Windows VPS ($10 per month)
1vCore CPU + 2GB RAM2vCore CPU + 2GB RAM1vCore CPU + 2GB RAM
30GB SSD + 2TB Transfer2TB SATA + 4TB Transfer30GB SSD + 2TB Bandwidth

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5. Vultr – High Performance Virtual Machine Hosting Providers

Famous for NVIDIA-backed GPU Virtual machines, Vultr offers one of the best web hosting grounds for Developers and especially gamers who can use Virtual machines to host multiplayer games without running into any technical issues.

Vultr provides easy-to-deploy Virtual machines that are highly scalable and affordable as well.

Vultr has 32+ data servers globally giving users a chance to choose the VM location to reach more audience for website traffic. Moreover, Vultr also takes care of the security issues with cloud fireWall and Advanced DDoS protection applications securing your sensitive data. 

Vultr About


🔶 Global Content Delivery: Vultr lets you accelerate and secure your content globally with Advanced CDN, delivering unmetered speed and 24/7 Accessibility.

🔶 SSD run VMs: Virtual machines are powered by the latest SSD storage technology ensuring the fastest website loading speed.

🔶 Scalable plans: If you are looking for extremely scalable and flexible pricing, then Vultr is the best option due to its Horuly plans and multiple VM hosting options.

🔶 24/7 Support Services: If you tend to suffer any technical issues, you can contact the support team of Vultr via LiveChat and Ticket Support service.


$30 per month – 1vCore CPU$60 per month – 2vCore CPU$120 per month – 4vCore CPU
4GB RAM + 4TB Bandwidth8GB RAM + 5TB Bandwidth16GB RAM + 6TB Bandwidth
30GB SSD NVMe Storage 50GB SSD NVMe Storage 80GB SSD NVMe Storage 

🔔 Vultr Offer 2024— Deploy high performance SSD VPS on the worldwide Vultr network in 60 seconds. Sign up for free and start hosting virtual servers today!

6. DigitalOcean – Simple, Scalable Virtual Machine Hosting

DigitalOcean, founded in 2012, is a cloud computing company that provides web-related solutions such as web hosting, virtual machine hosting which is also called Droplets, and managed servers that are specifically designed to meet the needs of web developers, SMBs, and others.

DigitalOcean VM Hosting includes a managed cloud server, automatic updates, and many other features.

Furthermore, Digital Ocean provides fully managed cloud VPS servers with 99.99% Uptime, which provides an isolated environment for the applications you need to run on servers.

DigitalOcean About


🔶 Incredible Security: DigitalOcean provides advanced DDoS protection, free SSL certificates for your websites, and other VM-based security options.

🔶 Add Block Storage and Load Balancers: Allows you to distribute workloads and store data in the form of packets to ensure that your website runs smoothly.

🔶 24/7 Support Services: Get round-the-clock support via LiveChat and Ticketing to troubleshoot issues in an emergency.

🔶 Fully Managed VM Services: Fully managed VM, which helps those who do not know server management. 


$0 per month – Fully managed $4 per month – Droplets/ VMs$12 per month– Managed Kubernetes
Build deploy and Scale Apps Deploys in secondsFree Control Panel + Free Bandwidth
Highly ScalableScale up on demandAutomate performance

🔔 DigitalOcean Offer 2024— DigitalOcean Droplets are simple, scalable virtual machines. Spin up Basic, General Purpose, Memory-, or CPU-Optimized VMs in seconds.

7. Hostwinds – Fast and Fully Managed Virtual Machine Hosting

Get 99.9999% guaranteed uptime, free website transfers, enterprise-level FireWall and SSD storage technology, and snapshots for regular server monitoring with Hostiwinds.

It even provides Linux/Windows virtual machine hosting services with nightly backups and enterprise-level web hardware for optimal functionality of your VPS server.

Furthermore, Hostwinds provides 24/7 support through LiveChat and the Ticket support system to resolve any technical issues related to server management, among other things.

hostwinds About


🔶 Automated BackUp plans: Snapshots provide a complete real-time backup of your virtual machines, and Nightly Backups are also highly configurable.

🔶 Incredible Security: Get an enterprise-level firewall and 24/7 VM server monitoring to detect any potential threats or malicious online dangers to the server.

🔶 Highest Uptime: Get an incredible 99.9999% guaranteed uptime ensuring your website remains accessible online 24/7.

🔶 Reliable Hardware: The Load Balancer mechanism increases efficiency by distributing traffic across multiple VM servers.


$12.74 per month + 1TB Network$20.99 per month + 2TB Network$34.49 per month + 2TB Network
1vCore CPU + 1GB RAM1vCore CPU + 2GB CPU2vCore CPU + 4GB RAM

🔔 Hostwinds Offer 2024— Cheap SSD Virtual Machine Hsoting solutions starting at only $ 12.74/mo. Upgrade to a Windows virtual private server from Hostwinds Today!

8. A2Hosting – Fast and Reliable Virtual Machine Hosting Providers

A2Hosting is one of the best VM hosting service providers, providing blazing-fast, high-speed, and dependable web hosting solutions. A2Hosting hosts the VM on the Hyperserver platform, ensuring that the web developer has an isolated environment with the best performance possible.

