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Vpsie Review

Cloud computing is taking the web hosting world over and every business looks for cloud servers and hosting. When you look for it, you cannot miss out on Vpsie.

Vpsie is a web hosting company that is taking cloud computing to another level and so we decided to review this company on the basis of its ease of use, security features, and other aspects. Have a read of this Vpsie review to know if this is the solution that you need for your business or not.

About Vpsie

Vpsie is a US-based web hosting company that provides VPS cloud computing solutions with amazing performance and no hassles. It is a robust and feature-rich cloud computing platform designed with automation features in mind. 

About Vpsie Review

The automation engine sets Vpsie apart from other cloud VPS hosting infrastructures as it includes the ability to provision resources on demand without needing manual intervention. They cater to various industries like finance, telecom, education, government, and medical.

Test & Analysis

Cloud computing is an advanced technology and it’s important to test it thoroughly when reviewing it. We performed multiple tests and analyses for Vpsie and hereinbelow are the results of our tests.

User Interface & Ease of Use

Vpsie has an intuitive and easy-to-use control panel that allows you to control all aspects of the server with extensive administrative control. 

The control panel comes with cPanel support which is the industry standard for easily manageable websites given its ease and simplicity of use and performance. So, you get a clean user interface with excellent ease of use when you choose Vpsie.

Vpsie Customer Support

Vpsie takes its support service very seriously, they offer 24/7 technical support and the response times are pretty quick as well. You can contact the support staff using live chat, phone, and a live ticket/email system

Vpsie Customer Support

In our experience, they quickly solved the DNS problem with invalid certificate errors and sent links to resources for further help. 

Security Analysis

Vpsie offers a firewall to control the traffic in and out of your network, protection from unauthorized remote access, block unwanted and malicious content, establish VPNs safely, intrusion prevention systems, remote access SSL, identity services, and one-click integration with multiple firewalls.

So, there are excellent security features that keep your website safe and protected and ensure that there are no unwanted attacks and breaches.

Key Features of Vpsie

Here are some of the main features offered by Vpsie:

  • SSD Storage – Vpsie offers very robust and high-performance VPS products that run on SSD storage with a control panel that is instantly upgradeable and provides data protection using VPN or PCS technology. 
  • Backup Tools – Vpsie also has backup tools that you can use to back up your data automatically or manually. You can also easily install additional software like cPanel, WordPress, GitLab, different OS,s, and more. The VPS can also be deployed in under a minute. 
  • Easy to Use Control Panel and One-Click Installation – Getting started with Vpsie is also pretty easy due to the control panel which makes it easy to put together your software platform or to host on their VPS. You can also use the one-click install feature to install applications like WordPress and even change the operating system. 
  • Flexible Pricing – The pricing of the hosting solutions provided by Vpsie is very simple and this is due to the fact they only provide VPS hosting solutions. You can choose between hourly and monthly plans. However, if you choose hourly billing, you will still have to pay for the unused hours as the resources are reserved for you. 

Types of Web Hosting Offered by Vpsie

Vpsie offers the following services-

Vpsie Pros & Cons

While testing the services provided by Vpsie, here are some of the pros and cons we found. 


  • One-click install feature using the Vpsie control panel
  • Simple platform with significant ease of use
  • Outstanding technical support
  • Affordable rates 


  • Limited plans 
  • No pre-installed software 

FAQs – Vpsie Review

What is the refund policy of Vpsie?

Vpsie does not offer any refunds. 

How many Data Center Locations does Vpsie provide?

Vpsie has four data centres located in New York, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and Ashburn

Conclusion -Vpsie Review

VPSie is short for “Virtual Private Server I Expect” and they offer excellent VPS hosting solutions as well as cloud services. They have four data centers located in America and the Netherlands to better serve the European audience. 

Their features are pretty amazing and the automation technology works well for servers and networking. Overall, after this Vpsie review, we can say that it is a good hosting solution and you can definitely give it a try. 

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