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WebHostingBuzz Review

In this age of technology and high cost of living, where can we find hosting service providers that can help you run your online business efficiently and profitably without emptying your pockets?

We came across numerous hosting service providers that could offer you excellent hosting quality. So we had to put them under testing to find out which one was the best, and we did.

In this WebHostingBuzz review, we will be going through the features, services, and more that will help you determine if this is the hosting service provider for your website. 

About WebHostingBuzz 

Founded in 2002, WebHostingBuzz is a well-experienced player in the hosting industry, which started small but has grown to provide its services to thousands of happy customers. This hosting platform has an excellent set of reviews from customers worldwide that aims to offer affordable web hosting to people with maintained quality of services. 

About WebHostingBuzz Review

With affordability, it aims to provide its customers the fastest service and the best customer support. It has thousands of customers who can’t stop praising it. So let us find out ourselves if it is worth the praise it gets. 

WebHostingBuzz Data Center Location

WebHostingBuzz is a US-based hosting provider whose data centers are located in the US:

  • New York
  • Dallas
  • Atlanta
  • Phoenix

Key Features of WebHostingBuzz  

Now let us look at the key features of this platform in this WebHostingBuzz review. 

Unlimited Bandwidth

Sometimes when your business is running well, or maybe you transfer too many files going beyond the bandwidth limit, in such situations, you end up paying for the extra bandwidth that you used.

But with WebHostingBuzz, you get the benefit of a limitless bandwidth allowance. Yes, you can have significant bandwidth and will not be charged a penny. 


We know how applications have made our lives so much easier because they help us perform tasks quickly without much hassle. 

WebHostingBuzz helps you benefit from applications by making the application installation process more manageable. It provides you with Softaculous, which will install applications with clicks. 

Free Dedicated IP

All websites have their IP addresses which help you keep a record of your data and keep it safe. But in shared hostings, many users usually get the same IP address, making the security situation a little at risk.

This is taken care of by WebHostingBuzz since it provides you with dedicated IPs; you and only you have that particular IP address, and only you can control your data and website. 

Fewer Accounts Per Server

You are already aware of how Shared Servers work. There are usually many websites hosted on a single server, and the speed gets reduced due to the crowd.

WebHostingBuzz gives extra attention to speed and hosts a small number of websites on a particular server to maintain the rate even on a shared server. 

WebHostingBuzz Hosting Plans 

WebHostingBuzz offers four types of hosting:

WebHostingBuzz Hosting Plans 
  • Web Hosting: Three plans starting at $7.49 per month. 
  • Reseller Hosting: Four plans starting at $15.49 per month.
  • VPS Hosting: Eight plans starting at $14.95 per month. 
  • Dedicated Servers: Four plans starting from $199 per month. 


A domain that signifies you or your business is crucial for people to recognize and remember you for your services online. WebHostingBuzz offers you domain name registration services at pretty small prices.

WebHostingBuzz Domain

Apart from registering, it also offers specific features with domain names, such as domain locking. You can get a free domain name with a plan from this hosting platform. 

Services offered by WebHostingBuzz

The services offered by WebHostingBuzz include:

What Makes WebHostingBuzz Different from Other Hosting

The hosting provided by WebHostingBuzz is different from others in many ways. It helps you register your domain name and gives one free with your plan, considering that you want one.

Along with beginners, it also considers users already running a website by providing a free migration facility. These are just a few reasons which make it different from others. 

FAQs – WebHostingBuzz Review

Is WebHostingBuzz reliable?

Yes, WebHostingBuzz is entirely reliable; it hides nothing from you, keeps its terms right before you, and is trusted by many famous companies. Also, you can see its rating on many websites; it is trustworthy. 

What are the cons of WebHostingBuzz?

The con would be that they are more focused on the US & UK, which is a benefit for them but might affect users from far away. Its data centers are located on that side of the globe, so the speed might be a little slower on the other side. 

Should I host my website on WebHostingBuzz?

Yes, it offers you plenty of services, some of which are also free. But make sure you review its features, pricing, and terms and conditions before buying hosting from WebHostingBuzz. It should be a must-try for users living in the UK or the US. 

Why is WebHostingBuzz the best?

The main reason for that would be the long list of features it provides and the prices it keeps for its plans. It ensures that the quality of its services does not go down with prices, and a premium feel is always maintained with prices. 

What are the Types of Hosting WebHostingBuzz Offers ?

WebHostingBuzz provides various services, and the hosting plans that it offers include.

Web Hosting
Reseller Hosting
VPS Hosting
Dedicated Hosting

Conclusion – WebHostingBuzz Review

As we saw in this WebHostingBuzz review, this hosting platform is strict about its hosting rules. This helps this platform offer its user the best speed because the servers are never crowded, which is one of the things we love about it. 

Also, this hosting platform offers plenty of free services. Among these, you may not find a website builder which could have been an excellent addition for all beginners who may not be great at coding. Still, considering all the other aspects, we can say this is an excellent investment for your website.

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