The VM allows developers to build and run applications on servers that are highly secure thanks to A2Hosting’s top-tier security mechanisms.

Furthermore, A2Hosting web servers allow you to run a variety of PHP applications with varying versions and dependency requirements.

A2 hosting


🔶 Allow multiple versions of PHP: A2Hosting enables developers to install multiple versions of PHP and their dependencies on the servers.

🔶 Fast & Reliable VM servers: A2Hosting’s web servers are fast and reliable, ensuring the fastest web page loading times.

🔶 A2Hosting guarantees 99.90% uptime: Ensure that your websites or applications are available online at all times.

🔶 Round-the-Clock A2Hosting: Provides customer-satisfying support services, assisting users in resolving web-related issues. 


$2.99 per month – Launch Plans$29.99 per month – Ascent Plans$35.99 per month – TakeOff Plans
4GB RAM + 3TB BandWidth32GB RAM + 8TB BandWidth16GB RAM + 4TB BandWidth
150GB NVMe SSD + 4vCore CPU450GB NVMe SSD + 10vCore CPU450GB NVMe SSD + 8vCore CPU 

🔔 A2Hosting Offer 2024 – For Limited Time Offer Save 48% OFF on A2Hosting VM Hosting PlansTake advantage of this offer now and save more on your A2Hosting VM Server subscription.

9. LiquidWeb – Best and Fastest Managed VM Hosting

LiquidWeb, one of the Best VM Hosting Providers, enables developers to run applications in isolation while using a separate OS. Along with Liquidweb’s VM servers built with Virtualization technology, it is highly scalable and properly secured to prevent any type of online attack.

Liquid Web provides a simple way to install various application dependencies on its VM hosting plans.

Furthermore, LiquidWeb provides Server management services, allowing a new user to concentrate solely on the growth of the application.



🔶 Highly Scalable Plans: LiquidWeb plans are highly scalable, allowing users to upgrade or downgrade web resources based on the number of applications.

🔶 24/7 Support Services: Troubleshoot your issues with LiquidWeb’s round-the-clock support via LiveChat and Ticketing system.

🔶 Flexible Pricing: Prices and plans are flexible, allowing users to select only the features they need to host their virtual machines.

🔶 Fully managed: Ensures that servers are fully managed, allowing developers to focus on application growth.


$20 per month – Additional $30 per month– Advanced $40 per month – Professional
2vCore CPU +2GB RAM4vCore CPU + 4GB RAM8vCore CPU + 8GB RAM
40GB SSD + 10TB Bandwidth100GB SSD + 10TB Bandwidth150GB SSD + 10TB Bandwidth

🔔 LiquidWeb Offer 2024 – Up To 25% Off For 6 MONTHS! Liquid Web is a provider of web hosting and managed cloud services. ( SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER! )

How To Choose the Best Virtual Machine Hosting Providers in 2024?

With so many to choose from, one can face a grave issue in selecting the right Virtual machine hosting provider for VM plans. Consider the points mentioned below before picking the best Virtual machine hosting provider in 2024:

  • Choose a Virtual Machine Hosting provider that provides enough web resources (RAM/ CPU/ Storage) to meet your website or application needs.
  • Pick the VM hosting provider that offers secure server isolation and other types of security services.
  • Select the one that provides an Incredible Infrastructure with Load Balancers, Monitoring Tools, and Regular Backups for easy server management.
  • Always consider your geographical location, as local VM server hosting providers can help you achieve the lowest latency for application visitors.

These guidelines may help you find the best VM hosting provider to run your application or your website smoothly on a Virtual server at an affordable price.


What Is the Best VPS for Virtualization Software?

YouStable, UltaHost and DigitalOcean to name a few, offer the best VPS Server virtualization software to run applications in an isolated environment. It even provides the best-in-class security technology to secure the data of the application. 

Can you create a VM for free?

Yes, Kamatera offers a Free trial for 30 days, letting the user create a cloud virtual machine for absolutely zero cost. It includes 1GB of storage with a cloud firewall and server monitoring services to ensure full data protection. 

Are Windows virtual machines legal?

Absolutely, Using a Virtual Machine is 100% Legal. Issues may occur if you do not have a properly licensed version of the operating system.

What is the Money Back Guarantee for Virtual Machine Hosting?

Get a minimum 30 Days Money back guarantee for Virtual machine hosting services from various VM hosting providers like YouStable and UltaHost.

Which Virtual Machine Hosting is best in terms of performance?

As far as Performance and functionalities are concerned, YouStable, UltaHost and Kamatera offer the Best-in-class and Reliable Hardware ensuring the Best Overall Performance of the Virtual machine thereby letting your website shine at all times online.

What is the cost of a Virtual Machine Hosting server?

Get the cheapest Virtual Machine Hosting services for just $7.23 monthly from YouStable. Along with the plan, you get reliable hosting hardware and amazing security technology protecting the data of the website or application at all times.


With advancements in the field of website hosting, a Virtual Machine is a very powerful solution for web developers. VM Hosting’s Virtualization Technology is highly reliable and provides developers with the scalability they need to create and configure their applications for optimal performance and security.

Further in this article, we have listed the Top Best Virtual Machine Hosting services that can assist you as a developer in getting the best to run your applications smoothly on any server.


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